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We are privileged to be living through such a transformational time on the planet. As more and more of us are waking up to our soul truth, we are leaving behind old beliefs about our illusionary 3-dimensional reality and embracing a higher consciousness and recognition that we are actually multi-dimensional beings, existing within many frequencies of light simultaneously.

There is a spectrum of starseed flavors from Lyrians to Andromedans and everything in-between. This week, I’ll be exploring an ancient race of beings from Arcturus, a star located in the Bootes constellation. Arcturian starseeds have a lot in common with actual Arcturian beings even though they have chosen to incarnate on the physical plane.

The Arcturians are great communicators and here to teach and they love nothing more than sharing their wisdom.

Arcturian starseeds have had recent incarnations in worlds associated with the star Arcturus and often share many traits and skills of Arcturians.

Entities from Arcturus are pioneers of a “new future” on Earth, with a particular emphasis on technology and community living that is focused on balance and sustainability.  They have a soul contract to help Earth by acting as spirit guides and by incarnating on to Earth as Arcturian beings.

They have an ability to communicate telepathically and can transmit information in colors, geometric patterns and even sounds.  The frequencies of these colors, shapes and sounds may hold information, lessons related to the structure of our universe and the laws that govern it.

Arcturians resonate with frequencies of the Throat Chakra.  They are attracted to communication and broadcasting information. Beings from Arcturus empower individuals to align with their true selves and rediscover their true voice, so they can spread the truth of the universe. Arcturian beings like to use their vast foundational knowledge and apply it for use in physical applications.  So, they will use their knowledge of sacred geometry and mathematics to design communities and homes. They will also develop new sources of energy or new methods of harnessing energy.  There is a theme of taking divine knowledge from the spiritual world and using it to manifest divine technology into the physical world.

Traits are often attributed to Arcturian

1. Strong Personality

The Arcturians have strong personalities, are great communicators and are here to teach. They love nothing more than sharing their wisdom. Exuding a powerful presence, they outwardly present themselves as being extremely capable of anything.

2. Finding Their Purpose

Since childhood, they have known that they have a purpose in life but may not understand what that is until later in life. They have a burning desire to find this purpose which leads to investigating spirituality, the paranormal or metaphysics.

3. Lack of Belonging

They frequently have inner feelings of dissatisfaction or unhappiness without knowing the cause. It is likely that they felt like the odd one out at school or within their own family.

4. Public Speaking

They are often found delivering speeches publicly. They have excellent timing and a great sense of humor. They are often the life and soul of the party and get great satisfaction in making other people laugh.

5. Creativity

They are extraordinarily creative, they love to express this through writing, music, poetry or as artists. They avoid expressing their deepest emotions, feeling more comfortable with either anger or humor.

6. Wanderlust

They adore traveling, visiting different countries and cultures to expand their awareness. They have a natural compassion, empathy and are loving and caring.

7. Technology Fascination

They may be fascinated by technology, quantum physics, astronomy, mathematics and sacred geometry, and may see colorful geometric patterns when their eyes are closed.

8. Sensitive Senses

Arcturians are highly sensitive to sounds, light and smells, and even chemicals can bring up patches of eczema or rashes on their delicate skin.

9. Low Blood Pressure

they can be prone to low blood pressure and tend to feel the cold more than other people, so may be attracted to warmer climates.

10. Forward Change

They desire lasting change and are drawn into professions where they may get to design or plan sustainable communities of the future as they do not resonate with old structures or hierarchies.

11. Distant and Cautious

They are hard to get close to and distant at times. They do not have many close, intimate personal friends but have many casual friends. If you get close to one, know that you have been carefully considered as a good choice for friendship. It is important that they can have a sense of personal freedom in intimate relationships. Time alone without having to explain themselves enables them to not feel constricted.

12. Personal Freedom

They require a lot of personal freedom in their intimate relationships. They prefer not to explain their actions, so the more that you can give them their space, the better the relationship will be.

13. Deep Conversations

It is not uncommon for them to ask deep, philosophical questions, so be warned. if you enter into a conversation with them, it might go into a lot more depth than you first anticipated.

14. Well-Organised

Finally, they love planning, organising and building so give them your to-do lists and they will achieve everything easily and effortlessly.

Do you feel that you a member of the Arcturian group?

Leave a few comments below to let me know how many of these traits you identified with…

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