Are you ready to commence your Kundalini awakening?

Have you had a Kundalini experience? There are many ways that your Kundalini energy rises in your bodies and catapults you into new dimensions of consciousness and reality. There is no logic or order to the Kundalini awakening but here are some symptoms and patterns of behavior you may identify with.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms that you can look out for:

 1. You awaken regularly at the same time as the night usually between 3 and 5 am.

2. Your sleep is disturbed and you lie awake unable to get back to sleep. You seem to analyze everything in your head and come up with some new ideas and creative perspectives on the problems you sense in your life. This is the time of the creative muse to release your divine spark so find the time to write down your thoughts and spark of ingenuity that come to you. It is also the time for the artist to come to life so give way and releases the creations that wish to brew froth from you to be made manifest. In the stillness of the night, there is a chance to self-reflect so sit and feel the thoughts as the Universe and your soul is always sending you messages to guard and guide you.

3. You awaken to the time on the clock and notice patterns within the time and become drawn to understand the hidden meanings behind numbers. Explore the numbers as they have hidden messages and signs for you to follow now.

4. Unexplained buzzing in your ears. This buzzing can drive you crazy and I advise you to check it out medically but if nothing comes up for you medically than know that the vibration energy within your ears is trying to tune you into a new frequency of consciousness. If it is too strong speak to your guardian angel and guides and ask for the noise to be toned down a bit can feel disturbing. Know you are having a Kundalini awakening of the hearing senses as you become aware of the secret language of the body.

5. You may feel tremendous energy coming for your body.

6. This energy can come off your hands, your feet, your backbone or your head. This is Kundalini energy rising and it brings awareness to the currents of energy running through us. You may get a shiver down your back or get Goosebumps and these are all indications that you are aligned to a truth you need to hear and feel. It’s the secret language of the body and the healer I being awakened in you who can move your own dense energy and maybe even the energy of others through Reiki, IET or reflexology or bio-energy.

7. The physical feeling of feeling heavy or being stuck in your body.

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How To Navigate A Kundalini Awakening

Once the Kundalini awakening has grabbed your attention you will feel sense things happening in your body. The emotions we have swallowed down be it your own or others wish to release. These emotions get caught in the solar plexus and make things hard to digest or as junk in the trunk in our base chakra and thighs. We are called upon to move and to release some of that pent up energy. Our body is the vehicle to will roar out in pain as you feel a shift in energy when you are miss-aligned in the spaces and places and environments you find yourself in.

Listen to those messages and shift and let go of that which does not serve you. Start to educate your body on what works and what doesn’t as the Kundalini energy burst forth from you and through. Remember the body is the temple of your soul. Honor your body and its energetic alignment.

As the Kundalini awakens your body is called to be lighter so it can house the soul and brings you on the amazing journey through life that you are destined to travel through.

If this resonates leave you comments below as I would love to hear about your Kundalini awakening.

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