In numerology, there’s a very interesting concept called the karmic debt number.

This is based on the idea that each of us is a spiritual being that has reincarnated again and again, and each time we are born and reincarnate, we reach higher states of awareness.

The idea of karma evolves from the idea that during several lived lifetimes we accumulate wisdom. We are also given gifts, which are either used or abuse. To rectify and overcome these mistakes made in a previous life, you might take on an additional burden in this lifetime, to learn a lesson that wasn’t learned before.
In numerology, this is referred to as a karmic debt.

**It’s important to understand that on a soul level, we have each agreed to take on a karmic debt. Your soul understands that it’s one pathway to growth, and has chosen to walk it.

The numbers that are said to reveal a Karmic Debt are 13, 14, 16 and 19. These double-digit numbers are very important if they are found in the Life Path, Expression / Destiny Number, Soul Urge, Personality or other numbers.

Each type of number has its own specific set of difficulties and challenges.

How to Determine Whether You Have Any Karmic Debt Numbers

When looking at your chart, you might encounter the numbers 1, 4, 5 or 7. These numbers are single digits that are calculated after adding together the aforementioned two digit numbers. Reducing 19, 28, 37 and 46 usually arrives at the number 1. All of these total to 10 and then can be reduced numerological to 1.

However, not all of these numbers that add up to 10 can be considered to be karmic.

Only the 19 reduced to ten is considered to be a Karmic Debt Number.

Karmic Debts are also found in the numbers 4, 5 and 7. These numbers become Karmic Debt numbers only when the 4 is found by reducing 13 (denoted “13/4”) or when the 5 is reduced from a 14 (“14/5”) or the 7 from a 16 (“16/7”).

Karmic Debt Number Readings

Karmic Debt Number 13

If you have a 13 preceding a 4 in your numerology reading then it means that you are destined to work off any karma through very hard work. Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter.

Those with this Karmic Debt Numbers may also find it hard not to repeat their mistakes. Or they may find that the same problems in their lives keep cropping up again and again.

Often people with this number feel burdened, and feel like all of their efforts are futile. They may give up on any goals or refuse to develop them in the first place. Many with this debt become bitter, lazy and negative.

It would be a mistake to think that having 13 as a Karmic number is bad.

It can produce a rags to riches scenario, and gain great respect from others due to an evident ability to supersede great odds. The key is to maintain one’s focus and persevere if you have this number. Establishing order and avoiding procrastinating also hugely helps this number.


The Karmic Debt Number 14

This number comes from previous lifetimes and indicates someone who may have abused the rights of others somehow. They may have been abusive, cruel or even murderous.

Those who have a 14 Karmic Debt number are forced to adapt to changing circumstances and unexpected events without warning. They are also prone to becoming the victims of addiction, including alcoholism and sex addiction.

This karmic number can cause codependency and difficulty in relationships. In fact relationships may be the bane of your existence, as they prevent you from focusing on your goals and dreams. Being flexible and adaptable helps avoid a lack of security.

Commitment is a big issue with the Karmic Debt number 14. It is important to make your life your own and not make it all about another person.


The Karmic Debt Number 16

This number is all about the cleansing of the ego and the separation of the soul from destructive influences. This is a painful number to have because usually the person has a great rise and then a great fall. You may be successful for a while and then suffer the worst case scenario.

This karmic number is about teaching people to be humble and to accept divine will. The humility that develops as a result of this hard fall usually serves the person well. The collapse can be personal, physical or financial.

Many people with this karmic debt number also have psychological collapses. The result is also often a “wounded healer.”

If you have this number be careful not to become to egotistical or look down at others. The karmic retributions are usually harsh.


The Karmic Debt Number 19

This is an odd lesson. You need to learn to be more human, and that you must interact with others. The 19 thinks they are the center of the universe and do it all themselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

An incident usually takes place that teaches people with this number that to “rule” is truly to serve. They learn that we are all connected and often their karma takes the form of something that they did coming back to haunt them.


Karma is not bad!

The purpose of it is to elevate our souls, even if it does depress us on the life plane. Knowing these numbers can help you know just what it is that you might be going through.

Now share with us your experience – has your birth date or name given you a Karmic Number? We’d love to hear how you are working to overcome your karmic debt, so share in the comments below!