Sacred Geometry over Dreamy LandscapeLike most people, you’ve probably noticed certain numbers showing up in your life more than others. 

Whether it’s on license plates, house numbers, or digital clocks, do you keep seeing certain repeating or significant numbers revealing themselves to you?

It could be 11:11? Or maybe it’s your birth date? Or perhaps it’s your Life Path or Expression number, or another lucky number, known only to you? (**Scroll to the end, and we’ll help you calculate your personal numerology chart).

But what if, instead of seeing these numbers as merely a coincidence, you open yourself up to the possibility that the Universe could be sending you a message…?

Introducing the Ancient Art of Numerology

In Numerology, numbers are much more than just digits. They are carriers of unique vibrational patterns. And they are the containers for the currents of universal life, in which everything flows.

In ancient times, Numbers were perceived to be ideal or perfect forms, and everything we experience would be a mere approximation of the ideal. This hasn’t changed. In today’s world, everything from the screen you are looking at, to the coffee you’re drinking, number patterns are swirling around us, creating life afresh in each and every moment.

Numbers can be used to describe everything from the DNA sequences that connect you to your ancestors, to the most ordinary of daily circumstances. In fact, many of these everyday circumstances were set into motion long before you were born, by people who may have no direct relationship to you in the present.

But understood through Numerology, numbers act as the golden thread, connecting these seemingly unrelated elements of life and making sense of them. So getting to know their unique qualities can bring a huge amount of insight, reassurance, and guidance whilst navigating these paths of life.

Let’s take a look at what these vibrational patterns can tell us about ourselves and the world around us.

What are the Meanings of the Numbers?

Number 1 Meaning

One is the beginning – the very first of all numbers.

It is said to be masculine in character and holds the traditionally masculine traits, such as ambition, confidence and bravery (though it’s important to note there is no gender bias in numerology).

1 is the number of ultimate creativity

From this comes, all other numbers (and everything else in the Universe!)

When this number shows up in your life, especially in multiples and/or repeating, it is an indicator of rapid-fire manifestation; its clean, vertical shape represents the channel it forms, connecting the Earthly and Spiritual planes, combining them to form life on Earth.


The 1 is bold, straightforward and can be forceful; it doesn’t hesitate or need to ask for second opinions.  Its driving willpower and unceasing desire to “come first”  can often send a person with an overabundance of 1 in their chart straight to the top, very quickly.

Number 1: an Ambitious Leader

Exceptionally strong motivation and goal orientation are the hallmarks of the typical 1 personality, but when under stress, the “me first” attitude can emerge as arrogance or a lack of concern for others’ feelings. If you’re managed by, or in a partnership with a 1, expect to be pushed beyond your limits.

There is very little that can stand in the way of the determination of this frequency.

The number 1 also implies exclusivity, rarity and opportunity, as of course, it is unmatched! Think of how enticing “one day only” sales are, or how it might feel to beat the odds when they are “a million to one”!


Number 2 Meaning

Without a doubt, Two is the most relationship-oriented number. It cannot stand alone. All pairs, deals and exchanges carry the vibration of 2 in some way or another.

Two is the first even number and defines the basic balanced and harmonizing quality of all other even numbers.

Polarity is a large part of the number 2s vibrational matrix, as it contains the pairing of opposites; for every front, there is a back, for every up there is a down, for every day there is a night (at least on our planet). 2 is the very essence of duality, and as such, it’s a vital part of our earthly experience.


The number 2 is said to be feminine in nature (though again, there is no gender bias in numerology) and it holds many of the traditionally feminine qualities, such as receptivity, creativity and intuition.

It is a deeply sensitive number, often indicating psychic awareness.  It also takes two of almost every species to reproduce, and even “one-celled” creatures reproduce by dividing themselves in two.  It’s no surprise this is a number with a maternal undertone.

Compromise is often an ongoing challenge for a person with multiple 2s in their core numerology chart, (despite it being at the root of their nature).

Those with a lot of this vibration in their charts usually see both sides of an issue and tend toward being cooperative in their approach, as well as experts in negotiation and diplomacy!

When under stress, the 2 can be indecisive and insecure and prone to looking to others for validation or support.  In fact, 2s are also often willing to play “second fiddle” in order to keep the peace, and maintain the closeness is so necessary to their nature.

What are the first things you think of that come in pairs? Probably shoes, gloves, socks, glasses … things that are usually held close to you, and become intimately part of you.  So it is with the number 2.


Number 3 Meaning

Often regarded as the number of creativity and communication, the three is also the number of growth.

It symbolizes whatever magic comes from the combination of two other things; the metaphorical child brought forth from two parents, full of energy and possibility. It is the fruits of your labors, so much more than the sum of its parts.

The Three is often considered to be a lucky number.  In fact, what many are sensing is the essential, almost intangible spark that this number brings, like the invisible thread that links cause and effect; it’s what makes a joke funny or a lecture interesting, it is what’s conveyed in a knowing look or a painted masterpiece.


The 3 gives depths, it gives an extra dimension, to experiences. Past, present, and future: birth, life, and death: beginning, middle and end; these are but a few of the “trinities” that make the 3 so important to hermetic and mystical philosophy.

The 3 has rhythm, which gives it a flowing momentum, and the sense of being always aligned with the best possible outcomes!  It’s also a busy energy; from the “on your mark, get set, go!” that begins a race, to the gold, silver and bronze medals at the end. From the unceasing activity of a growing child to the “three times’ a charm” reminder of luck, it almost always represents motion, activity, and creative ways of enhancing life and experience.

People with a lot of the number 3 in their charts are almost always on the go and need a high level of activity to coordinate body, mind, and spirit into a cohesive whole.

3s, more than any other type of person, can tend to put too many irons in the fire, or be a little too risky in their undertakings.  But on the flip side, this energy knows no limits, it’s potential knows no bounds!


Number 4 Meaning

Four is the number of foundations and stability. In general numerology, 4 represents buildings, doorways, and the earth itself, standing as a symbol of things that are solid and not prone to change easily. You won’t get far with square wheels on a vehicle, and common sense prevents you from trying to fit a square peg into a round hole!

The number 4 is the very essence of form and durability; a cornerstone is marked to show just that.


As another of the fixed, masculine numbers, 4 brings commitment and obedience, strength, productivity, and purpose.  It is not particularly artistic or visionary and contains little desire to stand out, but it’s incredibly tenacious, diligent and persistent.

A person who is dominant in 4 energy is usually well respected for their reliable, practical and methodical nature. They’re grounded people who can be trusted, being both loyal and protective.  But 4s are often expected to take on the burdens of others. Their staunchly reliable nature can, at times, cause them to be taken advantage of.

Those with an abundance of the 4 vibration in their charts can find it all too easy to get stuck in a rut – to them, spontaneity and difference feel like a foreign language.  And whilst uniformity and order bring comfort and security to the 4, the boredom and procrastination that comes with it can be their downfall.

The number four also provides the foundation for many of our earthly cycles – the seasons and the phases of the Moon come in 4s. So do the elements – Air, Fire, Water and Earth – which form the building blocks of matter, and make up the structure of our core issues and experiences.

In the end, it seems very much as though 4 is the number that out Earth experience depends on, more than any other.


Number 5 Meaning

5 is the number of freedom in all its forms. But it sometimes tends toward rebelliousness. It’s not a grounded number like the 4, but it’s not unstable, it simply earns for adventure and experience.


When a person is dominated by 5’s in their chart, they find routine difficult to adhere to, and their attention may be scattered in many directions at once. It’s likely they will struggle with commitment, and self-discipline will remain a lifelong challenge.

When the vibration of the 5 is in abundance in the environment, a lot of sudden and unexpected change manifests very quickly and this can be hard to keep up with.

Much like the mutable signs in astrology, this number requires quick thinking and an adaptable approach (and is often adept at personal transformation!)

Some people say that 5 is the number of humanity, because of the body’s head and four limbs, the 5 fingers and toes on each hand and foot and the 5 senses we all have. But any Yogi will tell you that the desire for stimulation of these senses is what draws the mind away from its natural state, resulting in an inner restlessness. In fact, the search for stimulation is typical of the vibrational pattern of the 5, and for this number, inner peace very often remains elusive.

5 is the central number of the single digits. 

Many of those who have an overabundance of this energy often end up in middling positions of administration, coordination or middle-management. And whilst perhaps not exciting or especially satisfying for the individual, their roles are often pivotal. No number is better at keeping centered and strong in the face of change, than the 5.

If you’re in a crisis, you need a 5 by your side!

If the 4 contains the building blocks of life, the 5 contains the Spirit that breathes through them, animating and exciting us!

We are all explorers at heart, and the frequency of this number lives deep in our collective human psyche.


Number 6 Meaning

Six is often called “the love number”.

It represents home and family: a place of safety where acceptance and trust flow.  It is stable, nurturing and safe, and in the Latin script we are using here, the digit even appears to resemble the pregnant female form.


As the most domestic of numbers, the 6 gives an energetic vibration that all homes need if they are to  provide true warmth and sanctuary to those who live there. Yet, whilst being caring, protective and selfless, too much of the 6 may lead to sacrificial tendencies. 

Those with an abundance of this number in their numerology charts may put others needs ahead of their own, to their detriment. But in its balanced form, this number produces loveable, sensitive and reliable people.

As a deeply creative number (the 6 ultimately provides the fertile ground from which life can be born) it strives to make things better. But if this perfectionism is left unchecked, the 6 can become too controlling, forcing others to live up to unrealistic expectations. Under such stress, the maternal instinct of the 6 can become intrusive and interfering and its vibrational pattern may tend towards self-righteousness and insecurity.

In nature, the 6 creates a highly efficient form – bees build their honeycomb hexagonally, and tortoiseshells, fish scales and the skin of reptiles are all based on the same hexagonal form.  Even human cells tessellate closely using this pattern of sixes.

Clearly the safe, secure and protective energy of this number flows through the very fabric of our living world!



Number 7 Meaning

Seven may be the most spiritual of all numbers.

Throughout ancient mysticism, mythology, and magic, the 7 has dominated for its lucky (or unlucky) traits.  It often takes a central position in superstitions and ceremonies – pilgrims walk 7 times around the Kaaba at Mecca – and it has more mentions than any other number in the Bible (7 lions were in the Den with Daniel, 7 locks of Samson’s hair were cut, etc.…)

And let’s not forget that there are 7 days in a week (and that the 7th is the day of rest, or Sabbath in many religions).


The 7 runs through almost every aspect of our lives and history, holding a special place for spirituality, introspection, rest and reflection.

Energetically, this number holds the vibration of the intellect and ideas, of a higher truth than what first appears.

The  7 encourages thought, but not just in a logical and systematic way; the goal of the vibrational pattern of the 7 is to move from rational decision-making to intuition and wisdom.

It represents that which is hidden beneath the surface of all of life.

Most people with an abundance of the number 7 in their charts are deep thinkers, possibly introverted and constantly seeking to understand the world.  Yet they can become detached from their surroundings, struggling to keep their feet on the ground and move forward with their lives in a practical way.

Imagination and creativity are important aspects of this number, in fact, they need to practice for their visionary gifts to come to the fore. But once the powerful intuition of the 7 is activated with trust, those who work this number will find answers before others are even asking the questions.


Number 8 Meaning

In almost all systems of Numerology, Eight is the number of renewal.

Many will discuss this number symbolizing money and power, but its vibration carries so much more. It’s true the power of the 8 is almost always instrumental in building great empires … but it will just as soon destroy them. Because of this, in its highest iteration, this number represents balance.


In the Hindu religion, eightfold geometry is used in the form of yantras, to represent the Great Mother Goddess. She is formed of the four elements – Air, Fire, Water and Earth – and the four qualities used to describe them – Wet, Cold, Dry and Hot.  She’s also often depicted in Native American art and myth as (the eight-legged) Grandmother Spider, weaving her web of life.

All across the world’s cultures, the Great Mother Goddess is revered as the bringer of life but also it’s destroyer so she must be kept in balance, her two sides equal, just as the symmetry of the 8 describes.

8 is the Number of Ambition and Advancement

People with a lot of prominent 8 energy often have a need to run their lives in a very systematic and business-like way. In large organizations, 8s will seldom remain at the bottom of the ladder for long because of their innate understanding of how to succeed within systems.

In music, 8 notes make up an octave and we refer to “octaves” as measurements for spiritual and dimensional evolution too.  It’s a number that resonates strongly with leaps of progress.

The major difficulties faced by people with an abundance 8s in their charts, have to do with control issues. They often take on more than they should simply because they want to make sure things are done the right way. It’s a number that tends to be rational and averse to risk: You’ll seldom find an 8 dependent on luck or waiting for a miracle!

But in fact, much of the ambition of 8 personalities is driven by a fear of failure, of poverty or of the loss of control, which they usually view as being all the same thing.

It is no coincident that turned on its side, the 8 becomes the infinity symbol.  In China, 8 is an especially lucky number, so this 8 seems to carry with it a vibration of positivity, abundance and unending prosperity!  It is something we can all tap into, but not without the supporting of each other number – a lesson that those with an abundance of the 8 in their charts would do well to remember!


Number 9 Meaning

Nine is the last (and greatest) of the single-digit numbers and represents the summation and end of a cycle.

Ancient mathematical philosophers called it the “finishing post”.  It is unsurpassable, the uppermost limit of what can be expressed through this single-digit numerological system.


A cat has 9 lives – its living limit.  We talk about being “on cloud 9” when expressing the height of our excitement and we are “dressed to the nines” when our outfit is perfected … even today our language the use of 9 seems to describe the extremes of human experience.

People born with an abundance of 9 in their charts often seem to have lived many lives and gained many experiences.  In the same way, it’s said that this number contains all of the lessons and challenges of the numbers 1 through 8. This can make it very hard for these people to let go and move on – they often feel like they must stay connected with every thread of their lives, however far into the past it goes.

The 9 is an exceptionally wise number.

As well as being the container for all worldly experiences, it is made up of the sacred trinity, thrice (3 x 3) which gives it additional sacred power. When something is repeated 3 times, its potency is increased. When it’s repeated three times three, it’s power is ultimate!

The 9 it widely tolerant, loving, compassionate and spiritual, though the love that it offers tends to be expressed as universal, rather than romantic – this number has a widely humanitarian edge.

People with this vibrational pattern in their lives usually experience some difficult lessons: sometimes their sympathetic and generous natures lead them into situations in which their trust in others is severely compromised. Nevertheless, it is very rare to experience anger or judgment where this number is present.

People with the 9 in their charts are seldom concerned with material success. Their sights tend to be set higher, so whilst they rarely run into difficulties, they don’t tend to be particularly financially stable.

Coming at the end of the numerical cycle, the 9 is often through to indicate death. And whilst it does often coincide with the closure or ending of a project of phase of life, it indicated a valuable stage of release and surrender, which must come before the birth of something new.  So with the 9, always comes hope.


The Master Numbers

The numbers from 1 to 9 are sometimes called the “Fadic” numbers, or fate numbers. These are the basis of most numerological analysis.

The next key numbers are those in which digits are doubled, and are known as Master Numbers. Some people carry them up through 99, but most consider 11 and 22 to be the most important and relevant to the times we are currently living in.

MASTER Number 11 Meaning

In numerology, Eleven contains all of the traits of the 1, amplified, as well as those of the 2.

In a chart, Master Number 11 should not be reduced to 2, but written as 11/2 in order for the presence of the master number to be recognized.

11 is often regarded as a gateway.  Just as the number 1 represents a vertical channel connecting the Spirit world with the Earth plane, the 11 creates two pillars for this same energy to move through. As such, it’s often associated with rapid manifestation – the potential to give form to ideas, very quickly.  It’s also a number which is often associated with ascension and spiritual awakening, and a clear sign that Spirit is connecting and communicating with matter.


Containing qualities of both the 1 and the 2, this number represents the unity of masculine and feminine, energy and the higher evolution of humanity.

11 is the number of inspiration, and those who have this number in their personal numerology charts often think in an unusual or unique way, such as philosophers, innovative doctors, researchers or motivational speakers. They often have unusual pursuits and are very adaptable and creative people. It’s a number that symbolizes the progression from logical thinking to intuitive knowing, so it holds an exceptionally visionary and progressive energy.

Under stress, the 11 resolves to the basic characteristics of the 2 vibration which is good; the powerful vibration of 11 cannot be sustained for long. This also helps people with a lot of the 11 in their charts find loyal friends and supporters easily and helps them learn the practical arts of cooperation and compromise.

Because of the high-frequency nature of this master number, it’s often necessary for those who carry this vibration to transmute a large amount of negative energy in their lives.  This can appear as a disproportionate amount of hardship and trouble for them, but in fact, these lessons are vital and are what will enable the transformative potential of this number to be realized.


MASTER Number 22 Meaning

In numerology Twenty Two contains all of the traits of the 2, amplified, as well as those of the 4.

In a chart, the Master number 22 should not be reduced to 4, but written as 22/4 in order for the presence of the master number to be recognized.

Its common nickname is the “Master Builder” and while the 11 is the visionary, 22 is all about practical action, and the ability to bring these ideals down to earth.

It’s an inherently practical number, grounded and results-oriented, often pointing to changes and improvements on a huge scale, affecting the lives of many.  It is a number of great potentials but remains rooted in the stability of the 4, so also contains all of the stable reliability of this number.


As an amplified expression of the 2, 22 is balanced and harmonizing.  It holds a deeply sensitive vibration, and is highly perceptive, in many cases even psychically attuned. People who have this number in their charts are often highly empathic, and instinctively know what other people are thinking and feeling. This is an incredible gift, but it must be managed carefully so that they do not become too easily distracted from their true path.

4 is the foundation number of human experience, which means that 22 is also physically-focused and sensual number.  In fact, it is the lynchpin upon which great changes rely, and holds energy which is almost always present when paradigm shifts finally ground into reality.

After times of great turmoil and change, when life begins to steady into feeling good again, it is a sign that the vibration of the 22 is re-appearing.


It Doesn’t End Here…

There are many other types of Numbers that “stand out” in certain practices, such as compound, repeating and “Karmic” Numbers. Many articles and resources explaining these numbers, and how they affect your life are contained in this website.

For now, it’s important to remember that the single-digit numbers are the foundation of all schools of Numerology, but this is just the beginning!

What have you discovered about yourself today?

Be sure to share with us in the comments below!

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