Welcome to your Color Numerology Forecast for December 21-27, 2020

Use the color mirrors to help you focus on what energies are most needed for you to thrive during the week. Focusing on this week’s numerology, the color mirrors feed off the sacred vibrations that surround us.

How will you be guided this week?

Month Influences

G7 – Gaia and The Elohim (Copper / Clear)

This is where you start to really live your spirituality on the planet. This bottle says you do not have to choose between being spiritual and materially abundant. You can be both. You are the vessel through which Gaia (earth) and the Elohim (heaven) are able to communicate, and holding both these energies may feel strange until you are able to integrate them within you. This bottle is often chosen by people who have gone through enormous spiritual growth and have battled to remain grounded in the process. The light of the Divine is within you. Begin now to see that light in all beings and in the earth herself. Claim your deep connection with Gaia, the mother who has always nurtured you. At this time of rapid shift, she is lifting her frequency to a higher level and will be your guide as you take the journey with her.

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G12 – I Am (Pale Gold / Pale Gold)

Choosing this bottle means you are ready to release any beliefs which keep you small and limited and align instead with your ‘I AMness’, that greater part of you who is fearless, ancient and wise. Now is the time to claim yourself as part of the Divine: “The Divine is within me. I AM that.” This bottle supports you in letting go of the separating influence of addictions, which only ever keep you feeling small and separate from your Divine self. When you claim back your true power, you can be free of addictions and deeply, authentically Divine.

Day Influences

Monday G21 – The Beloved (Platinum / Magenta)

The name of this bottle says it all: You are beloved. You are loved and always have been. Let yourself feel the truth of this. This bottle represents everything that is Divine about you and the world. All you have been looking for is already here and has always been here, waiting for you to recognize it. If you have not allowed yourself to receive Divine love because of an underlying sense of guilt or unworthiness, in this bottle you have the remedy: magenta releases guilt and platinum is an amplifier, so these colors help you transcend the concept of guilt altogether. Guilt and love are opposites: guilt is the language of lies and love is the language of truth. Let the love in.

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Tuesday G22 – Sacred Mystery (Platinum / Pale Olive)

The number 22 is a master number, but with these colors, you go beyond mastery into the ultimate expression of ‘mystery’ and explore what the female face of mastery looks like. The Divine feminine is awakening, and her power is capable of birthing a new reality on the planet. This is where power is no longer wielded as a tool of aggression but instead is an energy of potent love and compassion – a true force for change. In this bottle pale olive is married to pale blue, in a perfect synergy of Divine feminine and Divine masculine. These colors tap into the pure power and love of God, Goddess, All That Is and support you in bringing that power and love into your life so that you can experience new levels of balance and harmony. Feel the joy of recognizing that everything in existence is sacred and the true power that comes when you surrender to the profound mystery of life.

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Wednesday G23 – Acceptance (Clear / Pale Coral)

With this bottle, you connect to the innocent joy of being yourself, without pretense or apology. This is the level of acceptance that brings true peace and freedom. Coral takes you into yourself in the deepest, most intimate way. You are asked now to claim every single thing ‘out there’ as an aspect of yourself, to accept that you are God, earth and everything in existence and that your physical form is, in a very real way, Divine. True self-acceptance is a powerful key. It unlocks the flow and abundance of the universe and offers you the joy of a life lived to the full as a human being who also happens to be Divine light. This bottle paves the way for true acceptance of yourself exactly as you are and life exactly as it is – and invites you to love every bit of it.

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Thursday G24 – Reconnection (Pale Coral / Copper)

The name of this bottle is ‘Reconnection’, which implies that you were always connected – you just allowed yourself to forget for a time. It enables you to be fully in your body so that you can feel your connection with Gaia, and it reconnects you with Gaia so that you can really live in your body. This bottle asks you to release whatever blocks you from accepting yourself as fully Divine and therefore perfect, as well as fully human – and therefore perfect. Every small part of you and your life that you think is not perfect has to be looked at again, and any beliefs you hold that God is guilty for creating a painful reality have to be re-examined and brought into the light.

This bottle says you no longer need to go ‘out there’ to find God. You can now look in the mirror and see yourself as a Divine-human on a fifth-dimensional planet. Gaia has always been an evolved being, but out of love, she has held herself in the third dimension, waiting for humanity to catch up. Feel the reconnection that comes from knowing that your earth mother has always loved and supported you and always will. Remember what it means to be plugged into the universe, reconnected with your spirit, your heart, your body and the earth. This bottle encourages you to release whatever limits you and reconnect with all that feeds your soul.

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Friday G25 – Integration (Pale Coral / Pale Coral)

If you have been on a steep learning curve or going through an intense time of personal or spiritual growth, this bottle helps you integrate what you have learned and experienced. More than this, however, it asks you to integrate all the many aspects of yourself, from your personality to your spirit, from your shadow to your light. It is time to accept and honor the whole of you.

You are a Divine-human on earth, and this bottle shows you that Divine and human and earth are all one thing. This bottle is coral all the way through, asking you to take in the messages of coral on both a conscious and subconscious level. Coral is made up of the pink of unconditional love and the yellow of unconditional joy, which together create a powerful vision for you as an individual and for a new reality on the earth. This bottle helps you integrate it all. It calls you to step into deep, unconditional self-acceptance and move steadily towards fulfilling your destiny as a conscious Divine-human on the earth.

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Saturday G26 – Alignment (Pale Coral / Diamond Clear)

This bottle brings complete transparency to everything you have kept hidden in the depths of yourself so that you no longer have to try to be something or someone you are not. As you drop the pretenses, you shed the limiting fears and beliefs that have kept you out of alignment with your truth. As you align with your true self, all the way through, everything can flow from a place of balance and inner harmony. This bottle reminds you that you have always been Divine light in a human body. It supports you as you come into alignment in all aspects of your being: your light and shadow self, your Divine and human self, your inner male and female. Feel the joy.

Sunday G27 – Unity (Diamond Clear / Diamond Clear)

The diamond clarity and shine of this bottle is a mirror that reflects all your colors, all your beauty, all your infinite light. In a system called ‘Colour Mirrors’, this bottle is the clearest, truest mirror of who you really are and what you are about. You are Divine light condensed into physical form, having a human experience. All that you have ever been or ever will be is Divine perfection. Remember this, and begin to live from the truth that you have never been separate from anything or anyone in the universe. Begin to live in the oneness your spirit has always known. This bottle shines with the light of Melchizedek who has been the over-lighting energy of the system since the beginning. It reveals a path to unity in mind, body, heart and soul for every human and for the planet as a whole.

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