The ‘Galactic Federation Of Light’ comprises of so many weird and wonderful ancient beings of light, all of whom are currently holding a shared purpose and vision for the Earth as she reincarnates into the 5th dimension. Some of these beings resemble humans a lot more closely like the Pleiadian civilization, but it can become extremely challenging to accept the appearance of some of the other humanoid members of this universal team.

Who Are The Blue Avians?

The Blue Avians are the highest Avian race. These 8 ft beings are humanoid with birdlike features, with deep blue feathers. They are higher dimensional beings, existing between the 6th to 9th dimensions, leaving the human race well behind in the 3rd to the 5th-dimensional group. They act as a single, intelligent entity and are messengers and facilitators of the one infinite creator.

Bringers of peace, they have visited earth billions of years ago in their enormous, spherical crafts which are as big as planets. In a higher dimension, our solar system contains over 100 of them. Fortunately, they are on our side and strongly against the world’s ruling Cabal.

Their space ships have created a blockade in our solar system to prevent the Cabal from escaping. Their technology far surpasses our secret space programs which are actually further ahead technologically than most of us can comprehend. The blue avians are part of the Alliance, along with other races and humans here on earth working against the ruling banking mafia of this world.

Where did this race come from?

The Avian Extraterrestrials originally came from another universe but they are now located throughout this universe in many forms. The realm that they come from we would consider to be the angelic realm.

Many Avians in this Universe have evolved from small birds that were seeded by the 12D Avians on 3D planets in various galaxies. They evolved with a huge diversity of color, size and adaptations. Eventually many developed an expanded consciousness because of their ability to see a big picture of their world. Their sentience developed from their visionary perspective and ability to move via thought. Some found themselves able to teleport and soar in their minds to other lands and then planets. This broadened they reach so they discovered and made a home on new planets. Later Avian species were genetically mixed with humans, as this was an experimental trend in this universe. Birds of Earth are a gift from the higher dimensional Avian beings to help regulate our electromagnetic atmosphere.


Higher Intelligence

They are known for their bright intelligence and multi-dimensional sight. They are great spiritual masters and teachers who are involved in the planetary governance of many worlds. They have the ability to easily raise vibrations and are free thinkers and feelers that are not bound by confines of group consciousness.

Higher dimensional Avian forms are often called upon for their naturally higher perspective. They normally send an energetic form of themselves around the universe for consultations. They have a great historical record with humanity. They have attempted to enlighten us to new perspectives usually through high priests and shamans.

They are assisting with the movement for global disclosure on earth. They are part of a federation called the ‘Sphere Being Alliance’. They are here to keep energies stable and to monitor the energies coming in. They are also multi-dimensional in that they can materialise into higher densities. Their function is to act as devices to diffuse the powerful waves of energy coming into our solar system at this time. Their huge ships are stabilizing the new energies coming in that are creating an energetic consciousness ascension.

Beyond Space and Time

They exist beyond the confines of space and time. It is believed that these creatures have contacted humanity for millions of years, aiding in the spiritual development of humankind. Their appearance on earth has appeared throughout human mythology. For instance, the Egyptian God of the sun, named Ra was pictured as a bird-headed being. He was meant to represent the noonday sun and creator of the seasons, days, months, plants and animals.

He was most often depicted as a humanoid with the head of a blue eagle wearing a beautiful crown.

Another example was the High Priest Thoth, who was an integral God with Egyptian mythology and most known for solving disputes and developing systems of advanced writing, magic and science.

These beings have ascended from our current level of reality into the 6th to 9th densities traveling at will across the great universes. They communicate through telepathy and they often initiate contact with humans through dreams. They also use a form of sign language and have created a secret greeting. They also use light physical touch to induce forced positive emotional and physical response. Avians are not associated with human abductions. They only initiate contact with those who are willing to communicate. They have only recently reestablished their relationship with humans as a means of delivering their message of peaceful ascension urging mankind to raise their vibration by being of service to others.

The sphere beings have not only created an energy blockage around our planet but also around the entire solar system. They are a friendly group of beings who have mainly brought assistance in the form of a message. This message is of increasing our service towards others and to be more loving towards yourself and everyone. Learn to forgive yourself and others as this will raise the vibration of the planet.

They work closely with the Pleiadians. They are doing their best to make us feel more at home on earth. They also share that there is much underground activity around the north pole and Antartica. Originally many portals to inner earth societies had been closed but many visiting species have found new ways to open them.


5 Characteristics Of Blue Avians

1. Expansive Uplifting Visionaries

The Blue Avians are super efficient with remarkable observation skills. They have the ability to uplift any situation by taking it to new levels of thought. They can easily raise vibrations and take new ideas to higher levels of knowing whilst expanding frontiers of thought and creation.

2. Sharp Intelligence & Memory

Their bright intellect can witness many different perspectives. They are free thinkers and feelers and are not restricted by the collective consciousness. Everything they encounter is held deep within their memories.

3. Multi-Dimensional Perspective

Higher dimensional forms are often called upon for their natural higher perspective and to raise awareness in any situation. They can be numerous places at once and usually send only an energetic form of themselves around the universe for federal meetings. They also have the power of multi-dimensional sight.

4. Freedom and Honor

Since they do not like to feel restricted it is essential that Avian beings experience true freedom. Because they honour all life forms they expect to have the same respect returned to them.

5. Humorous & Kind

Blue Avians love to uplift and are known to alleviate fear by use of their keen sense of humour. People who have encountered them reveal stories of them being extremely witty, considerate and kind.

Avian Starseeds

Only a few hundred thousand Avian souls incarnate on Earth as they prefer not to work through such a restrictive method. They don’t feel comfortable in human form as they don’t like to be confined in any way. That means that the few Avian souls that have braved human incarnation are here to raise the energetic potential of the race.

Avian’s dream big and want to expand people’s horizons and break limited belief systems. They are attracted to working in any discipline, especially those that require high intellect and the smallest of details. Their memories are far superior so they make excellent detectives, inventors, scientists, professors, poets, and innovators of all kinds.

Could you be a Blue Avian Starseed?

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