The Heart’s Desire

In this article, I will be delving deeper into the Heart’s Desire Number (a.k.a the Soul Urge Number), the numerological sum of the vowels in your name. This is not an article that will define your number, but rather one that will reveal how this potent digit relates to your happiness and prosperity.

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Before we begin, we need to talk about name numbers in general, one of the most controversial topics in modern numerology.


The Big Question…

What name should be used when having a Numerology Chart made?

This is one of the most common questions asked about Numerology. There is the name given at birth and the name you are most known by. Many have a married name, and some have more than one. Names are often changed, as in stage names or other pseudonyms.

The name you use is a matter of personal choice. All name numbers are about choice.

LifePath numbers are fixed by the date of birth and cannot be changed. They represent the circumstances you encounter and your default responses to them.

Name numbers drive the way you express your decisions and choices. Within the context of your LifePath numbers, the name numbers give you the power to choose your focus and attitude, and these choices can change your circumstances.

Everyday Influences & How They Shape Your Perception

Sometimes we are guilty of creating our misfortune due to our own unconscious beliefs about life. These beliefs or thought patterns include blaming misfortune on the stars or the numbers, superstition, family curse and other cognitive bias. In this sense, we can become victims to our thoughts because numbers do not give misfortune or good fortune, they only act within the mind they are working with.

It may seem to be unfair to say that people create their own problems when every day we are all affected by war, natural disasters, disease, societal troubles and so on, but whatever we experience was not only created by those we surround ourselves with but also our environment.  Essentially, most people live in a cloud of thoughts formed by the influences around them and are willing to accept whatever happens as normal.

Don’t you feel better when things are going well for you? What would happen if you had the power to make your everyday experience your own? Have you ever been able to maintain a positive emotional state when something unexpected happens?

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The Heart’s Desire is your creative power

This is what happens when the Heart’s Desire shines through your thoughts rallying your emotions to the “cause.”  You cannot ensure that each moment in your life will be miraculous and wonderful, but even a little progress in that direction will help bring fulfillment.

If you are familiar with a lot of self-help and inspirational novels, then you may have noticed that they all promote the idea that thought is directed by your deepest desires.

Authors such as Napoleon Hill, Roy Herbert Jarett and James Allen focused on the idea that your desires create thoughts that somehow have the power to make things happen. Additionally, Neville Goddard taught that “out-picturing” what we want we help solidify our desires into a real experience. These concepts follow a united theme: knowing what your true desires are and wanting to fulfill them with a burning passion. This is the Heart’s Desire. 

Neville explained this creative power in the most mystical way. Through his writing, Neville taught us how to shift your identity and inner-sensations to the creative power within—rather than being lost in distraction. Furthermore, Hill and the others gave us practical exercises that help us concentrate on our deepest desires until fulfilling it becomes something you’re willing to do, no matter what it takes. Once the mind is focused this way, your thoughts become a channel through which this inner creative power flows.

The Soul Urge is the Heart’s Desire

Some religions and philosophies believe that the Soul is embodied through our need to experience, grow and evolve.

Numerology is secular and universal, so we call the Soul’s Urge to experience things in this world that the Heart’s Desire.

Denying your Heart’s Desire leads to a life of wandering in the “whatever”, leaving your own psychic energies to stay asleep. It’s said that if you don’t create your own destiny, others will do it for you. Striving for the fulfillment of the Heart’s Desire awakens your power from its slumber and sets your feet firmly on the path of truth.

Why vowels?

In the ancient writings of many mystical traditions, the vowels were left out of written words, so that uninitiated people would not be able to understand or pronounce the sacred names that revealed the hidden secrets of the tradition.

They did that because the vowels are the “soul” or essence of names and words. The noun “dog” and the verb “dig” would be mistaken for one another unless the vowel defined the word.

The ancient Hebrews and Greeks had had nearly identical letter-number conversion methods. The Greeks wrote speeches and plays to have the maximum effect on their audiences. The keywords found in the spells and summonings of the Greek and Egyptian Magical Papyri were largely made up of vowels, since they believed that they had power over the spirits who aided them in their pursuits.

The Hebrews removed vowels in written messages to prevent their enemies or foolish children from invoking the “names of god” accidentally. They also kept important business and teachings private this way. They usually did this by using words or phrases that seemed like everyday language but were coded so that their numeric values were the same as words and phrases from the deepest aspects of their hidden teachings. This is true of many languages, like Sanskrit and others.

Numbers are not causative

Numerology borrows from these older alphabet traditions, even though we use a modern system of transforming the English alphabet into numbers. From what we can trace back by writings and historical records, the “Pythagorean system” gained popularity from its use by the American Dr. Julia Seton in the early 20th century. It was her and her disciple who first called the “number science” Numerology. Before them, there was a late Renaissance scholar named Agrippa who used the same numbering method, but in Latin. A student of his transposed this method to the English alphabet about a century later, but he used the old English alphabet—which was a bit different from ours.

It could be a work of his or Agrippa’s in which Dr. Seton found the idea of numbering the alphabet from 1-9 in the common order. She attributed it to Pythagoras, either because of incorrect historical knowledge or because of personal mystical experience (spiritualism was quite popular in her time). What’s important is that this is the system we use today to convert the English Alphabet into Numerical equivalents, and it works well.

What Numbers “do”

Millions of actions, things, and even intangible objects are assigned to numbers. For instance, the 4 directions (North, South, East and West) are stable no matter where you are on earth (except at the exact north or south pole), which is why qualities like stability, persistence, and reliability are assigned to number 4. The numbers themselves do not have “powers”, they are just one way of recognizing categories of things that have similar qualities.

They do not create actions, but the purpose of an action or its effects can be seen by the number that the action, thing or effect is most closely related to. They describe but, they do not cause.

All this is to say that numbers are not causative. It is the creative power within you, the power of your thoughts, words and deeds through which you express it that is the cause, and the things you gain or lose are the effects. All these things are in the category of one number or another.

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Back to the big question:

So which name should you use? In my own practice, I have found that when a name has been changed, or if you use a shortened version of your original name, that using the full name at birth reveals hidden talents, abilities or qualities that you may ignore, have forgotten, or might not know of. This doesn’t mean you need to start using that name again, but it is well worth studying the Heart’s Desire from that perspective. The name that most people know you by should also be analyzed, so you can find out if your circumstances have affected your true desires, or if it accurately depicts your current Chief Aim in life.

It’s also crucial that you take an account of your Soul Urge Challenge, since by simple symbolism, it has to do with the obstacles that limit the expression of the Heart’s Desire. “You can’t get what you don’t ask for” is the logic behind this concept. The Challenge to the Soul Urge is a fear, false idea or a misunderstanding that closes the mouth of the heart and inhibits the ability to know what your true desire is.

Finding the Heart’s Desire and the Soul Urge Challenge

The Heart’s Desire is found by creating a list of the vowels in your name.

These vowels should include Y, because Y is always used as a vowel sound or to modify another’s sound.

The Numerical values of the vowels are:

  • A=1
  • E=5
  • I=9
  • O=6
  • U=3 
  • Y=7

For the name Mary James, we sum (1+7)+(1+5) = 8+6 = 14 and 1+4 = 5. When you study the Soul Urge, it’s best to work with the numbers 1 – 9 in the beginning, in order not to be led astray by explanations of the “Karmic” and “Master” numbers.

The Soul Urge Challenge is found by taking the difference between the first and last vowel. Always subtract the smaller from the larger, and if they are the same, this difference should be counted as 9, not zero. In the case above, we have 5-1=4 as the Challenge.

Reading the Heart’s Desire and the Soul Urge Challenge

To discover your true Heart’s Desire, you must learn to be driven by your need for:

1. Leadership, recognition, individuality

2. Cooperation, fairness, self-respect

3. Self-expression, influence, creativity

4. Stability, consistency, management

5. Variety, freedom, adventure

6. Comfort, balance, service

7. Knowledge, faith, trust

8. Control, certainty, results

9. Completion, success, independence

To master your Soul Urge Challenge, you must overcome your fear of:

1. Being ignored

2. Loneliness

3. Criticism

4. Being limited

5. Conformity

6. Being unappreciated

7. Being overcrowded

8. Being dependent

9. Failure

After you overcome the Soul Urge Challenge you will enable to open the door to your true desires. Drawing on your Heart’s Desire, you will find that you possess the power to consciously create the things that you truly want. You are the co-creator of your own destiny and that is what the Heart’s Desire will help you realize.

How do you plan on overcoming your Soul Urge Challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

All of these brief definitions require more explanation, and they will be given as we explore the name numbers in depth. In my next article, I will be exploring the Personality Number and how this core digit will peel back the layers of your sacred identity. Look out for that one!


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