The Personal Year Number.

This is where Numerology gets reeeealllly interesting.

So you’ve worked out your Life Path Number. Probably got to grips with your Destiny and Soul Urge Numbers. Maybe you’ve even looked into your Personality and Birthday Numbers?

These are all really great personal keys. Indicators of the kind of person you are, where you’re headed, and where your deepest, spiritual desires might look like. They’re numbers that stay with you. Always.

Yet when it comes to the Personal Year Numbers, these describe how your personal numerology interacts with universal numerology. These numbers are dynamic, and they forge a path for you that’s more about interdependence, than simply going it alone.

Calculating your Personal Year Number is easy when you know how!

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Simply follow the formula below:

  • Start by writing down the number of your day of birth.
  • Then, write the number of your month of birth.
  • Now, add them both together.
  • Next, add the Universal Year Number to this.

**NOTE: If your result is a Master Number (11, or 22) then don’t reduce any further.

Calculating the Universal Year Number

This is easy too – simply add together each single-digit making up the current calendar year.

So 2020 is 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4. 2020 is a 4 Universal Year.

Here’s a quick example:

Someone born on the 29th January would do this calculation: 2 + 9 + 1 = 12, and 1 + 2 = 3. Then add 3 to the current Universal Year Number, which is 4: 3 + 4 = 7.

This person is in a 7 Personal Year.

The Achievement Number

As an added bonus, working out Personal Year numbers also opens up an additional part of your Numerology chart – one you may not be familiar with: The Achievement Number. Head HERE to find out more (and trust us.. you’ll want to know!)

WHY are Personal year Numbers Important?

One of the foundational pieces in all of numerology, is the concept of cycles. The numbers 1 – 9 are an evolution of progress (which isn’t to say that one number is ‘better’ or more advanced than another). Whether it’s in manifestation, personal growth, and maturity, or even the creative process, the shift through distinctly different energy vibrations is there.

And nowhere is it truer than with personal years.

Yet because even a single year is such a long time, let alone a nine-year-cycle, we often fail to recognize this energetic evolution as our lives progress. So if you can start to track your years according to your numerology, then you get to easily see where YOU are in this cycle. And the best bit? It’s personal. It’s tailor-made numerology!

Once you know which of the personal year numbers you’re currently in, you can set aligned goals, make the kind of plans you’re likely to achieve and avoid those you may struggle with. Or if you are facing struggles, then your year number could indicate why.

But how DO you know what a number holds?

Jump To a Number and Crush It This Year!



A Personal 1 Year is the beginning of a new 9-year cycle! Its energy is great for starting new projects and taking risks.

What this year means 

The theme for this year is confidence and courage. Step into a whole new world of fresh beginnings and burst out from the chrysalis.

Be optimistic and have faith in the future. This is the start of a new cycle, so set the future in motion on a positive note!

Aligning your goals

The best way to fulfill your goals this year is to dive into the details and look at the practical side of things. Make your duties and responsibilities your top priority.

Although this is a time to try out everything new, you should do things carefully. Take risks but risk smartly! Save your energy and dedicate time for work and rest. If you multitask and do things all at once, you may end up tired, exhausted, and resentful. In the end, you may find yourself going on a cruel down spiral to emotional drama. Stop! Because the name of the game this year is rationality.

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A Personal 2 year is all about building alliances. This is when teamwork, cooperation, and companionship will all come to the fore.

What this year means 

This year be ready to do some teamwork and cooperation because it is the key to happiness. Connections with others bring enjoyment and benevolent outcomes. All the brimming ideas in your head will turn to efficient outcomes if you collaborate with others. You will be reaching your goals through the help of others.

As you work with others, remember to maintain a sense of individuality and stand up for yourself when needed.

Aligning your goals

Details and routines require your attention. Your efforts will result in success in your career and business. Work on your powers of negotiation because it will be your main asset for the year. Stay focused on your goals and be a self-starter as well as a team player. Your emotions may become more intensified this year, so it is important to keep everything into perspective. You can make a lot of progress if you apply a good strategy with the great opportunities coming your way. Make smart decisions in financial matters and avoid risks.

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A Personal 3 Year is time for self-expression! Its energy is playful and optimistic, making this a great time for any kind of creative pursuits and socializing.

What this year means 

Enjoyment is the overarching theme of a personal year number 3, and you will likely get many opportunities to have fun. As a result, your more important goals may fall by the wayside because you’re out partying. The enjoyment you will be getting from these social activities are short-lived and will not serve your long-term interests. This year is a good time to focus on friendships, both old and new. Expect yourself to be more expressive or talkative when the personal year number 3 is up. Remember to maintain connections with the people that you meet because they can be very important for you in the future.

Aligning your goals

Because the energy of a personal year number 3 tends to focus on enjoyment and leisure, you need to stick to a plan and balance your responsibilities with social activities.

You will gain more enjoyment when you know that you are doing steps to build your future rather than randomly having fun. Time is gold, and you should manage it well and dedicate a schedule for each important activity. If you are especially moody or emotional, try to avoid making major financial decisions.

Avoid scattering your energies since it will do little to chip away monumental tasks; instead, focus on one thing at a time, and it will get you to the finish line faster.

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A Personal 4 Year is when it’s time to knuckle down to some hard work! Building structure and stability in life is often the priority.

What this year means 

The personal year number 4 calls on you to make commitments in your work and personal life. You may feel overburdened and limited at this time and conclude that things are becoming complicated and causing your frustration.

The best strategy to do is to ask and accept help since it will improve things. Apply a system and order when you take care of business so you can do every task efficiently.

Aligning your goals

Avoid being impulsive at all costs because it will slow down your progress. This year is a great time for building and perfecting skills, ideas, or methods. So, take advantage of the year’s vibrations by being more detail-oriented. In the end, you will be building a more stable and secure future. Focus on your tasks because this will be the most productive year ever. Put your career and business at the forefront of your priorities and make smart choices. If you are unsure about financial decisions, get some coaching or training first.

If you have always wanted to do major changes towards a healthier lifestyle, now is the time to act on it. However, do make careful choices and avoid drastic transformations.

Overall, this is not a good year for travel.

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Midway through the cycle comes the Personal 5 Year. It’s likey that change will sweep through, so be prepared for some course corrections. Stay flexible.

What this year means 

Adapting to changes is crucial in a personal year number 5.

Right in the chaos are good things waiting to happen but you should

be discerning and analytical if what is before you is indeed gold. Avoid impulsive action because it will not always bring good results. There is a whole lot of unreliability this year, as well as instability. Contracts may not push through, and projects may end up unfinished. This may leave you angry and upset. Get to the root of the problem and keep your cool.

Aligning your goals

Although you must give your energy to work and business, it is crucial to lighten up on a personal year number 5. This year is all about freedom and variety. Keep your mind open to ideas and opportunities because this may serve a purpose in helping you reach your goals. This is a great time to make lifestyle changes and to give yourself a major makeover. Upgrade to a funkier wardrobe or hairstyle and change your overall aura and perhaps increase your charisma. You may be prone to enjoy your guilty pleasures to the max, so you must pare down and work on being moderate and responsible in everything.

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This phase of the cycle often pertains to responsibility and homelife. It has a highly nurturing and loving energy.

What this year means 

A personal your number 6 allows you to make adjustments in the domestic sphere. Issues that concern the home, such as changes in residences and renovations, can happen this year. Some people will find that their committed relationships may need some fine-tuning. This is a good year to bring closure to financial and legal matters and to return old favors. Advice from others may prove beneficial, so it is good to keep an open ear and get helpful solutions so small problems will not escalate into big ones.

Open yourself up to the idea of getting help so you can attain your goals faster.

Aligning your goals

Responsibility is the overarching theme of a personal year 6.

You will have to walk the talk. You must put yourself under a disciplined routine and dedicate your time to a specific duty each day. Professional and personal relationships will demand you to be highly responsible and take care of the affairs at hand. Often, people may frustrate you but avoid being controlling because it will not yield good outcomes. Work on your empathy and compassion and make a strategy so things will not fall into chaos.

If you apply organization and system in your work, you will likely have more time for your loved ones. The time and effort you invest in your career will have long-term results. Despite the busy and demanding year ahead, never abandon your self-care routines and well-being because it is the key to your ultimate happiness and success.

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A Personal 7 Year favors study, planning, rest, recuperation, introspection, and meditation. It may not feel like a lot’s going on, yet this time is SO valuable.

What this year means 

The personal year number 7 is a great time to focus on your inner life as well as spiritual and intellectual matters. This is a time where ideas are germinating. It is a great time for study, planning, and meditation. Take things slow and feel the rhythms.

Aggression and control simply won’t work this year. Allow yourself to be creative and give in to your enthusiasm for life to experience immense personal growth. Expect your intuitive powers and insight to be enhanced, which will help you to thrive in social situations.

Aligning your goals

The overarching theme of a personal year number 7 is bringing the inner self to higher awareness and activating its power.

Relax this year and trust your intuition to guide you towards the success of your plans. There may be times that your ideas will not work out, but don’t be depressed since negative emotions can be self-sabotaging. Although this is a good time for solitary pursuits, do take time to enjoy life and be social with like-minded individuals.

Trust that you will be guided in your endeavors, whether it will come from your inner voice or actual help from others. Be ready to manage your money and finances well this year because you may encounter some hurdles. The key to making it this year is by being cooperative and not confrontational.

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A Personal 8 Year can be challenging yet very productive as the focus often falls to money, influence, and accomplishment.

What this year means 

Expects cataclysmic challenges on a personal year number 8. Time management may fall into chaos because you will be flooded with responsibilities to ensure your security and advancement. Your desire to control will be heightened and can make you more suspicious or skeptical.

If you allow doubt and mistrust to rule you, it may affect your well-being and thinking. You might end up being rigid and being closed-minded to efficient but unorthodox alternatives.

Aligning your goals

Let go of the “should” and old ways of doing things.

Allow efficient ways and best strategies in your business and work. Balance is crucial this year, and you should focus on successes and your relationship with others. Relationships are especially important because they will allow your expansion and open up a wealth of possibilities. Do not rely on luck or miracles to happen because it may cause you to become lazy and procrastinate.

Expect everything you do to have instant results and consequences. These events will often be powerful, and life-altering so plan carefully so you will only invite the positive. Trust others as others trust you, alliances are crucial to your emotional support system and eventual success.

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The last year in the cycle brings closure and endings. It can feel that things are exiting your life, and (depending on your numerology), you may struggle to let them go!

What this year means 

Your plans may not attain fruition during a personal year number 9 because people and situations may block your efforts. But these elements will only hamper you if you are clinging to old ideas and concepts. On a personal year number 9 learn to let go. The old things and the past are only a source of hang-ups, self-doubt, and toxic attachments. In the end, the past is an energy drain that keeps you from stepping into a bright new beginning. Shed the old life, and when the spirit forces move you: drop the baggage.

Aligning your goals

Emotional drama rather than practical reasons may hamper cooperative efforts in the professional sphere. This may be a stark pattern throughout the year, but you can overcome it by making a sincere effort to be systematic and rational in all the issues you will be facing. Be logical and listen to your head when you feel you are headed for an emotional roller coaster.

When you are compassionate and practical, huge success and fulfillment will be in store for you in the year ahead. When you embark on something new and fresh, the universe will smile down at you, so it may be a good year to travel and explore uncharted territory. New sights and scenes will give you calming energies and help you get in touch with your inner self.

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As a Master Number, a Personal 11 Year brings huge opportunities, but also huge challenges. It’s time to trust intuition and embark on deep healing.

What this year means 

This year challenges you to take a good look at yourself and your place in the world. Cultivate a higher trust in yourself and the forces of the universe.

Events can be emotional and life-altering. Live a fully authentic life and unleash the inner you. Apply a compassionate heart to all kinds of conflict and emotional drama.

You can be at your best this year if you listen more and speak less.

Aligning your goals

Patience is a virtue that should be practiced this year.

Everything seems to be slow-moving and require the right timing. Trust in the rhythms even if you feel that as you make an effort forward, you are being pulled three steps backward. Frustrations can reach the tipping point, so you have to slow down and relax and focus on loving relationships.

Your inner circle is vital this year. This may just be the year when you will meet your soulmate. However, don’t expect things to happen in a rush. This is a year where everything is tested, including plans and relationships.

Your intuitive powers will be heightened this year, and this may just be the time to shake things up and be proactive if you have been stuck in a doormat role.

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As a Master Number, a Personal 22 Year also brings opportunity and challenge in equal measure. There is huge potential to manifest new things into the world.

What this year means 

This year trust in yourself and the universe’s benevolence and guidance, but don’t forget that you need to do the necessary elbow grease.

Things are turned up a notch this year concerning emotions, sensitivities, and opportunities. Get your game on this year and ride the opportunity to make radical progress. You will gain a lot of success if you have a pure heart, and your final goal is towards altruism and the benefit of humankind.

Aligning your goals

In this personal year 22, you need to play well with others and practice patience. As you expand, share with others, whether it be responsibilities or rewards. Now is the time to take things on a grand scale and turn your big dreams into awesome reality. To achieve your grand ambitions, you should learn to delegate, so connecting with others on a deep level is crucial. Everything you do right now will make a difference in the international arena. Work with a team rather than doing everything by yourself.

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In Conclusion

A reading of the personal year gives you an idea of the general direction and overarching themes crucial to your expansion and success.

Each year will require something from you to reap the bounties of the universe. Follow the rhythm of the changing cycles and move closer to transcendence and completion of everything you ever hoped for.


Now, share your Personal Year Number – what are you moving through this year? Let us know in the comments below how accurate this feels for you!

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