Your Soul Urge number, also known as your Heart’s Desire or Soul Desire, indicates what motivates you down deep into your core.This is the number that reveals to you what drives you from a soul-level.

This is a great number to know because it might explain some of those “irrational” thoughts and feelings you come up against – those feelings you just can’t explain, yet you feel with great intensity. How “surprising” they are to you will depend on how in alignment your Soul Urge number is with the rest of your Core Numbers.


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soul urge 8 numerologySOUL URGE 8

You have a deep need to manifest financial security that allows you freedom to make a difference in the world.

When you look deep into your soul, you have an underlying and pressing need to gain self-mastery in a profound way.  Your heart’s desire is to achieve and succeed with business and organization—not to mention in the realms of personal power and financial abundance.

The 8 is a relentless taskmaster and demands that you understand and employ all your abilities to achieve financial abundance while also giving generously to others.

Understand that you’re here to achieve — by empowering yourself, acting with utmost ethics, and by becoming “the authority” in whatever you do. When you pull yourself up and out of difficult circumstances (and yes, you’ll have more than your share of those!) and into success, your heart’s desire will be fulfilled.

Right out of the gate, you have authority issues.  It’s as though you’re a magnet for hostile teachers, crappy bosses, and even lousy or challenging parent(s) or life partners. It’s a testing ground for you to learn—often through negative example—how to not be a good manager or authority figure so that you can gain insight into how to be a healthy and effective leader. You can also have a wonderful mentor, although it seems less frequent for you intense 8’s. In any event, the point is that you’re being trained and coached to be an influential and above-board organizer, manager, or leader.

Money is a central theme. Down deep, you won’t be satisfied without achieving some sense of material success. And while money is an important aspect of everyone’s life, when it’s your Soul Urge you’ll experience some deep issues galvanized around money. Either you have it and must use it consciously and wisely or you don’t have it and can’t rise above the feeling that the Universe is conspiring against you—that if you only had some money, you could be happy.

And understand when the 8 shows up, often you can have a lot of money during certain portions of your life and then not have money and then have money again (and so on). The 8 offers you the energy of resilience, even when it feels rather devastating. Remember that whatever you place your focused energy and desire on with ethics, hard work, and a giving spirit will expand almost magically.

Understand that—like all aspects of Numerology—this is a goal and as the Soul Urge this can feel as though it’s an underlying drive that you can’t explain—even to yourself. Yet also understand that you’ll experience more focused and intense challenges on the path to mastering these particular aspects of your heart’s desire.

Some of your internal struggles might include an over (or under) focus on money, becoming bullying, or wallowing in hapless victimhood. You can be easily misinterpreted because of a gruff, direct, and opinionated manner. Or if you’re working with the destructive tendencies of the number 8, you can be the ultimate doormat, self-destructive, and obstinate.

When you’re thriving financially and giving generously from your heart, you’re doing what your soul was born to do.  A word of caution:  Don’t allow the pursuit of money to overshadow your ability to build healthy relationships and don’t be so darn stubborn.  Listen to other peoples’ advice—they can help you build your empire.

If you struggle with money, start with healing and establishing your sense of yourself by defining and acting on your personal boundaries.  The energy of the 8 isn’t an easy walk in the park.  It demands that you dig into your power and move through obstacles —and there will be many obstacles.  You’ll be handed a treasure-trove of opportunities to step up or be stepped on

With the 8 as your Soul Urge, this might be something only you can see or feel. Or alternately, you may be a masterful money manager, a giving philanthropist, powerful and achievement-oriented organizer, or other conduit for helping empower others. It ultimately depends on the other numbers in your chart and how those energies mix and match with your intense and power-focused number 8.

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