Are you an Earth Angel?

Have you spent your whole life feeling as though you are different, without being able to put your finger on what, or why it is?

Maybe you have even felt like the odd one out in your family too? Don’t get me wrong, you love them. But you just feel so different on so many levels and at times you may even feel incredibly alone. I totally understand all of these feelings, and have spent my whole life trying to understand them.

It wasn’t until I actually hit rock bottom at around the age of 40, when I really embraced my Angelic connection. It was at that point in my story, that I started to understand the meaning of the term “Earth Angel”.

You see, it was drawn to my attention by a friend that I collected Angels.

This was something I had always done, but really had not acknowledged as part of my story, on any level at all.


This messenger delivered a sign that brought an epiphany of sorts.  It was like waking up from a dream! A veil had been lifted, that revealed who and what I really was and what energy I actually resonated with.

When I looked around my home there were Angels everywhere!  There were Angel figurines, Angelic verses, and pictures, there were even Angel statues in my garden and one on my shed.  I had always had a deep faith in Spirit, but it really blew me away that I had not seen the signs and acknowledged or even been aware of the importance of Angels in my life.

From that moment on I started to pay attention to my own innate Angelic qualities.

I found the term “Earth Angel” and would go and research it at length but I always knew there was far more to this than anything my searches revealed.

Many years ago, I started to make notes, recording my discoveries, and this is what ultimately brought me here, to to write about it for the first time.

My knowing now, some 17 years later is, that “I am” what is referred to as an ‘Earth Angel’.  This is the group of souls from which I incarnated onto the earth plane, for this lifetime.  I now know that are many other Earth Angels (many of them “lightworkers”) who have also come down to the Earth from this same realm of Spirit, at this time, to bring about positive spiritual change for the world.


When I went to my first course on Angels many years ago it was so comforting to finally find others who were just like me!

So, if you have felt different all your life too, take a look at my following notes and see if this brings a light bulb moment for you.

Characteristics of an Earth Angel:

  1. *Often referred to as an ‘Angel’ beginning with your parents
  2. *Coloured highlights in their hair: dead giveaway
  3. *Loves sweet food such as lollies and cakes
  4. *Can struggle with weight gain
  5. *Can have addictions such as smoking, overeating, tea or coffee
  6. *Have big feet, hands and may be tall
  7. *Loves Angels and decorates using Angels and religious items
  8. *Appreciates beauty and beautiful objects around the home
  9. *Very creative, loves to cook, sew, doing craft, gardening, flower arranging, writing and marketing
  10. *Prefers to be at home rather than travel
  11. *Loves music, singing and especially loves Christmas Carols.
  12. *Will often sing in a choir as a child
  13. *Plays a musical instrument often by ‘ear’
  14. *Loves everything to do with Christmas and decorates the house and Christmas tree beautifully
  15. *Will be very talkative and loves to talk to anyone they meet even strangers
  16. *Loves to sit in a church
  17. *Has no fear of death
  18. *Believes in miracles
  19. *Manifests beautiful things easily
  20. *Loves beautiful words, poetry, verses and prayers
  21. *Loves and protect children. Will desire to have children
  22. *May take on huge family responsibilities this lifetime
  23. *Maybe the parent of a child with special needs or a disability
  24. *Can be telepathic with their children
  25. *Loves meditation, visualization and finds it easy to do
  26. *Very intuitive and can channel Angel messages easily
  27. *Prefers to keep very busy and doesn’t like to do ‘anything’
  28. *Needs their sleep, often sleeps 10 hours
  29. *Can channel during sleep and toss and turn a lot
  30. *Works in service areas & loves to volunteer.
  31. *Called to be a healer. Many nurses are Earth Angels
  32. *Learns or has an interest in alternative therapies
  33. *Loves crystals and understands crystal energies

Common Names:

  1. *Michael or Michelle
  2. *Gabrielle or Gabby
  3. *Mary, Mary-anne or other versions of Mary
  4. *Raphael

Positive Qualities of an Earth Angel:

  1. *Has a deep faith
  2. *Has a beautiful energy and people love to be around them
  3. *Has many friends
  4. *Caring and kind.  Would do anything for anyone
  5. *Genuine love of people
  6. *Compassionate
  7. *Very generous, loves to give presents
  8. *Gives without the need of reciprocation
  9. *Loves nothing more than giving anonymously
  10. *Prefers to give more than receive
  11. *Thinks that all people are good
  12. *Modest
  13. *Humble
  14. *Believes in fairness and will advocate for the underprivileged
  15. *Believes in miracles

Difficulties for Earth Angels

  1. *Guilt
  2. *Loneliness
  3. *May worry a lot
  4. *Puts others before themselves
  5. *Perfectionist: does not like to make mistakes
  6. *Do not like to offend anyone
  7. *Is frequently shocked at how people behave
  8. *Does not understand when love and emotion is not returned to them
  9. *May take years to get over relationship breakdowns
  10. *May stay in a marriage far too long or have several serious relationships or marriages
  11. *May repeat the same lesson in relationships as they just don’t expect people to betray them
  12. *Dislikes news and current affair TV programs
  13. *Finds it very difficult to say ‘NO’
  14. *If they have to speak up, they will worry about what they have said for days
  15. *Will verbally go over and over something that is worrying them. This can be very annoying for family, partners, friends or work colleagues.
  16. *Finds it difficult to receive from others

I hope that this information brings some clarity to your life especially if you feel you are an Earth Angel.

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Angel Blessings Michelle Newten

The Aussie Angel Lady