The Personality Number is the one number in your numerology chart that truly helps you navigate momentous changes in your life. So, as we sit in a #5 Universal Year (2+0+2+1=5), a number synonymous with change, freedom and adventure, understanding your Personality Number has never been more important…

On the Personality Number

The Personality Number is definitely not a superficial indicator in your Numerology Chart that determines what clothes you should wear or what car you should drive. This number explores the interaction between your highest goals and ideals and your psychic/physical environment.

While your Heart’s Desire is the source of your power to do as you will, the Personality Number distributes and regulates that power into the world around you.

Numerologists had a different view of what the human personality is than modern psychology does. In psychology, it is basically considered long-standing repeated behaviors of the body, speech and mind, more or less, your physical and emotional habits.

We tend to look is as the channel through which the Heart’s Desire reaches out to the world, and through which the sense impressions of the world reach the deepest level of the self and feeds its power. The Personality and the Heart’s Desire are inseparable but sometimes are at odds with one another. They are easier to understand and work with using this sort of model.

PinDecision making and the Personality Number

The Personality Number is the part of you that expresses both complicated and simple decisions in the world. It is also the aspect of the self that is most easily influenced by peers, society, and by the thoughts and ideas of others. This is not always a bad thing, because no one wants to be a total oddball or loner – humans are social creatures.

This number is sometimes called the “Quiet Self” or the part of the self that remains hidden from others. While hidden, this number works hard to help you find happiness, make good decisions and express your personal power.

This is why all existing self-help and psychological growth literature is written to work with the Personality Number.

The goal of most of this work, including the work of psychotherapy, is designed to connect the Personality Number with the Heart’s Desire in a fluid and uplifting way. It is the key to manifesting, healing, and all of the other recognizable miracles people strive for in this day and age.

Personality = reason + creative imagination

In our daily lives, we usually depend on our Personality Numbers to help us make decisions. Whether you’re deciding what to eat or determining your personal style, the Personality Number is there to guide you. However, the decisions we need to make about our future and the fulfillment of our deepest desires need to be illumined or empowered by the Hearts Desire, and this is where difficulties can arise.  

Our Personality Number includes the “interactive” mind and the part of the “subconscious” mind that builds values, and beliefs which drive the majority of our activities. It is through this area of consciousness where the Personality and Heart’s Desire connect. Though, we also uphold certain beliefs and values as a result of our culture and the people we are surrounded by.

The Collective Mind and Personal Problems

All forms of communication are “bi-directional”, or flow both out and in. Communication creates a kind of momentary “shared mentality” that helps us get along with other people, but we also share our lives with those who have different motivations and aims.

Thoughts driven by peer pressure, fads, necessities and how one has been taught to respond to immediate matters can cloud up the connection between the Personality Number and to the Heart’s Desire when these motivations conflict with one another.

Change your mind, change your life

According to recent scientific studies on what is now called “neuroplasticity”, thoughts can literally change the brain and affect your ambitions, your drive, your efficiency, your sensitivity in your relationships with others and even more.

This is a fact that you can look up. It has been tested and proven in laboratory conditions. But this vulnerability, common to all people, is what self-help books, metaphysics, spiritual pursuits, Jungian therapy, and other practices try to help us overcome.

The Personality Number is also where the decision to make a radical change in one’s life can occur. Sometimes it is a change that is prompted by one’s higher consciousness (the Heart’s Desire), and manifests as events like opening a business, entry onto a spiritual path, creating a major change in profession or career, or maybe a moving far away from one’s current place of residence. In other words, one of the Cycles, Pinnacles or Personal Years that syncs up with the Personality Number is usually a sign that these major changes might be happening.

You can usually tell when a dramatic change comes from the Heart’s Desire because of the passion that one has for making it happen. Sometimes it can be seen as an opportunity to explore unused skills or talents, or to apply special experience or knowledge that needs to be shared.

But you can also tell when an important change was not prompted by the Heart’s Desire. If a person acts out of fear, resentment, emotional pain or loneliness, the change they make usually throws them into a situation they regret later.

Sometimes the Personality Number shows its power while one is young, and at others, these changes happen later in life. That usually depends on its agreement with the LifePath Cycles or Pinnacles. This is especially true if the Personality Number and the Heart’s Desire work well together. But nature is kind in this way, in that there are many ways to tune them to one another and harmonize your life. This “tuning” can also give you the push you need to achieve your goals.

Name changes – a big question…

This brings up the subject of Name Changes, which we will revisit in the Expression section, but let me say this. A name change is nothing to experiment with. Sometimes they are involuntary or even forced upon us by others, and sometimes we just feel like we want to make a change that might improve our life situations. Never change your name unless the issue is marriage or divorce without the help of a reliable expert.

Think about it like this, if you change your name, you will change your Personality Number, Heart’s Desire or both. And you will also change their challenges. That’s giving yourself a steep learning curve caused by the friction between the old and new you.

You may be vaulted into an entirely new experience of yourself. If you look at the change-making practices of our past and present self-help gurus, the work always begins “within” and the “outer” life catches up as you make changes in your environment or lifestyle to support the change.

How to find the Personality Number and Challenge

The Personality Number is the numerological sum of the consonants in the name. A person named David Jones would have a Personality Number of 4+4+4+1+5+1=19, 1+9=1.

The Personality Challenge is the difference between the first and last consonants in the name, always taking the smaller from the larger. For the same name as above, the Personality Challenge is 4-1=3. If both the first and last consonants are the same number, then count it as 9, not 0.

So let’s take a look at what the Personality Numbers and Challenges might mean.

If your Personality Number is:

1. Healthy self-esteem tempered by respect and compassion for others is your goal. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

2. Supporting others without giving up your own dreams and ideals is your goal. Never avoid standing up for yourself.

3. Artistry in communication and using your talents for the benefit of others is your goal. Never be afraid to show off your talents.

4. Being reliable and dependable when building structure and stability is your goal. Never avoid expressing your determination.

5. Bringing the benefits of adventure and freedom in a positive way to others is your goal. Never avoid your responsibilities.

6. Bringing the benefits of harmony and balance to others in a positive way is your goal. Always be willing to counsel or teach other people.

7. Bridging the gap between knowledge and faith for the benefit of others is your goal. Never isolate yourself from other people.

8. Using your gifts of perseverance and discipline for the benefit of others is your goal. Always be tolerant and accepting of other people.

9. Using your abilities for achievement and completion for the benefit of others is your goal. Always look for the opportunity to be a part of mutual or shared success.

 The Personality Challenge is a little bit different, in that it has to do with things that can block your connection with the Heart’s Desire.

If your Personality Challenge is:

1. Never fear doing things differently from others.

2. Never give up on your dreams from a fear of loneliness.

3. Never get involved in passing gossip or rumors.

4. Never hold on to resentments or anger.

5. Never get involved in anything that can limit your freedom.

6. Never compromise your best interests out of sympathy.

7. Never avoid social life or refuse an offer of friendship.

8. Never think that you have to do everything yourself.

9. Never think that you must do everything your own way.

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Hints about the Personality Number

Another thing to think about when exploring the Personality Number is that people will tend to default to a certain lifestyle. Like all other numbers in the chart, these tendencies can be expressed in a positive or problematic way.

They can be boiled down to simple categories:

1 tends to express their opinions of themselves through their clothing, style of speech and appearance.

2 tends to conform to their peer group in business or private life in their choices regarding personal style.

3 tends to be expressive or attention-getting in their personal style of dress and behavior.

4 tends to like a “homey” look and often dresses as if they are at work, even when they relax.

5 tends to stay on the “cutting edge” of style and fashion and attracts attention even when they don’t want to.

6 tends to like comfort and elegance in their personal style, but always wants others to feel comfortable around them.

7 tends to look professional or style themselves as a non-conformist, depending on their activities in life.

8 tends to look official or authoritative no matter what their lifestyle or occupation is.

9 tends to look daring or accomplished no matter what they do. Older Numerology books say that 9’s should avoid wearing black.

So, did your Personality Number reveal how to embrace your own unique style? Let us know in the comments below!

In the next post, we will explore the Expression Number and explain why it is such an important, fundamental element of a Numerology chart.


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