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Relationships & Numerology

One of the main reasons that people get involved in Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and the like is that they are looking for insight into their relationships or their love-life. Numerology has a lot to offer regarding matters of the heart, but a lot of the Numerology found on the web and in books barely scratches the surface, and some of it is just plain wrong.

Many sites and authors provide you with number matching tables that concentrate only on the Life Path Number. This is not a good way to understand a relationship; it’s almost like saying that if people work in the same business they automatically have a good chance to develop a fulfilling and satisfying connection.

But before we show some of the techniques most professionals use, let’s be clear; relationships start with you, your openness and your willingness to connect with another person on a heart-centered level of awareness. The Numerology Chart, like a human being, is a multi-faceted jewel with harmonious and contrasting elements; no single element is going to guarantee that things will work out between you and another.

Along the Life Path there are several numbers. Among them, the Birthday Number has been used for a very long time as an important key to relationships. The Birthday Vibration is the day of the month on which you were born reduced to a single digit; if you were born on March 15th, your Birthday Number would be 6, because 1+5 = 6. This seems to work because the Birthday Number is the numeric value that is used to indicate the “Productive Cycle” of your life path, which runs during the period from about age 27 until around 56 – the most productive time of life for most people.

The Birthday Number is most often compared to the Birthday Vibration or the Expression (Total Name Number) of another person. There are some tables that exist for this purpose, but with them, there are no hard and fast rules; those tables are more like “guidelines.”

One of the best expositions of number compatibilities is based on Astro-Numerology. It’s a scale of number harmonies that has proven to be very useful in relationship studies, but needs a little explanation.

The term “vibrates to” means a mutual attraction that is rather favorable. When one number attracts another, the two people represented by them are a very suitable match. “Disagrees with” means that tact and diplomacy are needed to make the relationship work well. “Passive toward” infers that there is no opposition, but no strong bond either. When two numbers are the same, they naturally do well with one another.

This table can be used with any of the core numbers of your Numerology Chart, but is generally used with the Birthday Number.

1 Vibrates to 9: attracts 4 and 8: disagrees with 6 and 7: passive toward 2, 3 and 5.
2 Vibrates to 8: attracts 7 and 9: disagrees with 5: passive toward 1, 3, 4 and 6.
3 Vibrates to 7: attracts 5, 6 and 9: disagrees with 4 and 8: passive toward 1 and 2.
4 Vibrates to 6: attracts 1 and 8: disagrees with 3 and 5: passive toward 2, 7 and 9.
5 Vibrates to 5: attracts 3: disagrees with 2 and 4: passive toward 1, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
6 Vibrates to 4: attracts 3 and 9: disagrees with 1 and 8: passive toward 2, 5 and 7.
7 Vibrates to 3: attracts 2: disagrees with 1 and 9: passive toward 4, 5, 6 and 8.
8 Vibrates to 2: attracts 1 and 4: disagrees with 3 and 6: passive toward 5, 7 and 9.
9 Vibrates to 1: attracts 2, 3 and 6: disagrees with 7: passive toward 4, 5 and 8.

How your Soul Urge and Personality Number Relates

Even this well thought-out list of numerations is often defied by human experience, because there is a central part of your Numerology Chart that is at the root of your relationships with others and yourself – The Soul Urge, or Heart’s Desire.

The Soul is the essence of who you are, and some believe that the ability to “live” in harmony with the desires of the Soul, or “Heart Based Living” is the key to health, happiness and prosperity. If someone becomes so focused on career or other responsibilities that are not in harmony with the vibration of the Soul Urge that it causes the Heart’s Desire vibration to be pushed onto the back burner, they rarely attract relationships that nurture them. They rarely develop the defensive psychic qualities that warn them away from a potentially toxic relationship.

The Soul Urge is a component of the Expression, which is the total name number. The other component is the Personality Number. It could be said that the Soul Urge represents the inner or higher self and it’s desires, while the Personality Number shows the material and psychological aspects of the individual – characteristics, habits, styles etc. – that one gathers from the social and physical environment in order to “express and fulfill” the desires of the Soul – put these two numbers together, and you have the full expression of the individual in the world.

Since the Personality Number is what other people see about you, it is, in most cases, the vibration that attracts others to you. At the same time, when you feel a connection with another, it is likely that their Personality Number and your Soul Urge click in some way. If you change something about your personal style in order to attract a different kind of person, don’t expect instant results, they will come.

The Heart-to-Heart Connection

Even with this “magnetic potential” of the Personality Number, attraction alone does not define a favorable relationship. The Soul Urge has to be considered. If there is no heart-to-heart connection at all, the relationship rarely lasts. But the good news is that on the Heart level, almost any combination of numbers can be worked through, if there are other good connections, especially with the Birthday Vibrations or the Expression of the two people.

Missing numbers in your chart? Consider this a good thing!

One factor that few books consider is the Karmic Lesson Table. This counts up all the times each number is used in the full name, and notes missing or overabundant numbers. If you happen to connect with someone who has a number that you’re missing, or you happen to be abundant in a number that they are missing, this is a very good thing. If there are other agreeable chart elements, this is a special relationship in which each person compliments the other; the two people support each other in very special ways.

Another surprising thing about many Numerology books is that they don’t look at the Relationship Number. This is something that can only be found from the study of two charts. It is found by reducing the sum of each person’s Life Path and Expression (which is sometimes called the “Life Number” or “Ultimate Number”) to a single digit. These two Life Numbers are added together, and voila, you have the Relationship Number.

The Relationship Number doesn’t mean much on its own, but is compared with other numbers in the two charts, including numbers like the Personal Years or Months, in order to see “both sides of the story” at one time. It’s really handy to know about, but is a little tricky to analyze without some experience.

Other Matching Protocols That are Important in Relationship Numerology…

If one’s Soul Urge matches or vibrates to another’s Life Path, this usually makes for an excellent situation. If the Soul Urge of two people is the same, or vibrate to, or attract one another, this is what some call a “soulmate” situation.  This doesn’t mean that the two people are “meant” to be together, but it does mean that there is a harmony of purpose that cannot be denied. On a very deep level, they want the same thing and build very similar values in their lives.

At the same time, we may meet people with the same Heart’s Desire number every day and have no romantic or sexual interest in them, because other chart elements don’t help bring that connection into manifestation.

You may have an identical Life Path to another person, and be totally in synch with them over business or other matters, but this connection may bring in too much of that particular vibration into your life and cause problems – especially if there isn’t a Soul connection to utilize that energy.

In summary, there is a Rule #1 as far as building loving and fulfilling relationships is concerned. Learn to tune in to your Soul Urge and feel for its promptings, so you can honor your Soul in your daily life. Doing so will enhance every aspect of your life, and, without doubt, a connection with Soul is the key to opening your heart and being love, so you don’t have to look for it anymore, and others will find it in you!

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