Your Soul Urge number, also known as your Heart’s Desire or Soul Desire, indicates what motivates you down deep into your core.This is the number that reveals to you what drives you from a soul-level.

This is a great number to know because it might explain some of those “irrational” thoughts and feelings you come up against – those feelings you just can’t explain, yet you feel with great intensity. How “surprising” they are to you will depend on how in alignment your Soul Urge number is with the rest of your Core Numbers.


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soul urge 7 numerologySOUL URGE 7

You have a deep need to develop trust, faith, and find your own answers to the meaning of life.

When you look deep into your soul, you have an underlying and pressing need to seek out the answers to life’s most profound questions.  You thrive on gathering information and analyzing it. You need to dig deep and contemplate heavily.  You’re the perfect researcher and everything always comes back to informing your own sense of inner wisdom.  Your life-long task is to get to know the true you, inside and out.

Underneath it all, you have a burning need to seek out knowledge and spiritual understanding. Your heart’s desire leads you on a very “internal” journey.  You’re on a different wavelength than most people – at your core you question why you’re even here on the planet (yet again!) and can feel somewhat detached from the world at large.

You need a good deal of private “alone” time.  Your life is instructed by a powerful collision between practical, tangible data and the analysis of it.  Then on the other hand, you’re highly intuitive and your gift—and your task—is to integrate the two (your intellect and your intuition) into a harmonious dance team.  This is a deeply felt need.  And it takes a lifetime to integrate these core aspects of yourself and your navigation of the world in real-time.  You’re a person people never really truly know because you’re most often attempting to figure that out yourself!

Understand that – like all aspects of Numerology – this is a goal and as the Soul Urge this can feel as though it’s an underlying drive that you can’t explain – even to yourself.  Yet also understand that you’ll experience more focused and intense challenges on the path to mastering these particular aspects of your heart’s desire.

If you find yourself isolated to the point of withdrawing from the “outside world,” you’re straying from the constructive nature of your 7 Soul Urge.  The highest and best use of your extraordinary talents are cultivating knowledge, processing it into new ideas, spiritual insight, or practical usage – and then applying your advanced intuitive wisdom to the mix.

Some of your internal struggles might include your propensity to live in your head and intellectualize everything.  With a 7 Soul Urge you’re learning how to connect with yourself and others on an emotional and physical level because your comfort zone resides much more distinctly in the heady, data-focused, or spiritual realms.

Be careful about using sharp words, as you can hurt people without realizing it.  You can be highly misunderstood or misinterpreted by others.  You can give off an aloof attitude that others mistake for “snootiness” or feelings of superiority.  You’re an extremely private person. You’re working on developing trust and faith in the deepest sense, therefore you’ll have experiences that test your faith and challenge your ability to trust – both yourself and others.

The energy of the 7 is quite introverted and contemplative, so you’re constantly processing information. You have exquisite observation skills and when you have a strong sense of spirituality (however that manifests for you), you’re at your best.  Otherwise, you can fall into superficiality, skepticism, cynicism or depression.

At your core, you’re a gentle soul and your heart’s desire is to truly know yourself and the mysteries of the planet – and to share your hard-won wisdom with the world.

With the 7 as your Soul Urge, this might be something only you can see or feel.  Or alternately, you may be a masterful specialist in some area of expertise, the wise sage who people consult for advice and instruction, and someone who trusts the nature of their own existence fully and completely.  It ultimately depends on the other numbers in your chart and how those energies mix and match with your probing and contemplative number 7.

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