What Is Orion and Who Are Orion Starseeds?

Since the beginning, Orion was considered to be one of the most significant and noticeable constellations in the heavens. Its name spans right back to Ancient Greek Mythology but is also associated with an Egyptian Pharoh of the fifth dynasty named Unas. In legend, it represents a courageous hunter whose pride was his ultimate demise, bragging that he was the slayer of all wild animals but was actually killed by a scorpion. Amidst the hundreds of stars in this system, there are two supergiants, Betelgeuse and Rigel which are 430 and 770 light years away.

Masculine & Feminine Consciousness

Orion is the place where masculine and feminine consciousness integrates together. However, extreme aspects of both had to be experienced for this integration to be successful. The feminine is more emotional and spiritual, suppressing her own purpose for the benefit of the whole. The masculine being of service to self, believing that individuality was the key. Over time they began to suppress their emotions and harness more mind power. Both can lead to darkness and negativity and during Orion’s history there were points were negativity dominated. These were the seeds of polarity which characterized Orion.

Advanced Technology

The more advanced societies used technology to control beings on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. They could even control the astral bodies of the recently deceased solidifying their control over the social memory consciousness. The negativity grew until many souls wanted to leave the Orion Groups incarnation cycle but couldn’t do it because of the amount of control the Orion empire had over them.

Interdimensional Travel

Some found portals of inter-dimensional travel which would offer a handful an escape route out of the Orion group. The emerging civilization on earth at the time presented these souls with the opportunity to escape from Orion’s clutches and enter the incarnation cycle on earth. However, their traumatic memories of Orion were buried in the depths of their subconscious mind.

Orion starseeds have a significant role to play on Earth. They have a powerful way of inspiring people and the world and aligning with the Universe. Both positive and negative races originating in Orion live currently on Earth. Orion humans, but also reptilian races who are ancient, exist there. Most starseeds, including Pleiadian, Andromedan, etc, have spent some lifetimes in the Orion constellation.

Many of the Orions are human but they are not restricted to this. The Orion constellation also hosts the negative Reptoid races, who have an Empire spanning six planets there including Bellatrix. This is the reptoid home base, yet like humans, they also span the galaxy to control and destroy. They are beings of manipulation who have power over the Greys (who live near Orion in Zeta Reticuli).

Top 9 Traits of an Orion Starseed.

1. Compassionate Activists

Orions care immensely about this planet and every living being who inhabits the earth plane. They understand people and know that peace is everyone’s birthright. They will go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver this message.

2. Inspiring Entrepreneurs

They are not motivated by monetary gain but spend wisely to improve situations and prefer to run their own businesses. Orion starseeds inspire people to hold a vision for the new world and lead by example.

3. Logical & Task Focussed

Orions excel at logical thinking and understand the mind better than most. Souls from Orion find it hard to ‘feel’ their way through life. They always try to understand people using logic and are characterized by being in their mind most of the time. They perceive the world via the mind more than the emotions and need to see evidence of something before believing in it. Orions like structure and strategy and always complete tasks and projects before moving onto the next.

4. Opinionated & Critical

Souls from Orion have many fixed beliefs and frequently try to get others to conform to their way of thinking. They don’t understand why people’s minds work differently. Their lesson is to allow for this variety. They are very ordered, especially in their thinking, but not everyone is like that. They realize that they often fall into judgment and judge themselves as much as they may inwardly be hypercritical of others.

5. Wisdom Seeking

Knowledge is their comfort zone as it makes them feel confident. They rely on it to steer conversations, impress and influence others. They enjoy learning and adore knowing things that others don’t and this interest in knowledge runs deeply.

6. Relationship Challenges

Logical thinking gets them into hot water in relationships. Because they shy away from emotional reactions, their partners often feel neglected and misunderstood. However they are curious and want to understand emotions, but their patterns of logical thinking dominate. Balance and harmony are essential to them and deep emotions often make other people behaviour unpredictable.

7. Sensitive & Independent

Because they are so sensitive, Orion starseeds need plenty of space and time to recharge, relax and rejuvenate. They prefer not to join big crowds or socialize regularly. They are content having time to themselves.

8. Humorous & Funny

Orion Starseeds have a great sense of humor, so they aren’t always completely absorbed in their thoughts. Making a crowd laugh is a real strength for them. They have a sharp wit and are good at cracking jokes about the world in which we live.

9. Vivid Blue Eyes

Some of the human Orions may have, as starseeds, very blue eyes. It is said that the spiritual ones such as the priests gained this feature from their spiritual path. However, they can also have olive skin and brown hair so there are variations.

Do you think you originate from Orion?
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