work life path careerI’m back to focusing on life paths and career! Since I’ve been writing this series I’ve been thinking about my own life path and the careers I have had.

Yes, I said careers; like me, you most likely will have more than one career in your life.

I am a life path 3 and I wrote about the expression of a life path 3 in my first piece in this series. Now a 3 is a creative life path but I am only now earning my living and labeling myself in my purely creative expression as a writer and metaphysician.

But even though I was working away in a corporate environment for the first half of my life I was still expressing my creativity – in writing programs and designing applications for business and even as an executive in coming up and new and innovative approaches to both how we did business as well as how to motivate my global staff.

So as I finish out this series with life paths 7, 8 & 9 remember that my experience is not so unique. What made for success for me as it will for you is that ability I write about here – the ability to mesh the ideal with the real for the highest good of all.

Your life path number is your numerological signature – your unique vibration that carries with it the essence of your expression in the world.

And, if you are fortunate, that expression aligns with your chosen career in a way that brings fulfillment, abundance and joy.

But, what if your current job or career doesn’t’ seem to fit?

Maybe you’ve had your numerology done and everything says you are supposed to be an entrepreneur but here you are in middle management in a large corporation perhaps frustrated by the extent of your ability to make the changes you feel are needed.

Or maybe you’ve had the exact opposite experience, everything says you have the life path of an entrepreneur but you haven’t been able to get your business off the ground and into the black.

Is it the job that doesn’t fit or is it YOU who doesn’t fit the job?

The ability to mesh the ideal with the real is key to success in life and in work so here are some ways by life path numbers to find your unique expression regardless of the job you currently hold.


To sum it up, you simply add up all the digits of your birth date (Day + Month + Year) and continue to simplify until you only get one number.

Ex. February 9, 1986 = 2 + 9 + 1+ 9+ 8+ 6 = 35. 3 + 5=8

If you’re unsure just  go to this page right here >>

Got your number?

Here we go!

By the way, this article covers Life Paths 7, 8, and 9. Go here if you’re looking for Life Paths 1, 2, 3 or Life Paths 4, 5, 6.

life path 7 numerologyLife path 7

When I think of life path seven I think of someone who likes to learn the details and who has a quest for knowledge that often takes them into career paths that require a great deal of intellectual discipline. Sevens are the students of life. Think VIRGO possibly for an astrological example. Like VIRGO, sevens have the ability to delve into the detail and like the VIRGO earth sign also can ground that knowledge in ways that benefit the world, especially in the healing arts.

Think intellect when you think of a life path 7 – not only do they desire to learn as much as possible but they also might prefer to work things out on their own before collaborating with others. So someone with a 7 life path might make a great researcher and also might thrive in a healing profession since service is one of the key qualities of both VIRGO and the life path 7. You might find life paths sevens as doctors, nurses, medical researchers, and even engineers or scientists.

And like those born under the sun sign VIRGO, sevens may be more reserved or innerfocused than some of the other life paths. Sevens need time to themselves to work with their intellectual curiosity and pursuits. And that also makes sevens people who may grow in life to be among the wise ones – wisdom drawn from study, knowledge and experience over a lifetime and offered to others.

So here you are a life path 7 and you are not in a job that even sounds like what a seven would do?

Does it matter?

It might not.

One of the most interesting sevens I’ve met is a woman who is a private investigator. Now how does that mesh with her seven life path? It does in ways that are both innovative and compelling. First of all she holds the vision of her work as helping others and her job satisfies her intellectual curiosity about both people and behavior. And her commitment to detail and thoroughness makes her very successful in her work.

But even if you are sitting in an office running market research reports your natural interest in analysis and statistics and the order of things means you will bring your seven life path to bear.

Regardless of profession, if you are a life path seven you will be drawn to that which stimulates your intellect and allows you time to really get at the details of a situation or problem that needs to be solved. You may be the one in your family who handles all the complex paperwork surrounding caring for older parents – a seven can take all those forms and complicated regulations and not only make sense of them but be the person who holds the knowledge for everyone else.

As a life path seven, you might make an ideal business partner to a head-in-the-clouds big picture person who doesn’t have the interest to research the marketplace. Your life path seven will be at work whether you are researching the best schools to send your kids or you are out in the garage engineering a new and more efficient mouse trap.

Embrace that part of you that seeks to absorb knowledge – you are the person in your group that others tend to turn to when they need the important details to make key decisions.

And, don’t forget, you have within you the wise man or woman – a great gift to all.

life path 8 numerologyLife Path 8

When I think of the number eight and the life path eight I can’t help but think of the word abundance. Just looking at the beauty and symmetry of the number 8 with its symbolic quality of infinity opens the mind up to an expansive way of looking at the world. Eights are great with math and money. So think of a life path eight as a mature TAURUS – closer to a CAPRICORN – someone who has mastered money, math and power and is a force to be reckoned with in the world.

And just like you might find a CAPRICORN sitting as the CEO of a major global enterprise, those with a life path of eight can vastly improve the lives of others by putting their money to work for the benefit of all.

Just recently I was watching a television piece about the group billionaire Warren Buffet has put together of fellow billionaires committed to giving their fortunes away during their lifetime in ways that improve life for all of us. A life path eight would be right at home in such a group unless swayed somewhere along the way with the accumulation of wealth for its own sake.

Most life path eights however can’t help but want to leave a legacy – so they might be builders or founders of financial institutions or find other innovative ways to use wealth to better the planet. If you have heard of the new term ‘agrihood,’ then you might be aware of a movement towards building communities around farms that is taking hold in several parts of the U.S. The environmentally conscious developer behind one such community, Serosun Farms, in Illinois is John DeWald & Associates, a Real Estate Investment Consortium. The focus is on sustainability, farm-to-table cuisine while also using green technology for upscale modern homes.

If John DeWald isn’t a life path eight he is certainly aligned with that energy – as a landowner and builder of a new way to approach community design that also holds ideals of environmentalism, organic farming and a symbiotic relationship with the land.

So here you are a life path 8 and you are not in a job that even sounds like what an eight would do?

Does it matter?

It might not.

You may feel like an underachiever reading all that a life path eight can offer to the world. But life path eights are in things for the long hall so wherever you are in your life know that you have a life path that gives you the perseverance to build enterprises or programs of lasting value.

And abundance is energy – not just of money but also of optimism and gratitude – so you just might be the one ‘wealthy’ in your group in love, friendship, contentment and peace. Wealth comes in many forms and a legacy of wealth can be given and handed down in an abundance of love, good will and kindness.

Most likely you will easily make money at whatever you put your energy towards so don’t worry too much about a particular career path and instead focus on offering yourself to enterprises and projects that improve the world for the better.

With your natural ability to motivate people and your ease of managing money you cannot help but succeed.

life path 9 numerologyLife Path 9

When I think of life path nine I immediately think of the zodiac sign PISCES – the most spiritually compassionate sign in the wheel. Life path nines are on a spiritual life path and are often found in careers that allow them to express that spirituality in ways that are of service to others. So you might find a life path nine in a spiritual profession such as a minister or other member of the clergy; but it is also just as likely that you will find a life path nine in social activism and working with organizations dedicated to humanitarian causes. Life path nines might be the ones who find new ways to help feed the hungry or shelter displaced refugees. It is the most humanitarian of life paths where spirituality and spiritual belief is used for the greater good of all.

Life path nines have an extremely strong sense of compassion and generosity and are selfless and feel a strong purpose in helping others. Like those born under the sign Pisces, life path nines are happiest when devoted to selfless service of others. Life path nines are also leaders however. Gandhi was a life path nine – an example of spiritual belief in action with the leadership and power to transform a nation. Mother Theresa was another life path nine devoting her life’s work to the forgotten poor of India and leaving behind a legacy and organization that continues her humanitarian work today.

Nines have a strong need to devote themselves to something meaningful whether in career or creative work. Artists are often nine life paths as nines are highly accomplished. Just like you will often find artists among Pisces, a life path nine artist will demonstrate some of the highest proficiency of her chosen profession. Singer and songwriter Adele is a life path nine and that may explain why her music is so transcendent to so many and why her ability to be authentic regardless of fame and fortune speaks to everyone.

Life path nines make good leaders, humanitarians, philanthropists, artists, spiritual teachers and accomplished creatives. Frank Lloyd Wright was a life path nine who expressed his aesthetic ideals through beautiful and functional architecture. Nines are imaginative and creative with a loving honoring of the environment. So a life path nine may become an interior decorator, landscape architect, musician, or artist or, because of their strong social consciousness, nines can be an effective in government as politicians, lobbyists, lawyers, healers, and environmentalists.

So here you are a life path 9 and you are not in a job that even sounds like what a nine would do?

Does it matter?

It might not.

As a life path nine the most important aspect is to express that natural selfless energy in a way that has a positive social impact. People are drawn to you if you are a nine life path – your natural leadership and charisma gives you the opportunity to influence others in ways that further your ideals.

So whether you work in an office or run a day care as a life path nine you will be influencing the people around you and looking for ways to help others. You cannot do otherwise. As one of the highest spiritual life paths you find fulfillment in sharing and sacrificing for a larger goal. Regardless of your chosen career you will find a way to pursue your humanitarian ambitions, whether through volunteering your time to help those less fortunate or sitting on the Board of a non-profit working to provide resources to those less fortunate.

As a nine you have a great opportunity to teach others through how you live your own life. Your honesty, integrity and commitment to your ideals are rallying cries to others to live for the greater good.

Align yourself with your natural life path energy and you’ll make the world brighter for everyone around you.

Remember – The ability to mesh the ideal with the real is one of the keys to success in life and in work.

So if your life path is 7, 8 or 9 see how you can mesh your natural vibration with whatever job or career you currently have.

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