Do You Have a Soul Urge Number 11?

Every number has a significant meaning in Numerology. In this article, we will be focusing on the Soul Urge Number, or as it is also commonly known – the Heart Desire Number. 

The Soul Urge Number tells us about the intricate details of a person’s personality from their hearts. When another person’s soul urge number is known, you have a rare opportunity to build a better, stronger relationship because you can judge their characteristics better. 

When your soul urge number is 11, you’ll have a strong inclination to grow and develop spiritually. We’ll look into this Master Number as we progress with the article. 

Does everyone have a Soul Urge Number?   

Yes, of course. Everyone has a Soul Urge Number on their Numerology chart. The Soul Urge or Soul Desire Number reveals intricate details about your personality, like what drives and motivates you or why you are the way you are. It gives insights into the physical forces impacting you and the spiritual realm of your life. It is an extremely important number to know. 11 is a Master Number that is also on your numerology chart. On its own, the Master Number is significant, but when combined with the Soul Urge Number to give us the Soul Urge Number 11, it becomes even more critical. It’s like combining two forces to make a super force. Now, let’s take a look at Master Numbers, as they are, after all, an important part of this article.

The Master Numbers

Master Numbers are spiritually connected numbers that are also very intuitive. Master Numbers are always double digits numbers that can explain your life path or your destiny, as you may like to believe. Core numbers on numerology charts are, more often than not, always reduced to single digits, but the Master Number is an independent double-digit number. There are three Master Numbers, and they are; 11, 22, and 33. 

The Soul Urge Number 

Many numerology enthusiasts know their Life Path Number. They also might know their Expression Number. These numbers help them identify their life path, the direction they need to take through life, their personality, talents, and gifts, and basically how they fit into this world. However, even armed with all this knowledge, they may still feel something is missing. That missing link is the Soul Urge.

The Soul Urge helps you gain true clarity and defines your mission boldly. If you think something is missing in your life or you have unanswered questions, the Soul Urge is quite literally the number that will give you the answer or clarity you need to figure it out. On a spiritual level, the Soul Urge is supposed to identify the spiritual urge, the reason why you are on earth, and why you exist in the time that you do. 

Soul Urge Number Calculator

The Soul Urge Number is calculated using the vowels in your full birth name (as it appears on your birth certificate). Yes, only the vowels. Though it can get a little tricky as some vowels are spoken as consonants. So the easy way to get the calculation correct is to click the link below and use our FREE Numerology Calculator.

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What is the Meaning of SOUL URGE (Master Number) 11/2?

In Numerology, when you have a Soul Urge Number 11, or any other Soul Urge Number that is a Master Number for that matter, you’d have a sense of always reaching for an elevated consciousness. The need to develop and build authentic and nourishing relationships is also paramount. Even with their higher spiritual connection, people with the Soul Urge 11 have some work to do. 

People with Master Numbers for Soul Urge Numbers are believed to have lived a previous life on this earth with an elevated potential before embodying or incarnating again, with more challenges this time around. These people will often feel like they are not doing enough or living up to their full potential. People with Master Numbers are the ones who are required to take the lead and step up to the occasion. They have been called to do this.

The Soul Urge Master Number is a master vibration in Numerology. It warns that you must live with caution because the number you carry is of utmost importance. It must be optimized and managed correctly because it operates like a double-edged sword. When ignored and stifled, it can lead to hurtful self-sabotaging. When you are over-zealous with it and vibrate higher than you are truly ready for, you may crash or burn out too quickly. There must be a balance that optimizes your potential and also protects you.

The Number 11 Reveals a Spiritual Path

At the very center of every human, there is a need to connect to some sort of spirituality— a connection to a power higher than ours. Spirituality is also realizing and understanding that we are all connected by a higher power. People with the Soul Urge Number 11 always have a deep desire to fulfill their purpose in life. 

Challenges Soul Urge 11 Face   

People with this number often have an unrealistic idea of what love is, which can lead to them being unable to find their ‘true love.’ Soul Urge 11 need to be able to understand that a healthy relationship needs active and constant work. These people often struggle with narcissism, unruly emotions, and juvenile combativeness. 

Soul Urge 11 Love & Compatibility

People who end up with this number for a partner need to be patient and understand their need for a spiritual connection. However, they should realize that a good relationship requires work – from both partners. This Master Number is most compatible with numbers 1, 2, and Master Number 22. They are least compatible with numbers 3 and 5. These numbers (3 and 5) are also the people they stand to learn the most from. 


The Journey Is The Reward

The Soul Urge Number 11 needs to realize that there is a reward in the journey, not just in the destination. You need to listen to your inner voice. Your insightfulness and sensitivity are a gift to guide you through the world. You can vibrate at a higher frequency and process information on that frequency. This number has a calming influence on other people. Your creativity, insightfulness, and need for a higher connection will greatly contribute to the world in its entirety.         

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