Welcome to your Color Numerology Forecast for December 14-20, 2020!

In this forecast, you’ll discover how the color mirrors will help you navigate the week ahead. The general themes for this week are change and improvement.

Use the color mirrors to help you focus on what energies are most needed for you to thrive during the week. Focusing on this week’s numerology, the color mirrors feed off the sacred vibrations that surround us.

How will you be guided this week?

Month Influences

7 – Neptune (Turquoise / Deep Turquoise)

Neptune was the Roman god of the sea, ruling spirituality and the depths of the unconscious. The colour turquoise relates to mystery, illusion, miracles and faith. If this is your bottle, you are always able to hear others’ troubles. You are perceptive, intuitive and a great peace-bringer to those suffering difficulties, yet you tend to carry your burdens alone and may find it difficult to share your secrets with others. This is a time to trust that miracles can happen and that you are on the brink of something wonderful. Trust the process – it works.

12 – Heaven on Earth (Violet / Red)

Number 12 in the Tarot is the Hangman, which shows an image of a man hanging upside down – but with this bottle the colours are the right way up: violet is above red, crown is above base and heaven is above earth, implying that everything in between is also in its proper place. Yet with this bottle you are asked to look at what you believe is not perfect about your world. What are you still judging as not heaven and therefore not Divine? Where do you judge yourself or the world as imperfect? What is keeping you from living in heaven on earth? Let this bottle show you the core beliefs that are keeping you from living your perfect life.

Day Influences

Monday 14 – Movement (Pale Turquoise / Pale Turquoise)

The number 14 is ruled by Mercury, which relates to communication and movement. This bottle is about magnetic communication with the public: the media, publishing, television and the internet. The unexpected can happen at any moment. Travel is in the air; good fortune is yours. Soon you will find the sanctuary your spirit calls for.

Tuesday 15 – Magician (Olive / Olive)

This bottle is about magic based on feminine power and hope for the future. Olive is made up of yellow and green, where green is the heart and yellow is the solar plexus, and this bottle combines them as love and power. The magician is the bringer of heaven to earth because he has owned his power to co-create. This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The number 15 reduces to 6 and relates to the planet Venus, which is about love and magic. All you have to remember is to include others in your magic and make sure you create for the good of the greater whole.

Wednesday 16 – The Tower (Olive / Lilac)

The image of the Tarot card is of a tower struck by lightning and a body falling, which is the exact image we saw on September 11, 2001. We all seem to be on the path of the tower in some way or another. In your own situation it relates to the explosion of the structures you hold on to because you believe them to be your comfort zones, even though they are no longer serving you. The colours, olive and lilac, are a clear indication of this vibration. Olive is made up of green and yellow, and in this bottle the colours show that your spirit (lilac) is asking you to move for your greater good so that you might begin to function with love (green) rather than from fear (yellow). This bottle says you are now being taken seriously as a spiritual being having a human experience and you can trust that your spirit will never let you down. Wherever change takes you, it will always be perfect.

Thursday 17 – The Wish (Coral / Royal Blue)

This bottle relates to the star card in the Tarot, which has always had a connotation of wishes granted. Choosing these colours indicates that you have come to a place of grace, and at this point you can wish with the full knowledge that your wishes will be fulfilled. This is a time for positive payback – all the good you have done is about to be returned tenfold. This bottle signifies huge new possibilities. It may indicate a different way of viewing yourself, a new phase in your life or a change in status such as marriage or a new career.

Friday 18 – Spiritual/Material Conflict (Red / Rose Pink)

This is a difficult vibration because it denotes confusion and a struggle. You may feel a sense of betrayal when this number comes up. Notice what blocks you from bringing heaven to earth and where you still betray yourself by not believing that you are Divine. These colours are about bringing heaven to earth, the earth being the red, the lowest vibration and what you consider ‘real’: your health, money and relationships. This is the last bit of illusion to overcome so that you might bring the rose pink of love into everything in your life and see it all as part of your spiritual journey and the way back to the Allness. This bottle indicates a lifetime as a nun or monk.

Saturday 19 – Buddhic Bliss (Pale Magenta / Gold)

This bottle is about resurrection and new beginnings. It is a most positive colour combination, as the magenta denotes Divine love lit up and shining upon you, and the gold underneath denotes a deep sense of your own power and beauty. You have come through the dark night of the soul and now it is time to own heaven’s blessings of joy and love. You are the power in your life, and everyone would agree with you at this point. Enjoy this time of peace and plenty.

Sunday 20 – Awakening (Magenta / Copper)

The awakening this bottle refers to is the soul awakening to its true self and understanding the essential truth that there is no separation. As you realise that the Divine is in everything, you begin to understand that where you are in this moment is where heaven is. You never left home in the first place. You are the Divine in a physical form, and with copper connected to magenta, you begin to understand that your physical form is the link between heaven and earth. Your soul and body are as one, and your awakening comes when you see that truth clearly. What seems furthest removed from spirit becomes Divine perfection unfolding when you see it all as Divine, all perfect.

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