Lyrans were originally seeded by the Annunaki Race in the constellation of Lyra.

Lyra is a small constellation around 25 light-years away from our planet, that surrounded by Hercules, Cygnus, and Draco. The brightest star in this constellation is Vega, and Vega is also one of the brightest stars visible from Earth!

Being such an ancient civilization, Lyrans are incarnated into many other star systems also such as the Pleiades, Sirius, and Arcturus. They have developed into a race that spans many galaxies, now inhabiting thousands of planets and dimensions up to the 9th.

What Are Lyran Starseeds?

Lyran Starseeds are the oldest souls in our whole galaxy. They played a unique role in the creation of humanity, offering the element of fire to Earth and seeding the first souls to Atlantis.

Their teachings promoted a strong work ethic and the use of physical energy to the Atlantian and Lemurian races.

Reptilians have aided, helped and gifted them in many ways. Over the millennia they have had many disagreements and even wars with the reptilians. Today, however, their relationship is harmonious but complicated.

What do Lyrans Look Like?

Lyran beings are diverse in appearance but they have some common behavioral traits.

Feline features are often prominent in Starseeds originating from Lyra, with noses and eyes looking particularly cat-like.

Although they look like humans, their skin and eye colors are different and depend mostly on the position of their home star. Other inhabitants of the Lyran system aside from the native Lyrans include the Sirians, Lion Beings and Felines.

Starseeds from Lyra have plenty of experience incarnating onto different planets and this is evident in how they choose to exist. When they arrive at a 3D world, they enjoy experiencing it to the utmost.

These Starseeds operate fiercely in the physical dimensions. Mastering the energies of the divine masculine, they understand the power and effectiveness of hard manual labor.

12 Traits and Characteristics of Lyran Starseeds

1. Active, Energetic & Adventurous

These Starseeds are highly spontaneous and persistent and always have extremely high energy. Because of this vitality, they want to be involved in many activities.

There is always a fresh beginning for them to learn new subjects. They immerse themselves in the physical world to the max, indulging in good food, drink, and music.

They adore pushing their physical limits and seek adventures and thrills.

2. Natural Authoritative Leaders

When they are surrounded by people who have the same soul origin as theirs, they easily step up into positions of leadership. Assertive, and with the natural ability to give orders, they have a sense of underlying authority.

People organically gravitate towards them and trust their opinions. The person may not be in a high position of authority, but nonetheless, people instinctively recognize their authority, as they’re very experienced and comfortable living the 3rd dimension.

3. Stern & Serious

Lyrans appear to be emotionally strong externally and don’t weaken in the company of others. However, there is a depth of sensitivity beyond the surface.

They are extremely supportive of others during their hour of need. Lyrans have the ability to offer “tough love” when forced into a corner.

4. Tactical & Solution Focussed

Lyran Starseeds work very hard, but they are always looking for ways to do things more efficiently. They have their own way of doing things. They have the ability to absorb information easily and work out their own solutions to their problems as easily and as quickly as possible.

5. Magic, Metaphysics & Advanced Technology

They are interested in the paranormal and are attracted to anything metaphysical. They love being connected to the spirit realm and can often communicate telepathically.

They want to serve and expand up the dimensional scale and have a keen interest in the advancement of nanotechnology, space travel, and sciences. Objects of power such as crystals, sacred objects, and other tools will also intrigue them.

6. Fearless, Passionate & Grounded

Starseeds from the Lyran constellation pursue their dreams fearlessly. Fierce, cunning and tactical, they may adopt the archetype of a “freedom fighter”, identifying injustices and fighting for worthy causes.

Lyran Starseeds also make excellent athletes as they enjoy physical activity, pushing physical limits and competing fearlessly. They have mastered survival in the physical because they are very grounded. As such, they embody the energy of the root chakra and the color red.


7. People Watching Loners

Human behavior is intriguing to them. They get pleasure from people watching and analyzing social interactions and have a “live and let live” attitude as long as no harm is being done.

They observe the people they’re surrounded by, yet have a distinct shyness about them. A quiet nature that may seem aloof or distant. Being a loner comes naturally to them.

8. Intelligent & Independent

Souls from this constellation are intelligent and tend to know a lot about a wide range of topics. Their fierce independence may be painful for those close to them, especially for their parents. A Lyran that is not allowed to express their independence is very, very unhappy and will begin to exhibit traits that are the exact opposite of what is typical for a Lyran Starseed.

9. Flirtatious & Sexual

They may have many lovers because they enjoy the physical experiences of love but have a hard time committing to one relationship. They are highly passionate lovers but bore easily because they prefer diversity and variety.

However, they have a good heart and they are highly trustworthy as a friend.

10. Can’t Go Home

Many develop a feeling that they can’t ‘go home’. This is caused by the past-life knowledge that their first Lyran incarnation was on a planet destroyed during their war with the Reptilians.

11. Connection To Cats

The first Elders who birthed Lyra had ‘feline’ characteristics. They may have memories of being a cat-like humanoid or may understand cats, like people. They don’t have to actually like cats to have this connection to them.

12. Wisdom Keepers

Lyran Starseeds may intuitively feel that they are a keeper of ancient knowledge.

Before the downfall of the Lyran planets, a group of elders and teachers escaped to safety. This group took the secrets of Lyra with them and promised to guard this wisdom across infinite lifetimes.

Many Lyrans know that they have ancient roots.

Yet, they have trouble finding their Starseed connection. This is because they identify with multiple Star Systems. Most Lyrans have incarnated as Andromedans, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, and Vegans.

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