What is a Starseed?

You’ve probably heard the term, before, but what does it mean?

First things first, a Starseed is a human. Born here on planet Earth, and with human DNA, these folks are not aliens!

Yet their soul origin is. 

The difference between Starseeds and other people, is that the seed of their consciousness actually comes from one of many distant star systems, where existence operates on much higher dimensions. They rarely remember this, but may have vivid dreams and recollections which pertain to their Starseed origins.

What Are Some of the Most Common Starseed Races?

Our Universe is infinitely vast and contains many distant star systems and galaxies.

Over the last few years, Earth has been rapidly entering into a higher frequency leading and more and more lightwork to awaken here on our planet. Many of these highly sensitive people are realizing their Starseed origins.

Here are a few of the most well known –


The origins of Starseeds are many and varied, but their purpose is united: to be of service to mankind.

Many of these star men and star women hold such a high vibration that they have inherent healing characteristics, bringing peace and wellbeing wherever they go.

Starseed Generations

As well as originating from different parts of the Universe, Starseeds are divided into generations, depending on the years they incarnated here on this planet.

New Soul Starseeds

(This is just a rough outline- there are many more).

I incarnated as a Beta Generation Indigo in 1972

My Starseed Story

I was born here on the Earth with inherent wisdom far beyond my years, which has revealed itself more and more to me over the years. Yet this left me feeling lonely and alienated as I was growing up and I found it difficult relating to the people around me. I had no idea until fairly recently that this could be, in part, due to the fact that I am a Starseed.

I know it sounds crazy but following a recent channeled message in the middle of the night, I now feel that I might be part of a small percentage of society that originated from a galaxy called Andromeda, over 22 million light-years away. My soul has incarnated here on a mission to assist humanity through the spiritual ascension process into the Golden Age. Only somewhere in the vicinity of 800,000 humans have an Andromedan origin soul.

Who Are the Andromedan?

It is understood that anyone with an Andromeda planetary origin seeks freedom. They lust after this feeling of freedom and often change jobs, homes or relationships in their search. At some point, they realize that the freedom they seek, and the feelings they often have of being trapped are not due to their actual circumstances. The true freedom they seek comes only from within.

It is found only by developing self-love, and the inner spiritual self. The experienced Andromedan understands this and utilizes this wisdom to create a reality that enables these needs to be honored.

Those from Andromeda, can have a quiet demeanor but have a great potency and can deeply impact others with their presence. They can fear their own power and doubt their inner strength.

My “awakening” has been fairly gradual. But not everyone is as fortunate. Yours may have been more abrupt which can be extremely daunting. When I woke up, I could recall my soul purpose without any explanations.

So, are you wondering whether you are actually living on Earth as a Starseed?!

Here are 12 Traits and Characteristics to look out for:

1. Homesickness

You suffer from a sensation of homesickness which can lead to depression. It’s almost like you have a deep inner knowing that Earth isn’t your true home.

2. Sense of Being “Different”

From a young age, you somehow felt different, as though you were unique and those others couldn’t understand you. You likely felt separate from the world and that you didn’t fit in.

3. Empathy

Your empathy for others is overwhelming and you have a special ability to uplift others. This can be through energy medicine and counseling. Sometimes, complete strangers will open up about their problems, sharing their emotions without even realizing it. Although you feel different from them, you have a natural gift to relate to their struggles.

4. Fascination with the Spiritual

You resonate with metaphysics and prefer to steer away from organised religions, preferring to follow your own beliefs about spirituality.

5. Sense of Unfulfilled Purpose

You feel as though you have a purpose or mission to fulfill but struggle to find your life purpose, and actually channel your strong sense of purpose.

6. Paranormal or Psychic Experiences

You have a history of paranormal or psychic experiences. You may have seen a UFO, had premonitions, felt presences, received telepathic communications or seen mysterious entities.

7. Vivid Dreams

Your dreams are vivid, like epic phantasmagorical movies. They frequently seem otherworldly, as though your imagination has created an alternative paradigm. At times these dreams may feel like out of body experiences, past life memories, or distant recollections of a life you once lived.

8. Isolation and/or Social Awkwardness

Other people instinctually know that you are different from them so may be uncomfortable in your presence. This may make you even feel isolated within your own family. You might not have many friends, but those you do, understand you completely.

9. Aversion to Harm

You have an aversion to war, violence or cruelty of any sort. You may also feel uncomfortable in large crowds where you may be subjected to volatile situations.

10. Animal Lover

You are naturally drawn to animals, you understand them and they trust you. This is also the case with babies and small children. They find you engaging and are mesmerized by your presence.

11. Freedom Seeker

You lust after freedom so may be naturally attracted to traveling the globe. You love airplanes and experiencing different cultures. It is an important lesson for you to learn that true freedom comes from within.

12. Lessons in Self-Love

Your biggest lessons in this lifetime are of self-love and self-worth. You are also a catalyst for others to learn to love and accept themselves during the ascension of mankind.

Do you identify with any of those 12 common traits?

Then perhaps you have also consciously agreed to guide humanity into the Golden Age Of Aquarius.

If you are awakening to your star origins, is it also your mission to assist other people to spiritual awakening, releasing blocked emotions so they can experience greater joy and gracefully ascend?

Leave a few comments below to reveal the constellation you ‘feel’ you may have originated from…