The Personality Number is one of the 5 core numbers in Numerology.

Of the two main numbers derived from the Destiny, or Expression Number (also sometimes called the “Total Name Number”) the Personality Number is probably the least known. The other is the Soul Urge Number – and whilst the Soul Urge is calculated using only the vowels in your full name at birth, the Personality Number is calculated using only the consonants.


What’s The Meaning of The Personality Number?

This core number is pretty self-explanatory – it describes the personality! The characteristic traits and qualities that make you who you are, when relating to other people in the world. As such, it often uncannily describes the personal style and preferred dress of the individual.

Interestingly some modern Numerologists call this number the “Quiet Self”. They use it not as a marker of outward behavior, but as an indicator of what an individual dreams of doing in the outer world.

One thing is certain: It’s a vital number to consider when it comes to understanding the self, being able to practice acceptance, self-compassion, and self-love.

Knowing more about this small corner of your Numerology chart can also provide pointers on how to work on certain areas of the self, to improve, grow and develop into maturity.

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How To Calculate Your Personality Number

In Numerology, there are two ways to find the Personality Number (according to Pythagorean Numerology that is).

1. Subtract the Soul Urge Number from the Destiny Number

** NOTE: If you find the Personality by the subtraction method, then the Master Numbers 11 or 22 won’t be revealed unless you use the subtotals.

2. Add together the numerological values of all the consonants in your full birth name. Then keep summing until you reach a single digit (or Master Number).

Remember that this number cannot come from your nickname or your married name, but must be the name that is found written in full on your birth certificate, (that’s first name, middle name/s, and surname/s) and if your name is misspelled on your birth certificate, use that to configure your Personality number.

The way that we do this in numerology, is by using the alphabet conversion chart below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


It can be hard to know what to do with the letter Y, because sometimes it’s used as a consonant, and sometimes as a vowel. It all depends on how it’s being used within each specific word, and what sound it makes.

Here’s a simple rule to help you work out whether to include it in your calculation:


  • Y is used in place of a hard consonant sound (Yoda, Yuliana, Toyota)
  • Y follows a vowel in the same syllable and does not provide a separate vowel sound (Grayson, Maya, Nataliya)

Once you’ve calculated your Personality Number (or your loved one’s) using the method described above, read on to discover the corresponding readings…


Personality Numbers & Their Meanings

Personality Number 1

This numerology number makes fine leaders.  As a number 1, they are dignified and likable. Overall, they have outstanding qualities.

Number 1s are fearless leaders with great levels of perseverance and stamina.  They are very efficient and are always at the forefront.  They are gifted with the skills to manage people and see projects through.

Fashion style

These people dress to impress, and they are very conscious of the impression they make on others.

Personality Number 2

Companionship is the overarching theme of this Numerology. Number 2s are pleasing, gentle, and pay attention to details.

The role of number 2 is the peacemaker.  They are reliable and fair.  Number 2 people make outstanding mediators because they are calm, tranquil, and trustworthy.  This Numerology is also exceptionally down-to-earth friendly and a good listener.  Their sensitive natures convey great patience.

Fashion style

Number 2s are especially conscientious of their dress.

They tend to be fussy with their appearance and choose style over comfort.

Personality Number 3

This Numerology has an exceptional ability to express themselves.  They are talkative, friendly, and highly artistic.

Number 3 people are eternal optimists which makes them a charming and pleasurable presence.  Giving love and affection is easy for this Numerology.  They are great conversationalists and come across as highly engaging.  Also, they are also great listeners.

Fashion style

Number 3s adore jewelry and are sometimes showier the necessary in their style of dress.

Personality Number 4

The number four is hardworking, serious and practical.

These individuals are highly dependable, reliable and trustworthy.  They have a great love for family and community.  Many people consider the number 4 as highly devoted.  This Numerology has a deep love for learning and respectful and committed to the core.

Strength and character are the hallmarks of the number 4 personality!

Fashion style

They choose well-fitting fashions and avoid overdressing.

Personality Number 5

Number 5s are freedom-oriented, changeable, and adventurous types.  This individual is an unforgettable presence with their originality, rapid-fire wit and touch of nervous energy.  Conversations with this Numerology is exhilarating and provoke deep thoughts.  They are very enthusiastic when sharing their ideas, and their boundless energy inspires others.

Fashion style

The number 5 is always on-trend, especially in clothing and fashion.   They love modern styles.

Personality Number 6

The overarching theme of this Numerology is sympathy and compassion. This individual finds great fulfillment in the role of protector and nurturer.  Number 6 people have a loving disposition, and people lean on them for support.  They are highly responsible, generous and make good counselors.  The number 6 radiates calmness and patience and have the ability to unify others.  People look to them for solace in times of turmoil.

Fashion style

They do not pay much attention to fashion and prefer casual or vintage styles.

Personality Number 7

The number 7 comes across as an outsider or loner.  Although they seem aloof, they are friendly once you get to know them.  This Numerology is highly observant and wants to know how things work.   They are knowledge seekers.  Number 7 people have a passion for discovering and asking deep questions.  They are highly philosophical and may come across as an enigmatic personality.    Although they come across as secretive and a puzzle to others, people listen to them because of their innate wisdom.  The words of number 7 people are often profound.

Fashion style

They dress the part of the outsider and go for fashions that are classic and vintage.

Personality Number 8

This Numerology impresses others with their ease in taking executive positions of influence.   They are worldly, friendly, and optimistic.  Number 8s are authoritative and influential.  They have a powerful presence and an enthusiasm that makes them memorable.  The number eight is a competent hard worker who will happily execute any task.  They can take on and manage large-scale projects with great success!

Fashion style

This number prefers fashions that use heavy fabrics, sports-themed, or anything that is well made.

Personality Number 9

This Numerology will often look younger than their age.  They come across as friendly and generous.  The number 9 is trustworthy, selfless, understanding, compassionate, and service-oriented. Others can depend on this individual who radiates a spiritual vibe. People seek their advice and wisdom. They are highly tolerant and have a sympathetic heart.

Fashion style

When it comes to fashion number 9 people should avoid black clothes because it is not flattering on them.  Instead, they should choose light-coloured garments such as pastels.

Number 9s choose fashions that are casual and practical.

Personality Number 11

Spiritual trends always interest the master number 11.

This Numerology is highly devoted to spiritual matters, and they have above-average intuition.  These individuals have great healing energy.  They may find themselves involved in the health and wellness field.

Fashion style

When it comes to fashion, they prefer boho, beachy, and natural styles.  The origins of their clothes are crucial to them.  Anything they wear must be fairly traded and ethically sourced.

Personality Number 22

The master number 22 is usually the one with their hands dirty! Number 22 has both a well-developed intuition and a grounded, practical side. These folks love practical and hardwearing fashions.

These individuals are great communicators and tend to know how to delegate. They are usually surrounded by a crowd who are all happy to help with whatever new project they have on the go.

Fashion style

Master 22 is not so concerned with the latest style, and they will often go for something classic and durable.


SO… What’s YOUR Personality Number? Share with us in the comments below, and tell us, what have you learned about yourself today…

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