The very first Crystal Children started appearing on the planet around 1990.

This was because by this time, the frequency of planet Earth’s energy grid had risen enough to be able to support their spiritual mission. They incarnated after the Indigo Children, but before the Rainbow Children.

Who Are Crystal Children?

Crystal Children (and adults) possess incredible talents which they are either born with or evolve into. Sometimes Indigo Children will even evolve into Crystals as they move forward on their journeys. Like the Indigos, they are passionate about exploring better ways of living and expressing their hearts’ desires, rather than accumulating material possessions.

How to Identify a Crystal Child

A difficult temperament is an easily identifiable trait of an Indigo as their purpose was to break social norms and escape the confines of the establishment. Alternatively, Crystal Children have a more subtle and discreet approach. These youngsters are not as reactive and but are equally as determined to create positive changes in the world.

Crystal Children are here to reveal the higher spiritual power of humanity. 

They function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals and live by the law of global oneness. Firm advocates of love and peace on this planet, they are incarnated into the gold ray which offers them gifts of clairvoyance and healing. Born into the 6th dimension of consciousness, they have the potential to quickly open up to 9th dimensional level of full Christ consciousness.

It’s highly likely that you have met one of the Crystal Children, as they have been born into every level and part of our societies. You may even be a parent to one!


13 Characteristics Of Crystal Children

1. Soulful & Fearless

At first glance, you will be enraptured by their large, clear and soulful eyes.

A Crystal Child has deeply peaceful eyes that are wise beyond their years, emanating love and non-judgment. Along with Rainbow and Indigos Children, they are often described as “old souls”, having characteristics which feel a timeless, yet ancient.

Recognizing the illusionary aspects of fear, they do not allow it to control them and persistently go for what they want.

2. Loving & Compassionate

A crystal child will often express extremely affectionate characteristics and want to bring peace, comfort, and support to the people around them. They are easy to connect with and brimming with love and compassion, and as such can be natural healers.

They must be careful of others trying to take advantage of them, but often ignore invitations from those who want to steal their energy. From an early age, they possess the ability to forgive, are usually even-tempered and a joy to be around.

3. Sensitive & Psychic

These special children are extremely psychic and have reliable intuition. They immediately know when someone is lying, and because they do not lie, they’re often baffled when others tell fibs or exaggerate stories.

They also hold telepathic and clairsentient traits, frequently interacting with other dimensions and aligning with their Higher Self. Because they are empathic, Crystals have heightened sensitivity to an array of sounds, colors and may even take other people’s emotions into their own energy field.

They can also be prone to negative emotions like depression and anxiety when justice does not prevail. Crystal children desire balance and peace out of chaos. It is essential that they learn how to protect themselves from other’s energy, as it can cause issues in their lives. It is extremely likely that they will become a lightworker or healer as they mature into adulthood.


4. Nature Lovers

Crystals are passionate about wildlife and nature. They are sensitive souls who cannot harm even the smallest of insects. They may become vegans or vegetarians because of their love for animals. A Crystal Child will make a wonderful and loving pet owner, who easily bonds with their four-legged friends. They are restless if they are cooped up indoors, preferring to be frolicking in the wilderness and being lost in their imagination.

5. Possible Autism and/or Asperger’s Diagnosis

Along with some Indigos and Rainbow Children, many Crystal Children have been diagnosed with slight autism or Asperger’s syndrome. Their parents wil often notice something unusual about them in very early childhood, yet this is actually due to their close sensitivity to the spiritual reams (and not actually a “disorder”). As such, it can improve as they get older so is often a misdiagnosis.

These children love music and can often sing before speaking. Sometimes they don’t feel the need to speak for their first few years on the Earth plane.

6. Opalescent Aura

Crystal kids are named for the general look of their auras which has a gorgeous hue caused by their high vibrational state. The auras of Indigo Children (and Indigo adults) are indigo blue, indicating high intuition and clairvoyance. Rainbow Children have a rainbow-like aura radiating balance and connection with divinity.

A child with a crystal aura has an almost opalescent energy field, which is a pastel color outside of the normal visual range for human eyes. It is the manifest color of high magic and is on another color octave entirely.


7. Need Alone Time

Crystal children need time alone which is quite rare for such youngsters. Their sensitivity causes overwhelm so they must rest as much like most adults. Big crowds are too intense for them as they feel the energy pulsating off the people so they can only manage a short period of time in such environments.

8. Environmentally Aware

Today’s pollution levels are difficult for the Crystals to cope with. They know the world is being led ineffectively and can not understand why so much rubbish ends up in the oceans and the ozone is depleting so rapidly.


9. Private & Introspective

A child with a crystal aura often prefers to keep their thoughts to themselves as they know many would not understand how they think or believe this planet should operate. Crystals are from the future and streets ahead of the rest. It simply is easier to conceal their wisdom until the time is right to share.


10. Fun Loving & Affectionate

These souls love the company of like-minded people. Yet a child who’s a crystal is very careful of who they invite into their friendship circles so can be misunderstood as being loners. They need to trust you and find you interesting as they prefer stimulating discussions or enjoy a chilled hangout.

As adults, a conversation is very appealing to them and they adore the company of kids too. Occasionally they attract unwanted attention from bullies as they are quite vulnerable and may even feel empathy for their jealous abusers. They love nothing more than a big, warm affectionate hug as they revel in body contact.

11. Digestive Reactions

Because they have sensitive stomachs they may suffer from food allergies, and sensitivities to artificial chemicals and GMOs. They intrinsically know what they can consume and have to be careful to balance their health and wellbeing. Leaning more towards vegetarianism, they may also enjoy white meat.

12. Crystal Lovers

Funnily enough, they like to collect crystals and love to use them around their homes. They can feel the soothing energy of each crystal and use them as a tool within their natural healing practices.


13. Choose Dysfunctional Homes

It is likely that they will incarnate into dysfunctional families as they have the ability to overcome karma at a rapid rate.

As children, they prefer adults to other children.

They will interact with other kids if they have a matching vibration, yet if other children do not match their high vibration, they can only be around them for a limited period of time. Then, they must return to their parents or pets to recharge and replenish.

As humanity is evolving, many more of these incredible, loving Crystal Children are being born to continue raising the vibration of the Earth with their kindness and compassion.

We can do a lot to impact positive change when we respect the needs and values of our Crystal Children.

Are you the parent of a Crystal Child? Share your experiences with our community in the comments below…