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DO YOU Have a Soul Urge Number 7 in Your Numerology Chart?

Sometimes referred to as the Heart’s Desire or Soul’s Desire Number, this is a powerful core number that reveals important insight into your deepest, most spiritual, motivating forces. It’s a great number to know.

Whilst your Life Path Number describes the direction of your journey through life, and your Expression (or Destiny) Number reveals your personality, gifts, talents, and unique offerings to the world, the Soul Urge puts you back in touch with your essence.

For a lot of people, learning this number can bring real clarity around their mission in life. It can help to uncover your true life’s purpose, so if you’re looking for answers, the Soul Urge is quite often the missing piece that provides them.

The Soul Urge, quite simply, reveals the guiding force, the spiritual urge behind what your Soul came here to experience in this lifetime.

Soul Urge Number Calculator

The Soul Urge Number is calculated using the vowel sounds in your full name at birth. Unlike the consonants, these denote the Spiritual force which moves through you, like the breath which animates us all.

The corresponding numerical values of these vowels are summed and reduced, until a single digit (or master number) is revealed. Yet it can get a little tricky, as in some names, certain vowels are treated as consonants (the letter Y can be a real sticky spot!)

You can find out more about this Numerology HERE (and read more about the calculation required to accurately find it). But the easy way to discover your Soul Urge Number is to click the link below and you’ll reach our FREE Numerology Calculator. Just enter your info and we’ll calculate it for you!

What is the Meaning of SOUL URGE Number 7?

You have a deep and profound need to develop self-trust, and to find your own answers to the eternal questions surrounding the meaning of life.

You’re a true seeker and thrive on gathering information and using your profoundly powerful mind to analyze it. You dig deep and contemplate heavily. You’re an incredible researcher – a perfectionist when it comes to data collection – but the truth is, everything always comes back to your own inner wisdom.

Your life-long task is to get to know the true you, inside and out.

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Underneath it all, you have a burning need to seek out a deeper, spiritual understanding. Your heart’s desire leads you on a very “internal” journey. You probably feel like you’re on a very different wavelength than most people – at your core, you frequently question why you’re even here on the planet (yet again!) and can feel somewhat detached from the world at large.

The number 7 can be highly introspective, so with this as your soul urge, you need a good deal of private “alone” time. You’re a person many people will never really truly know because you’re still attempting to figure that out yourself! But one of the main reasons for the introverted and contemplative quality of this number is that you’re constantly processing information, received via your exquisite skills of perception.

Your life is shaped by a powerful collision between practical, tangible information, and how you make sense of it; and your incredible intuition, which defies logic. Your task in this lifetime is to integrate the two – your intellect and your intuition – into a harmonious team. This is a strongly felt need, which likely rises even above your thoughts. And it will take a lifetime to integrate these core aspects of yourself, and use them to effectively navigate the world in real-time.

It’s vital that – like all aspects of Numerology – you realize that authentically expressing the vibration of this Number is a goal and at times it will be hard. You’ll experience more focused and intense challenges surrounding these themes. This is because this is how you’ll ultimately master these particular aspects of your heart’s desire, and it’s what you came here, to walk this path to do.


Soul Urge Number 7 Challenges and Shadow Aspects

If you find yourself isolated to the point of withdrawing from the “outside world,” you’re straying too far from the constructive nature of your Number 7. The highest and best uses of your extraordinary mental talents are cultivating knowledge, processing it into new ideas, spiritual insight, or practical usage – and then adding your advanced intuitive wisdom to the mix.

But this is a tall order!

So it’s not uncommon for feelings of self-doubt to plague number 7s, especially if you don’t understand how important this last piece of the puzzle is. On the other hand, obsessive and compulsive behavior, and perfectionism can become problematic tendencies for number 7s, due to their highly idealistic natures.

Some of your internal struggles might include your propensity to live in your head and intellectualize everything. With a 7 Soul Urge, you’re on a path of learning how to connect with yourself and others on an emotional and physical level. Because your comfort zone exists much more distinctly in the heady, data-focused, ideas-based realms, it’s vital for you to come back down to earth and connect to people in the real world.

When you have a strong sense of spirituality (however that manifests for you), you’re at your best. But without this higher calling, Number 7s can quickly fall into superficiality, skepticism, cynicism or even depression.

Be careful about using sharp words, as you can hurt people without realizing it. This Numerology means you can be highly misunderstood or misinterpreted by others. You can give off an aloof attitude that others mistake for “snootiness”, feelings of superiority or just aloofness. You’re an extremely private person but you must try not to shut others out. This personality trait can easily sabotage the potential for extremely beneficial relationships and partnerships, both personally and in work and business.

At your core, you’re a gentle soul and your heart’s desire is to truly know yourself and the mysteries of the planet – and to share your hard-won wisdom with the world.

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Looking for a Soulmate? Soul Urge 7 Love & Relationship Compatibility

Your compatibility in relationships will depend very much upon whether your partner is able to truly understand you. Close relationships can be a struggle for Number 7s, because emotional intimacy doesn’t come naturally to you, and the need for solitude is great. You dislike people who are too needy, yet attract many who are intrigued by you, and want to be close to you!

You need your closest relationships to offer enough mental stimulation to keep you interested. So whatever the Soul Urge, Life Path or Expression Number of potential partners, they need to be on your wavelength or you’ll quickly get bored.

It’s likely that you experience many different relationship dynamics throughout your life. The Soul Urge Number of each partner you meet will teach you a lot about yourself, so ensure that you regard each relationship as a teacher.

The numbers you have the highest compatibility are the 4, 5, 7 and the 11.

The numbers you have least compatibility with (though the ones where you have most to learn) are the 3, 6 and 8.




Soul Urge 7 Career, Work & Lifestyle Ideas

Because of their solitary spirits, Soul Urge 7s often enjoy working alone. Your over-riding desire to gather knowledge and learn as much as possible means that you probably prefer working things out on your own before collaborating with others.

Careers in research, analysis or IT could be a good match for this Numerology. Other good options could include the fields of science, engineering, computer programming or web design.

Regardless of profession, to be truly satisfied in life, you must engage in activities that will stimulate your intellect and allow you to really get at the details of a situation or problem that needs to be solved. You may be the one in the family who handles all the complex paperwork surrounding caring for older parents, or perhaps you use your analytical mind to be the chess champion in seven counties! Whatever you do, your strong Number 7 vibration will not only make sense of the complexities of any and every situation but ensure you’re the person who holds the knowledge for everyone else.

Embrace that part of you that seeks to absorb knowledge – you are the person in your group that others tend to turn to when they need the important details to make key decisions.

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With the 7 as your Soul Urge, this might be something only you can see or feel. Or alternately, you may be a masterful specialist in some area of expertise, the wise sage who people consult for advice and instruction, and someone who trusts the nature of their own existence fully and completely. It ultimately depends on the other numbers in your chart and how those energies mix and match with your probing and contemplative number 7.

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