Have you noticed that your dreams are even more vivid and powerful recently?

If you have been waking up to your Starseed origins over recent months and have reconnected to your true multi-dimensional nature it is highly likely that you are being kept very busy being of service during your dream time.

The Starseed is a sentient being who originates from a different star system and is now living on Earth.

If you identify with the traits of the Lyrans, Sirians, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Antareans, Blue Avians, Orions or even the Reptilians you have extremely important work to do on the planet during 2020. Since you are restricted by the limitations of a physical body, you can be much more of use on the astral plane when your brain waves are in Delta.

Your higher self has agreed to carry out this at a soul level so don’t get too upset if you are waking up after eight or more hours of sleep and still feeling tired. It can be exhausting but we are living through such a vital part of the evolution of our planet and the human race. Your work is of tantamount importance at this time as we attempt to transition into the fifth dimension.

So how do you know that you have been put to good use?

Here are the 10 crucial dream time quests for all Starseeds during 2020. Remember you may be participating in more than one of these quests when you sleep so keep a dream journal and look for the repetition of patterns. You may also want to set out a conscious intent for your Star Family to contact you through your dreams as often as possible before sleep.

1. Anchoring Crystalline Matrix (New Dawn)

You may find yourself working as a celestial architect at various energy portals on Earth such as Stonehenge, the Pyramids or Mount Shasta. You will reconnect the geomantic systems of sacred sites to activate the 144 crystalline matrix and bring in new light codes and frequencies to stabilize the new earth grid.

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2. Resetting Past & Future Timelines (Return From Atlantis)

You arrive in a place that feels familiar to you but isn’t like the planet as you know it today. There may be some healing or energy clearing that needs to occur in either your past or on an event on the past timeline of the planet. This may be during times of war or a natural disaster such as tsunamis or earthquakes.


3. DNA Upgrades (Crystal Child)

This mission is about cleaning the DNA from generational miasmas. You may experience a clearing of your own genetic patterns during your dream time, which will enable new freedom into the quantum planetary fields. You will then be able to help other people in doing the same clearing as a genetic alchemist.

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4. Rescue Work (Unity)

You may be called to help lost souls transition. As you know, there are many dimensions of reality. If someone has crossed and they are not at peace, you may be called upon to help them cross over into the light.

5. Lessons From The Elohim (Elohim)

In many cases, information is shared during your sleep time from the angelic realms, the galactic federation of light or ascended masters. This information is then shared at the perfect time in the perfect way to uplift and reawaken humanity. It’s like going to university in bed!


6. Processing Trauma (Shock Absorber)

You may find that you create surreal scenarios that enable you to express and clear blocked emotions that have not been processed during the day. As a sensitive Starseed, you may suppress certain feelings such as guilt tor grief during the day but at night your superconscious mind will reveal the best way to unravel them so you can be the clearest channel possible to continue with your quest. This can manifest in a vivid nightmare where you find yourself doing unspeakable things that you would not ever consider in reality.

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7. Reward For Successful Initiation (Initiation)

Time to integrate. Some sense of completion at the end of the dream. Like you have been watching a film and it has a beginning a middle and an end. You feel a sense of closure. You may feel like you are flying or floating or swimming in the clearest turquoise ocean. A deep sense of inner peace and freedom. Initiation has successfully taken place.

8. Telepathic Connections (Third-Eye Chakra)

You may be re-establishing connections from your previous incarnation or creating a clear telepathic channel to either people from your past, present or the future that you haven’t met yet. Your higher self may be interacting with theirs to continue some healing work or help them to integrate new wisdom.

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Please leave a few comments below to let me know which quests you have been on during your dream time and what you feel your main role is during our ascension in consciousness.