Each of us volunteers to come to earth over many lifetimes until perpetuating this cycle no longer serves our personal expansion or the evolution of the universe. When we finally decide to exit the circle of life and death we either remain as a part of the collective subconscious or we start to incarnate into alternative time/space realities or we decide to stay as discarnate beings to assist others who are still part of the birth/death cycle.

Ascended Masters are souls that have completed these cycles, they have been spirit guides for a long period of time and they normally spend time on other planets integrating with non-human civilizations.

Following this, many of them feel an urge to return to Earth to becomes guides so they selflessly, incarnate for another time to be able to serve humanity. They come to Earth to guide humanity in a very specific way and have a significant impact on human development. Ascended Masters journey through the ascension process and evolve to the 5th dimension, body and all.

The Galactic Federation of Light

Ascended Masters are able to help humanity from the higher dimensions once they have ascended and often perform miracles and because they have kept their body they can occasionally appear back on Earth in a body for short periods. They all belong to the ‘Galactic Federation Of Light’ which contains ascended masters from thousands of other planets and cultures. They are humanities representatives at these councils.

Teal Swan explains that the ascended masters are just “thought forms (personalities) that are being fed by universal consciousness for the benefit of the ascension and expansion of mankind.”  She encourages us to think of them like spirit guides, except they are here to assist the progression of mankind as opposed to a specific individual. “They are being fed by both individual and collective consciousness, meaning that they become incredibly powerful discarnate beings.”

There are millions of ancient and modern ascended masters. Some have completely disappeared from human consciousness as they existed aeons ago. Most of them inhabit the 6D frequency. During this period in history, to assist with the ascension of humanity, the ascended masters are more active.

Every person on the planet has a ‘principle’ Ascended Master who works with them during their lifetime and each Master resonates with a specific level of ascension attained and has a specific color or ray allocated to it. I understand mine to be Quan Yin after a lucid dream a few years ago of remembering me swimming with her in a river as a child many moons ago.

Here are some of the more recognized ones and the rays they aligned with:

Blue 1st Ray – The Ray Of God’s Will & Power

El Morya – Master of the 1st Ray.

He came in as Abraham, the wise man Melchior and Arthur. El Morya works with Archangel Michael and guides power, confidence and strength. He assists executives, the military and leaders and helps to transform the aggressive people from domination and shows them how to do good in the world.



He was a vital figure in the Old Testament because he is the first person to be both king and priest. Melchizedek is largely known as an earlier incarnation of Jesus Christ. He was the ultimate high priest.

Yellow 2nd Ray – The Ray of Wisdom, Understanding and Judgment

Lanto – Master of the 2nd Ray.

Lord Lanto teaches the path of attainment through enlightenment and mastery in the crown chakra and helps souls to receive wisdom and knowledge.

Jesus – The Messiah

He bravely offered himself as the ultimate sacrifice by absorbing the sins of humanity. His most significant message was love and he demonstrates this by devoting his life to leading. His life of unconditional love inspired and influenced many.


An admired deity who is the key figure in Hinduism. Widely known as the Avatar of his time. His teachings embodied his unwavering belief in the power of bliss. He experienced many difficulties during his lifetime but somehow always managed to display happiness to his followers.

Pink 3rd Ray – The Ray Of Divine Love, Compassion & Charity

Paul The Venetian – Master of the 3rd Ray

He also embodied creativity and beauty as other essential qualities of this ray. Paul offers the way of divine love through taking loving action in heartfelt deeds and clarifies all aspects of divine love.

Quan Yin

Also known as the Goddess Of Mercy, she is cherished and adored throughout Eastern traditions. Quan Yin embodies the divine feminine energy which has a similar frequency to Mother Mary. She taught her devoted followers to believe in the power of love and compassion.

White 4th Ray – The Ray of Harmony Through Conflict

Serapis Bey – Master of the 4th Ray

Teachings include purity, joy, hope and excellence. Serapis helps his students to develop these qualities to gain mastery in the base chakra so that the kundalini fire stored in that chakra can ascend safely. He worships the light of the Divine Mother and the fire within all souls.

Emerald Green & Orange 5th Ray The Ray of Healing, Vision & Truth

Hilarion – Master of the Fifth Ray

Often working with Archangel Gabriel, he enables souls to gain mastery in the third-eye chakra. This includes healing and the science of holding the immaculate conception. The Fifth Ray aligns to the third-eye chakra while the ray’s color is an emerald green or orange.


Ruby, Gold and Purple 6th Ray – The Ray Of Devotion & Peace & Service

Lady Master Nada – Master of the 6th Ray

She assists souls to master the qualities of the solar-plexus chakra and prepares them to speak in tongues. She is also known as the unifier of families and twin flames.

Violet Ray – 7th Ray – Violet Ray – The Ray Of Transmutation

Saint Germain – Master of the 7th Ray.

A master alchemist of the sacred fire who offers the gift of the violet flame of freedom for world transmutation. With his twin flame, ascended lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, he is the pioneer of the Aquarian age. He is the main advocate of freedom’s flame and Portia is the sponsor of the flame of justice and opportunity.

The Rainbow Ray – 8th Ray – The Ray Of Integration


Goddess of purity and love. She offers people the help they require based on their individual needs. A beloved Buddhist goddess, known by many names like “White Tara” or “Green Tara”. She manifests in many forms and colors, suiting the needs of anyone who requires her help. She taught her followers to harness the power of each moment.

Which of the ascended masters resonates with you? If you are not sure, simply ask for yours to be revealed, let go and wait for them to be revealed to you. Let me know in comments below what you discover…