The Personality Number is one of the two main numbers derived from the Expression, or your total Name Number. While the Soul Urge is calculated by summing the vowels, or the soul of words, the Personality Number is found by summing the consonants, which define the manifestation of the inner essence of the words.

In other words, the Personality Number is a compliment to the inner aspect of the self. In any word, the consonants help us make sense of the vowels; they give form to the substance (or in some cases, meaning) of the word.

How To Find Your Personality Number

There are two ways to find the Personality Number – one is to subtract the Soul Urge from the Expression (add 9 to the Expression if it is smaller and you don’t have the subtotals handy), and the other way is to count the sum of the consonants.

Many Numerologists in India use it as an indication of personal style, and along with it, the type of dress and follow the line of thought that “the first impression is the last impression” – they use it to define how the style of behavior affects others.

Interestingly enough, some modern Numerologists call this the “Quiet Self”, and do not use it as a marker of outward behavior, but use it as a sign of what the individual dreams of doing in the outer world. One thing is certain; it is very important in the analysis of how one attempts to express their Soul’s Urge, and the comparison between this number and the Soul Urge often define how well one expresses their inner self.

To get your Personality Number convert your FULL Birth Name, (first, middle & last), letters to Numbers. Add JUST the consonants together. Do not reduce if you get 11 or 22. See below for letters and number converting.

Y & W Rule – If the Y is next to a vowel it should be counted as a consonant. When it is next to a consonant it should be treated as a vowel.  If a syllable begins with Y or W, and the next letter represents a vowel, then Y or W represents a consonant. Example:  William and Yolanda.  That being said,in the Personality Number we are only dealing with consonants. Add up the consonants of your name, reduce the digits (unless 11 or 22) and Voilà!

1 – A J S

2 – B K T

3 – C L U 

4 – D M V

5 – E N W

6 – F O X

7 – G P Y 

8 – H Q Z 

9 – I R

Personality Numbers & Their Meanings

1 – Leadership, dignified, likeable, outstanding, one who likes to “dress to impress” – more concerned with their impression on others than most. You viewed as a fearless leader with high levels of perseverance and stamina. You display efficiency and are seen as the forerunner with the skills to direct people and projects.

2 – Association, companionship; pleasing, gentle, pays attention to details – especially in dress; sometimes fussy or needs to choose style over comfort. You are a peacemaker, reliable and fair. Calmness and tranquility and trustworthiness make you a natural mediator. You’re down to earth, friendly and a good listener. Your sensitive nature conveys great patience.

3 – Self-Expressive; talkative, friendly, artistic in style, likes jewelry and sometimes is more showy than necessary in their style of dress. You are seen as an eternal optimist and others find it a pleasure to be in your presence. Giving love and affection is easy for you. You possess great conversational skills and come across highly engaging. Not only that, you are a great listener. Others may confide in you for an honest opinion because of your upfront and truthful nature.

4 – Hard-working; serious and practical in demeanor, dresses in well fitting clothes, but has to avoid over-dressing or being overly defensive. You are highly dependable, reliable and trustworthy. Displaying a love for family and community, you are viewed as someone who is devoted. You have a deep love for learning. You’re respectful and committed to the core. Your strength and character are hallmarks of your personality!

5 – Freedom-oriented; changeable, modern in style, up on the latest trends in both speech and clothing, needs to be more serious in conversation. An adventurous type. You are original with a rapid fire wit and a touch of nervous energy. Conversations with you promise to exhilarate and be thought provoking. You are enthusiastically share your ideas and others are inspired by the energy you pour into your profession.

6 – Responsibility-oriented; sympathetic and compassionate, does not pay too much attention to dressing, prefers casual or vintage styles. You protect. You have a loving disposition and people lean on you for support. You are generous and one of good counsel. You radiate calmness and patience. You have the ability to unite others. People look to you for solace in times of turmoil.

7 – Knowledge-oriented; sometimes acts and styles themselves as an “outsider” or “loner”, generally friendly, impressive but reserved. Philosophical and an enigma. You have an observant personality and want to know how things work. You have a passion for discovering and questioning. Some may see you as secretive. People listen to you because of your wisdom and they find your words to be profound.

8 – Materialistic; friendly and optimistic, impresses others as being in an executive position, heavy or sporty well-made clothes are the preference. You are authoritative and influential. You have a powerful presence and your enthusiasm makes you memorable. You are a competent hard worker who will happily execute any task. You have the ability to take on and manage large scale projects with great success!

9 – Service; looks younger than their age, friendly, generous, needs to avoid wearing black, dresses casually or in “practical” clothes. You are trustworthy, selfless, understanding and compassionate. You can be depended on by others and radiate a spiritual insight.  People seek your advice and wisdom. You are tolerant and have a sympathetic heart.

If you find the Personality by subtraction, 11 or 22 are not available as numbers, unless you use the subtotals. It would be a good idea, however, to think of an 11 as a supercharged 2 in terms of personal style, or a 22 as a 4 who has hit their stride.

Analyzing A Personality Number By Example

Let’s take a brief look at this young man to get an idea of what these harmonies and discords might be like and tell us about the personality number. First of all, he has said that he only missed 2 days in the 10 years during which he played in the Harry Potter films. That would be typical of a 4 personality, wouldn’t it? One of his favorite bands is the “Hold Steady” which is a very flourish name for a band. He’s known to be a sports fan, and has been criticized and praised for more sexually explicit or adventurous roles that he’s done, which are more typical of his 5 Expression, such as his role in “Equus” or in the upcoming film in which he plays a young Alan Ginsberg.

As you will read about the 4 Personality Number, this represents a person who is serious and practical, and should dress in well-fitted clothing appropriate to their environment. It’s been said (even by himself) that he is not really a partier as so many young people in show business are, and if you take a look at recent photographs of him you can almost see this in his demeanor.

By the way, with the Soul Urge Number 1, it is clear that he wants to reach the top of his craft, but the 4 Personality Number gives him the understanding that this can be done only through hard work, even though he did star in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” which is a kind of a Five-ish title for such a hard-working, dependable and dedicated young man.

Other Interpretations Of The Personality Number

Sometimes the Personality Number actually describes the physical characteristics of the individual – Sevens are often more pale and thin, while Fives are usually more jolly and magnetic. These attributes are usually only prevalent when the Personality Number echoes another key number in the Numerology Chart, such as the Life Path or the Birthday Number.

Your Personality Number can tell you a lot about those you meet, as well as yourself, so it should not be ignored. As you get further along on your journey into the world of Numerology, you’ll find out just how useful it is.

Your Professional Numerologist,
Roy Kirkland

About Roy Kirkland

Roy Kirkland has been a lucid dreamer with an interest in the esoteric sciences since early childhood. His practice in these ancient systems now spans several decades. Roy has gained several professional certifications from both the US and India for his work and has been featured on multiple media outlets. He has done presentations, workshops and live predictions for thousands of individuals all over the world.



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