Is it any wonder that the Moon has long been used for making magic?

Stand outside under the light of the Moon when She’s full, and you can feel something special in the air. Or retreat into the dark when the New Moon comes around, and you can’t mistake the sense of quiet transformation going on beneath the surface.

Whether it’s Full or New, waxing of waning, the Moon holds a mystery that has entranced humans since the dawn of time.

Isn’t it miraculous, how Her power changes direction as the cycle progresses?

How her light and dark faces mirror the creative, life-giving force within every woman?

And how her phases exert a pull upon the tides themselves?


Yes, the oceans of our world bow down to her! …so shouldn’t we?

Setting intentions with the New Moon, sowing seeds of wishes and dreams into her lunar wind is a powerful, and personal way to tap into this supernatural force. So is giving gratitude, and letting things go with the Full Moon.

But this isn’t all!

Full and New Moon rituals are powerful ways of connecting to the deeper magic inherent in life. To the feminine mysteries that have been all but wiped out over the last few thousand years. These old ways are returning. And rituals held in alignment with the Moon phases are ideal ways to join the rising!

Here are 5 ways to take your moon ritual from meh, to magic!

1. Set the Scene

Do not underestimate the power of setting the scene for ritual.

I’m not talking about burning sage to cleanse the space -that’s part of it but not the whole story.

Setting the scene for ritual could involve all or any of the following steps:

  • Tidying up and putting away any debris from the day
  • Cleaning
  • Laying out a ceremonial (or favorite) rug or fabric
  • Turning off main lights
  • Lighting candles/lamps
  • Lighting incense
  • Setting a crystal grid or altar
  • Gathering together significant objects and/or spiritual tools
  • Making an offering of flowers, food or art

You’ll be amazed at the increased potency of your New or Full Moon ritual when the space is prepared with love and care.

Also – think to yourself, are you prepared?

When practicing ritual, you’re entering into the subtle realms, the liminal spaces where other beings dwell. So it’s respectful to come with a clean body, clean clothes, and brushed teeth!

This will also help to elevate both YOUR attitude and expectation of the ritual – from something mundane to something truly magical!

So no slumming it in your PJs, OK?!


2. Set a Clear Intention

As with any sacred work, setting a clear intention before you begin your ritual is probably the most important part.

What do you desire? What do you need? Be specific.

Sure, you may just hold an intention for “healing”. But can you dig a little deeper – what kind of healing do you need?

  • Emotional?
  • Ancestral
  • Earth-based?
  • Do you have a sore finger?

Or if your ritual is for giving gratitude, could you set an intention for the vibration of gratitude to radiate out, touching all those you come into contact with? Or for the people you love to receive and know how grateful you are to them (i.e. with your active participation over the coming week…)

Not only will this focus your mind, but it also gives the Spirits, and the consciousness of the Moon a focus too, and makes it far easier to see results!

Pin3. Use the Right Lunar Phase

Yes, the Moon IS magic, through and through, Full Moon, New Moon, phase in phase out!

But certain Moon phases hold certain kinds of energy, so aligning your ritual intention with this energy can really help to make it more powerful.


  • Desire something new? Or embarking on a new beginning? Sow your seed at the New Moon.
  • Cultivating a creative project? A New Moon ritual is called for, and into her waxing phase.
  • Want to magnetize something big? Hold your ritual juuust before the Full Moon.
  • Want to let something go? Hold your ritual just after the Full Moon, and under the waning Moon.
  • Want to banish something? The Dark Moon is the ideal time (that’s just before the New Moon).

But if you’re dying to release something and the Moon’s started waxing, don’t despair! Try re-framing your intention. Could you invite in, i.e grow, or manifest something equally powerful in its’ place?

You can also get more specific and look to the Zodiac sign of the current Moon, and even which of your personal houses is crossing. But don’t tie yourself up in knots – often your intuition is the best guide of all.

4. Buddy UP!

Moon magic needn’t be a solo affair!

One of the most powerful ways to up the ante in your ritual is to gather together with fellow moon mavens (or misters!)

Invite a few friends over, sit in circle together and if its the new moon, set your intentions aloud, in turn. Or if it’s a Full Moon ritual you’re holding, light a fire, put on some music and have a good time together!

This works for numerous reasons:

Witnessing each other’s ritual intentions will help to manifest them into being – cementing them into the experience of everybody, not just you.

Plus, the more people participating in a ritual charges up the energy. Excitement and enthusiasm are infectious! And fun accelerates change.

5. Get colorful


No Moon ritual is complete without a candle (or three or four…)

Witches have long known the power of color. Because each color holds a specific vibrational frequency, using the right clour candle can amplify the power of the Moon when you’re harnessing Her in ritual.

Here are some general color candle associations used in witchcraft:

  • White candles – peace, purity, truth. Destruction of negativity. Best used in Full Moon rituals.
  • Black Candles – Spells to banish and protect. Absorption, destruction and repelling of negative energy. Best used in dark/New Moon rituals.
  • Purple candles – Spiritual awareness.
  • Lavender Candles –  Intuition, peace, harmony, healing, psychic power.
  • Blue Candles – Healing, forgiveness, communication.
  • Green Candles –  Money, luck, abundance, health (unless involving Cancer)
  • Rose and Pink Candles – self-love, friendship, joy. Also used in love spells.
  • Red Candles –  Passion, love, lust, sex, vitality, courage.
  • Orange Candles –  Joy, energy, attraction.
  • Yellow Candles – creativity, mental clarity, confidence, manifestation.
  • Silver candle –  Goddess or sacred feminine energy.
  • Gold candle– Male or sacred masculine energy.


Keep it Personal

Remember that the best way to make your ritual as magical as can be, is to trust YOUR intuition and go with what your heart tells you to do.

Use this as inspiration. And get in on what other people are doing – join a Full Moon circle, or co-create something of your own with a couple of friends.

Let the Moon magic flow!