PinHave you heard the concept of Twin Flames?

Many people believe that frequent sightings of 11:11 indicate that your twin flame is close, but what is a twin flame? Do twin flames actually exist, and if so, should you be looking for yours?

What is a Twin Flame?

Most people will tell you that twin flames are ‘born’ when a single Soul reaches a certain, high level of expansion, and splits in two. It does this in order to evolve further: to experience duality and learn the lessons which can only come from life on this earth plane. The result of this split, though, is that these two halves of a single soul are destined to always be seeking their opposite. They travel the world, reincarnating over many lifetimes, with a desperate yearning to re-join with their lost ‘twin’.

Because of the current acceleration of time and our collective evolution, and the rapid rate at which people all over the world are ‘waking up’, many more are experiencing these highly conscious connections with other people. They report feelings of coming home, of completeness, and of meeting their twin flames.

Is this true?

When two people who feel a strong connection meet, are they really two halves of the same soul reuniting after lifetimes of searching?

Are Twin Flames Real?

Straight off, I’ll say that I haven’t experienced what I would define as a twin flame relationship. I’ve been in love, I’ve connected with people in ways that feel supernatural, utterly cosmic and highly conscious. But I also happen to have a very analytical mind, so I like to ask a few questions, before making any assumptions.

The very best explanation I’ve heard about twin flames comes from Teal Swan, which neatly cuts through the enormous misconceptions surrounding this subject.

She says:

“This idea is flawed as it ascribes traits to souls that are more physical than they are energetic. A soul is not a clump of energy, like a body is a clump of bones and flesh. To imply that a soul can be cut in two implies that it is a clump of energy. In reality, a soul is nothing more than a stream of consciousness and streams cannot be cut in half…”

She goes on to describe unity consciousness, the nature of the god-head and the multiple streams of consciousness (soul families) which run from this central ‘ocean’ of Source energy.

“…your soul could, in essence, be incarnated here on Earth as multiple individuals, both human and non human, and much of the time if one aspect of you ran into another aspect of you, you would have no conscious awareness of it…”

Makes sense, right?

So if energy can’t be split and if twin flames aren’t the other half of a single soul, then can twin flames still exist, perhaps with a different origin?

Yes! But they may be something slightly different from what you expect…

Twin Flames Are Mirrors

Twin Flames DO exist, and they exist as prominent members of your soul family – as streams of the same consciousness from which you are made, but they are not your ‘perfect match’. There may be multiple versions of them, entering your life at multiple points, and their purpose is to act as mirrors into your soul.

Everybody you meet is a mirror for you. You see yourself in them – their beauty is yours, their flaws are also yours – but the difference between these everyday people (and even some of the people you are close to) and your twin flame, is in the level of alignment you feel. Coming from the same consciousness stream, a twin flame shares a specific vibrational frequency with you, so when you both align, it can feel like a homecoming.

BUT … and here’s the but … if you are not in alignment with yourself, with the very core of your being, when you meet a twin flame, it’s unlikely you will recognize them as this. This is because, in order to ‘accept’ them as soul family, you must be in a state of acceptance of yourself. And let’s be honest, how many of us are really, truly, walking around in complete and open acceptance of ourselves?!

Warning: Your Twin Flame May Trigger You

What is more likely to occur when you do meet a twin flame, is that you sense a magnetic draw, you are captivated, but are also triggered by them. Because what you see in them, is essentially, what needs to be healed in you. And if you are on a journey of personal growth (which is likely, as you are reading these words) then these shadows are probably close enough to the surface of your being, to be mirrored back to you by this member of your soul family. In fact, it may be exactly why they have entered your life at this moment.

So twin flame experiences are not all sunshine and delight. And if you’re hearing stories of twin flame relationships filled with loved-up bliss and romance, then it’s unlikely that this is what is really going on. What’s far more likely, is the meeting of “Soul Mates”.

Twin Flames Vs Soul Mates

Because of the mirroring function of twin flame relationships, it is their nature to come and go from your life. This is because we change. We grow. We heal and expand and become ever more evolved (and accepted) versions of ourselves. So the level of mirroring, that we see when facing our twin flames needs to change and grow and evolve with us. Because you can only recognize a twin flame if you are in acceptance of yourself!

A twin flame may enter your life for a period of months, leave, return, and so on. Or perhaps another twin flame will arrive into your reality, with different lessons to share … remember, the idea that we each have just one twin flame is inherently flawed. You are everything and everything is you and the Universe is full of boundless possibilities, so don’t limit yourself to this linear way of thinking. The name ‘twin flame’ is actually a huge misnomer and is a label created by humans!

Soul Mates are something slightly different.

Again, these are often members of soul family; they are people who likely originate from the same stream of consciousness as you, and with whom we feel perfectly matched. Their vibrational frequency is not exactly the same as yours, though its close resonance is what creates the sense of perfection in your partnership. Like harmonic notes within a musical chord, these vibrations are not the same, but they create beauty when played together.

Should you be Seeking your Twin Flame?

If twin flames are such incredible teachers, does this mean we should we all be frantically seeking ours, and peering into the mirrors of our souls?


Looking for your twin flame is a sure-fire way to ensure that you won’t find them, and they won’t find you! This is because, if you remember, the key to twin flame recognition is that you must be in a state of acceptance to even realize a twin flame has entered into your life. Without this, you will be unable to see yourself in them.

So instead of looking outward, look inward.

Work on yourself.

Work on loving yourself.

And your soul family will find you… And if they already have? Take this Twin Flame Test and find out if you’ve really met your match!


Blessings to you.