There are perhaps few subjects as steeped in mystery as astrology. Here, we unravel some of the secrets of the astrology symbols you see every day.

Even those who keep track and make use of the zodiac may not possess a deep knowledge of astrology.

This is despite the fact that almost one-quarter of Americans are into astrology (according to the Smithsonian Magazine). And even the non-believers can’t help but take a look if their horoscope is in front of them.

Some are looking to get a deeper knowledge of their own spirit. Others want insight into their relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. Yet others want to find their love match.

But you might struggle to discover any of these things if you don’t have a clear understanding of what the astrology symbols have to tell you. Learning about the signs of the zodiac can expand, not only your astrology knowledge but your general knowledge, too.

In this article, we’ll tell you 10 lesser-known facts about astrology symbols that will give you a deeper understanding of what they mean. But before that, let’s explore why astrology is on the rise in the United States and the world over.

The Growing Faith in Astrology

Have you ever noticed those quizzes on social media asking things like, “Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?”

They’re fun little distractions that can serve to pull people deeper into the mythology of the show. And we regularly see similar things related to astrology. Often, it’s these fun little diversions that create a thirst for more knowledge about the subject.

The main problem with the general public’s perspective of astrology is the reputation of astrologers. You can’t build much of a reputation when most people are only interested in their horoscope column in news sites and magazines.

To make things worse, these horoscopes may promise the readers that they can predict the future. The truth is that no reputable or self-respecting astrologer is going to boast about an ability to predict your future. They’re not even going to tell you, much less promise, that finding someone with a compatible sign would mean finding true love.

In reality, the goal of astrology is to help you find your life path. It doesn’t do this by way of perfect prediction. Nothing is ever black and white in life, including astrology. Astrology simply provides you with guidance that you may use as you travel along your path.

The advent of the digital age has provided a brand new platform for astrologers. No longer confined to the back pages of newspapers, astrologers can now help others develop a deeper understanding of the science behind their art. We believe this is one of the key reasons why astrology has enjoyed such a boom in popularity in recent years.

Perhaps you’re a recent convert to astrology yourself. If that’s the case, you’ll find these 10 facts about astrology symbols very interesting.


1. People Have More than One Sign

That’s right, you don’t have just one sign!

The one sign that almost everybody knows is the sun sign, which is calculated based on the date of birth. For example, people born on December 1 have Sagittarius for their sun sign. However, your sun sign is only part of the equation.

You also have your rising sign and your moon sign.

Your rising sign tells you about other people’s impression of you. Essentially, it’s about your social personality. You can know your rising sign by checking the zodiac sign on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth.

What remains is the moon sign, which represents the soul behind your identity. It represents your subconscious side. This is important because it’s the driving force that guides your reactions. Your moon sign can be an air, fire, earth, or water sign and it describes how you react in emotional situations.

2. No One Sign Determines Your Personality

We all know the sun sign for a good reason. It’s the most important sign for any person. It represents your identity and your essence. This is not to say that you shouldn’t check out the other signs, which you’re going to have to do if you wish to have a deeper knowledge of yourself.

With that said, simply knowing your sun sign and reading about it doesn’t reveal everything about you.

The same goes for your rising sign. This is where so many amateurs get it wrong. As mentioned, it determines other people’s likely first impression of you. It’s the persona that you put on for the public.

Even then, the persona only defines you to a point.

To understand your own makeup, you must understand how these various astrology signs work in tandem to create who you are.

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3. Your Sun Sign Is a Reflection of Your Goals

Your sun sign is an expression of your heart. It drives your ego and tells you what fulfills your spirit. If you’re in tune with your sun sign, you’re more likely to find the motivation required to reach your aspirations and goals.

Every person is unique, and not even the zodiac can tell you what you need to do. All astrology can do is help you find the path to happiness in life. Subject to interpretation, the sun sign plays an essential role in moving you towards your goals and aspirations.

For instance, you could interpret a Capricorn sun sign in more materialistic terms with respect to life goals. However, a Capricorn doesn’t have to engage in any abuse of power just because they want to achieve their material goals.

Similarly, although the Goddess of Love Aphrodite governs over the Taurus sign, it doesn’t mean that a Taurus has to be a good lover.


4. You Should Know Your Time of Birth

As you can see, knowing your sun sign isn’t enough to discover all there is to know about your personality. Your other signs, like your rising sign and your moon sign, will require your date and time of birth to figure out. It should be precise to a quarter of an hour. You can learn it from your birth certificate if you’re born in the US and many other countries.

As mentioned earlier, you need to know which zodiac sign was on the Eastern horizon when you were born. And you won’t be able to get this information unless you know your birth time. This is why having an accurate natal chart is so important. It reveals what your astrology signs really say about your life path.

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5. Retrogrades Affect Your Path Too

You must have come across the phrase “Mercury is retrograde.” And yes, this does have an ominous ring to it for many people.

This means that, from our point of view here on Earth, Mercury was moving backwards, or from east to west. The retrograde motion is an apparent change of movement in the sky. It’s relative to our position on Earth (which, you may notice, is not a planet in astrology). Mercury travels along its orbit as usual, but we perceive it as a star going backward (or east to west as opposed to the other way around).

Mercury retrograde is natural and doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A retrograde Mercury can be a good sign that you should revisit old friends or places, or do some reorganization and so on. The other planets go through similar retrograde phases. And each has an effect on you that depends on your astrology sign.

6. Ronald Reagan Cared About His Astrology Sign

The assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan shook the country. As for his wife Nancy Reagan, she consulted an astrologer to find the way forward.

According to unofficial records, this astrologer provided the Republican President with a range of policy guidance. We don’t know the extent to which he took this guidance under consideration. However, it certainly implies that Reagan believed understanding astrology could help him in his work as president.

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7. The Cardinal Signs as the Initiators

As you probably know, there are four main types of signs in astrology: fire, water, air, and earth. Each of these corresponds to a particular solar season. They’re each initiated by a particular sign. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, to be precise.

These are also known as the cardinal signs for their strong influence in getting things going.


8. Astrological Symbols and Shapes Come From Early Scientists

As you know, each zodiac sign has its own symbol. Every astrology symbol looks the way it does for two reasons: astronomy and imagination. Back in the early days of science, people would look up at the sky and imagine known objects as interpreted in the stars.

Each astrological symbol is either based on a constellation or an interval or point on the ecliptic plane. This is the reason why we have symbols resembling certain shapes in astrology.

9. Full Moons Affect Your Sign

The full moon plays an essential role in astrological interpretations. It can be in each sign and that might mean a shift in behavior for them.

The presence of a full moon in your sign could lead to you taking actions you otherwise might not take. You might feel more emotional about things, have mood swings, or simply feel a little “off” for a few days. The key point is that understanding the cycle of the moon can give you a deeper insight into your own signs and their effects on you.

10. Everything Is Open to Interpretation

There are so many things you can learn about yourself and your path in life through the study of astrology symbols.

However, none of what you read is set in stone. The effect your sun sign has on you right now could change based on the position of the planets in relation to your other signs.

The point is that a true understanding of astrology requires more than an occasional read of your horoscope. You must dedicate yourself to consistent study if you wish to truly understand what the stars have in store for you.


As you can see, there’s a whole lot more to astrology than meets the eye of the casual observer. Astrology symbols don’t exactly dictate your faith, but they can provide helpful guidance in this confusing world.

You can actually get a degree in astrology these days, so there is some publicly-accepted value to the profession. If you aren’t certain about the value of this science, consider the fact that it has been around for millennia.

Have you learned something new about astrology here? What baffled you the most? Head over to the comments section below if you wish to share your thoughts and learn more.