Heard of the Achievement Number?


Well if you’re even a teeny bit interested in numerology, then it’s about time you did.

This little known corner of your numerology chart is often overlooked, yet it contains information that can lead you to greater heights than any other.

This is because the Achievement number serves as a special kind of guiding light in YOUR life.

law-of-attraction woman manifestingPinIt’s a number that holds your potential, yet because it features here in your chart, you are likely operating in its shadow.

This is a really important thing to understand.

When we are operating from shadow, our personal behavior is very often automatic, unconscious and reactive. We’re holding a vibration without really being aware of it.

And you know what that means?

It means you are attracting things into your life unconsciously.

So no matter how much manifestational work or LOA you try to do, your success will be limited, because your unconscious wins, every time.

Hello, achievement number.

You hold the vibration of the achievement number within, yet you are probably resisting it, OR clinging to it to the extreme. So your challenge is to “achieve” mastery through its particular vibration. THIS is what will truly bring you greater manifestational abilities. This is why in numerology, this number is also known as the prosperity number.

The achievement number is also important because it’s used in some of the more advanced numerical calculations in your chart. Particularly those that involve personal years and cycles. But we can come to that later… For now, let’s dive into…

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How To Calculate Your Achievement Number

To calculate your Achievement Number, simply follow the formula below:

**Note: Achievement Numbers reflect the standard 9 numbers used in Numerology (1-9), the Master Numbers (11, 22 and 33), and the Karmic Numbers (13, 14, 16 and 19).

Steps To Calculating Your Achievement Number:

  1. Start by writing down the number of your day of birth.
  2. Then, write the number of your month of birth.
  3. Now we add them together. If the sum of your birth month and birthday is between 1-9, you have found your Achievement Number
  4. If the sum of your birth month and birth-date is a double-digit number, continue to add the digits until you arrive at a single-digit number between 1 and 9, unless the resulting number is a Master Number (11, 22, or 33), or one of the Karmic Numbers (13, 14, 16, or 19).

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The Achievement numbers


The number 1 here suggests a self-directed, innovative and individualistic person.


Having a good and well-balanced level of self-esteem is where this number faces challenges. Too little and you are not listened to or taken seriously. Too much and you appear arrogant and self-centered.

Attaining actualization:

This numerology makes you a beacon of light to others.

You can influence others, but you must channel this power wisely. Balancing self-esteem is not easy for this numerology.

Overcoming stability and balance issues are crucial for the attainment of your full potentials.

Release your ego-based drive to control situations, and people and you will thrive and garner greater abundance. Control your ego at all times since it tends to take you away to fantasy and impractical ideas which can only lead to tragedy and despair. When you are connected with others, you will be grounded in reality, which will help keep your ego in check.

Listen to your heart.

Extend your helping had to others…

Even if you are ahead, look back and give guidance to others and be uplifting guidance. Don’t think of only yourself. Working with others helps you reach your goals. Allowing others in your life and cooperating with them will help you shine the brightest.

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The number 2 here describes a person who lives life through cooperation and compromise. You have supernatural (some would say psychic) levels of intuition.


Your challenge is to be a greater influence on others, without it feeling like an obligation.

Attaining actualization:

The highest fulfilment of this numerology only comes after balancing and realizing the difference between cooperation and submission. Stand up for yourself in situations where people are trying to dominate you. Be confident with yourself and inspire respect from others. Some people may prove difficult, but you have to use your sensitivity and wisdom when they are imposing their will on yours.

Make use of your greatest gift, which are your amazing people skills. Harness this power and use it for your advancement. You have great sensitivity and talent for diplomacy and negotiation. You know just what to say and how to reach people in their terms.

Your sensitivity and empathy towards others will help you towards prosperity and great abundance.

You should also be aware of the fact that you have healing abilities. This is a gift you may have suppressed over the years, but it is time to acknowledge them for the greater good.

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The focus of this number is its creative expression. You are likely funny, charming and have an abundance of friends vying for your attention. But do they know the real you?


People-pleasing and playing to the crowd can stand in the way of this numerology’s truth.

Attaining actualization:

Your main hurdle in life will be cultivating consistency and follow-through.

The greatest strength of this numerical vibration is its creativity charm and joyful attitude. However, compared to other numbers, this numerology has the highest need for acceptance and approval; thus, this person may find themselves having people-pleasing tendencies.

They also have a downfall which is the tendency to be sarcastic and make snide comments. This is something they should avoid instead; positive and healthy communications should be the focus.

Developing musical and artistic skills can be highly valuable for this person. In this way, they can harness their powers of creativity, knowledge and expressiveness. These pursuits will always give them the chance to entertain others. They can be please others healthily and constructively and get the praise and attention they crave. They should never deny themselves the opportunity to socialize.

Sharpening numerology 3’s communication skills and expressive abilities will guarantee their success.

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This numerology describes a solid and reliable individual. With a love of order, system, and routine, you show discipline with where you put your energy.


Yet inflexibility can stand in the way of prosperity for this number.

Attaining actualization:

You love fixing things! Order and structure are the major themes of your life. Let go, and realize that you can’t fix everything, especially other people. There comes a time when you have to stand back and let things unfold by themselves.

As a number 4, you are a builder, and, in this case, you need to create a stable and orderly life. If you procrastinate, you are bound to have immense guilt. Losing focus on your responsibilities is your downfall. Never leave things in the back burner for too long. Always move towards the manifestation of your goals.

You love to do things by the book, and it is ok as long as you don’t try to control others. You will attain greater heights if you learn to lead by example and harness your natural talents.

Leading by example, makes you more attractive to others. Not everyone is as disciplined as you, so people will find you worth emulating. Make a difference by being an example instead of directly controlling others. Plus, take care of your health and never forget self-care. It would be best if you were fit for your work-filled days.

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Five is considered to be the most flexible and adaptable of numbers.


When you are under stress, you can become rigid and inflexible. Fulfillment will be achieved for you when you find the balance between surrendering to change, and committing to the life, you are surrounded by.

Attaining actualization:

Compared to other numbers you go the road less travel. You carve a unique path and a way of life from the many lifestyles available in the world today.

You are always at the cutting edge, and your peers look up to you as someone who will lead them to freedom and fun. However, you should learn to balance freedom with responsibility.

Always choose variety in your life because if you fail to do so, finding yourself in a rut will lead you to self-sabotaging behaviors.

If you allow limitations to rule you, routines and obligation will likely become the theme of your life, and this will only disconcert you.

A crucial thing to learn in your life is to manage your freedom while living moderately and avoiding excess. This good lifestyle habit will enhance your already acute intelligence. You will attain success and happiness when you practice a balanced lifestyle.

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The 6 symbolizes the archetypal mother. So, with this number in your numerology chart, you’ll likely take on many responsibilities during your lifetime.


This vibration number often attracts other people who will take advantage of giving. Martyrdom and perfectionism are also tendencies.

Attaining actualization:

Your powers are your caring attitude and empathy. Because of these qualities, you may find yourself feeling guilty if you find yourself putting yourself first.

As a number 6, you find it difficult for others to follow their path because of your motherly instincts. You can’t stand it when others make mistakes. However, as much as you want to help, you have to set boundaries and avoid meddling or over-giving. Let others experience life and learn from their mistakes.

You have to learn to say no because doing so will actually help the other person more.

Many times, you will find yourself with martyr-like tendencies so keep yourself in check.

Another side to your personality is your extremely high standards. Although you may keep it covert, you have a perfectionist streak! This trait makes life harder for you than it needs to be.

You have to realize that sometimes you to embrace the chaos. You have to learn to lose control some of the time so you can experience happiness and creativity, which will be keys to your success.

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The number 7 is one of those spiritual, intuitive numbers, paired with an analytical edge. You likely have “unusual” interests and off-beat obsessions.


Yet frustratingly, your wealth of knowledge doesn’t always carry social skills so integrating with others socially, or finding your true place in the world may be a struggle.

Attaining actualization:

You will attain your highest good when you share your skills with others.

Your most powerful gifts are your powers of analysis and critical thinking which will bring you not only personal fulfillment but also success.

However, you tend to isolate yourself. You may find yourself retreating into solitude to avoid the noise of everyday life. You should realize that retreating into self-isolation won’t be constructive for long periods.

It is crucial to get out there, mingle with others, and meet people with similar interests.

Companionship with others will make you thrive even more even if you don’t fully realize this yet. Joining clubs, organizations and communities help enhance your talents and skills in your chosen niche.

The major life lessons you need to learn are faith and patience. These virtues will help you feel assured that you are in the right path

You love mental pursuits of a scientific and spiritual nature, and your mind is your greatest power. However, you have to curb negative traits of being over-analytical and manipulative.

Remember, you can’t always plot and plan. Strategies won’t guarantee success every time. Hold back and have patience and faith with the miracles that prominently govern human life!

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Most people with 8 in their charts often have a strong desire to take control of their circumstances. Money and power can be a focus (whether they have them, or not).


Others may perceive them as greedy or feel their earnings and position are imbalanced, yet leaning to prosper is their goal.

Attaining actualization:

The highest goal of this numerology is to unify the material with a more spiritual outlook.

This can be a challenge, but as you go through your life’s path, you will realize that the only thing you can only truly control are yourself and your attitudes. If you use this control to live in harmony with the world, little can go wrong.

Your experience with people and organizations will lead you to better skills and wisdom. You don’t need much self-isolation since you can integrate well with others. If you listen and respect others in a non-judgmental way, it can lead you to achieve your goals in life.

Be careful of following a purely materialistic path. It will lead to frustration, arrogance, combativeness. These energies keep prosperity out of reach. If you follow a purely free-spirited path, it won’t lead you to your goals either.

You will achieve real success by being a support system with others based on compassion, empathy, and mutual benefits.

In the course of your life, you may feel you are not getting the recognition you deserve. Don’t go out of your way to seek acknowledgement. Recognition is earned by living your life authentically. Of course, don’t forget to include other people in your success!

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As the number of endings, the element of sacrifice will often come into focus for the number 9. This person can accomplish their divine purpose IF they learn to let go.


Attachments can be a problem, as feelings of responsibility for the experiences of others.

Attaining actualization:

You have a strong desire to help others which gets in the way of their learning. You have to realize that you can’t give forever with some kind of return.

Overconfidence will lead you to fatal errors in judgment. You have to take note of your responsibilities, but self-care is also crucial, as well as honing your creative skills and passions.

You should also avoid expecting a lot from others. Since you are idealistic, you will have high standards for other people. If the people you’ve placed your trust fall short of expectations, it can be a real pain for you.

The number 9 is the last number in the cycle and being the last mean some sacrifice is expected from you. You may need to release things, people and ideas to fulfill your goals.

Another important lesson you must learn is achieving emotional balance.

Give to others without expecting any kind of recognition in return. As you give, don’t forget to take care of your well-being at all times.

This self-awareness will attract all sorts of opportunities for you that will have long term rewards. Ultimately you will garner the success you deserve.

You must know that people do benefit from your ideas and being in close contact with you. However, if people feel that you are flattered of being appreciated, they may try to use this vulnerability of yours for their ends.

People with the numerology of number 9 tend to have immense love for traveling and arts. Indulge yourself. It is who you are. Pursue these activities instead of wealth and money. Creative pursuits will help you attract the best energies.

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As a Master Number, the appearance of the 11 can indicate greater challenges in this person’s life. Yet the rewards are potentially huge! You are intuitive with amazing healing gifts. Use your energy wisely. 


You may face limitations – both your internal blocks and discouragement from other people on your way to mastery.

Attaining actualization:

You need to be connected to others. You are unique and driven and can stand at the front and lead others. Your need to connect with others as well as lead has been your mission since your early years.

You have days when you feel others, and the world at large does not appreciate you. If you learn not to take things too personally, you will be a master of emotional balance.

Use your gifts to help others and to make yourself thrive. You have the power of love, acceptance and prosperity to share to the world.

In many cases, you may find that you are on the right path, but you feel your energies are being blocked or discouraged by the people around you. You have to trust your gut instinct and navigate your way through life despite the challenges.

Use your powers of intuition and follow it instead of the opinions of others.

Another benefit to your above par intuition is your ability to be good at anything that requires arbitration or mediation. You know how to get into people’s minds and hearts and figure out how they tick.

Since you have great healing abilities, others may be attracted to you. Learn to handle your healing abilities wisely. Create proper boundaries and if you work in the healing profession charge properly for your talent.

However, what people need most from you is your inspired and visionary way of thinking. Share your spiritual gifts since suppressing it will be frustrating and painful. Your uniqueness swill help you manifest the success you deserve.

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As a karmic number, the 13 can indicate that this person has additional challenges to work through on their way to prosperity.

You likely have an inner confidence and the ability to lead and manage others.


You must learn to slow down, cultivate discipline and allow other people to share the spotlight.

Attaining actualization:

Very often, these people work better on their own than being managed by others. This is a great thing for people who want to have the freedom and creativity to do their own thing, such as in business or other areas of life.

However, your interaction with others are your most powerful training grounds.

Avoid falling into the trap that you can do it all by yourself. You will truly prosper and grow when you have positive relationships with others.

At its height, this number can achieve true innovation. The world will recognize you for turning dreams into reality.

People will find that you are a reliable person who will do whatever it takes to get a job done

Learn the power of trust. Trust yourself and trust others.

This achievement number makes people excel at managerial jobs. Although you enjoy creative pursuits and entertainment, you are essentially a practical person who can focus on the bottom line. It is by being diligent that you will gain prosperity and success.

There is a likelihood that you will be in situations where you will be in charge. When this happens, use the opportunity to test the strength of your skills

Use your number’s creative passion to gain an advantage.

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As a karmic number, the 14 can indicate a person who has additional challenges to work through on their way to prosperity.


You are likely someone who resists boundaries and detests feeling confined.

Attaining actualization:

Changes are constant in your life, so don’t let others talk you into resisting changes. You are an adaptable person.

The greatest lesson of this numerology is realizing that as you encounter events in your life, you will find opportunities along with the changes you have to go through. You have the talent for capitalizing on useful changes so don’t waste it.

Avoid being stubborn and always balance your impulses. You should learn to balance between being uncomfortable with what’s unfamiliar and holding on to what you know. If you play it safe and fulfill your immediate needs, it may cost you dearly. Holding back is the worst enemy of your success. If you ever encounter expenses think of them as investments. By reframing building wealth for the future into a need you will, no doubt, succeed.

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As a karmic number, the 16 can indicate a person who has additional challenges to work through on their way to finding meaning.

This numerology indicated someone who is often looking for answers outside of themselves when the place they exist is within.


Doing the “right thing” may often seem paramount, yet leaning that this can be intuitive and Spirit-driven may be a lifelong struggle.

Attaining actualization:

You have great powers of intuition which you will need to learn to trust. Following your hunches and instinct will help you come out on top.

You may not realize it, but the universe speaks through you. The purpose of this numerology is to lead from a place of spiritual wisdom. It is difficult, and you may not always trust it, but you have to follow this path. When you follow the higher vibrations of the universe, you will be accomplishing your goals, your dreams, and your targets.

You may find that others will make you follow traditional rules, but sticking to these ways has resulted in bad decisions in your life.

The good news is it is fairly easy to awaken your achievement number.

You need to trust yourself and recognize that your power is in your inner life. It may seem like magic and not always part of conscious thought.

You need to learn that other people are different and will always act based on their best interests. Don’t feel responsible for other people’s life choices.

Trust the universe since you are a divine being. You are important in life’s puzzle. Have clear connections, and you will be shown what you need to do to thrive. You will find the success that you desire.

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As a karmic number, the 19 can indicate a person who has additional challenges to work through on their way to finding meaning.


Containing the two numbers on the opposite ends of the same spectrum – the 1 and the 9 – karmic 19 can struggle to balance the egoic urges and the collective interests.

Attaining actualization:

As a 19, your challenge is to self-regulate. You are either the tyrant or the willing victim. Learn to balance and keep away from extremes since these are just illusions in your head.

There are many sides to an issue, and you must see this, but with master number 19, you may struggle to see this truth.

Break the spell of illusory extremes and a one-track mind and learn to balance all areas of your life especially themes that deal with self-esteem

Reaching a balanced life is a rewarding journey that will open your heart and activate the power of this karmic number.

Plan for the long term and create success for the future. In every situation you encounter in life seek balance and win-win solutions. You have a powerful intuition which will guide you on how to get to the middle ground where solutions are resolved.

Success comes as long as you build your knowledge and keep focus. Avoid fantasy and guesswork. Another factor that can serve you in life is liberating your leadership skills.

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As a Master Number, the appearance of the 22 can indicate greater challenges in this person’s life. Yet the rewards are potentially huge!


As a master manifester, this person strives to build, create and form systems in the world. However, being driven by spiritual meaning, and not wealthy aspirations is a very real edge for them

Achieving Actualization:

You are called on to fulfill some kind of spiritual mission in life. You will thrive if you find the strength and power within yourself to fulfill this divine plan

It is crucial to note that you will need others in any of your endeavors. You are only one person, even if you are the source of ideas and know-how. Let go and allow other people some control.

If you pursue wealth and power, primarily you will find your inner self resisting. Avoid being greedy or manipulative. Success will still be yours even if you share the success with others.

You must know that you need a proper channel for your energies. Fulfill your dreams and help a lot of people change their lives

During your life, you may encounter a lot of tensions, and you must understand that this is the consequence of the vibration of a master number. Let go and reach your ambition and don’t suppress your calling.

Put focus and attention on your ambitions and use your energies wisely and positively.

As long as you walk the right path, you will find that there are plenty of people who will give you support and help you manifest your dreams.

You have a gift for seeing the bigger picture, but you also need to focus on the details. Since details are your pitfall, other people can help you out.

Many people are attracted to your company since your dream big. Realize your dreams and never put it on hold.

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As a Master Number, the appearance of the 33 can indicate greater challenges in this person’s life. Yet the rewards are potentially huge!


This person must learn to master their creative urges in positive ways, which serve the self and the collective. They may too quickly succumb to martyrdom, or neglect the self, which will serve no-one in the long (or the short!) term.

Achieving actualization:

As a master number 33, you should be wary of being taken advantage of. You may find yourself being involved with people and causes which don’t deserve your energy and attention. Learn to discriminate and pay attention to your self- care.

This numerology has a loving vibration which makes them exceptionally caring and protective individuals. They have also have the great quality of being wise knowledgeable and generous; thus, they have been given the name “The Master Teacher.”

Throughout your life, people may have been drawn to you seeking answers. You may find yourself in industries such as nursing or social care where you are likely to interact with people in an empathetic way.

It is also crucial for you to realize that this master number holds amazing amounts of creative potential that often remains hidden and underutilized. You will achieve great success if you manage to develop both your creative skills and humanitarian compassion.

Another great attribute of this numerology is its ability to build prosperity and financial success. If you encounter problems, it may be a result of sacrifice generosity and kindness for others.

You must develop a degree of self-protection and avoid making yourself vulnerable.

To attain fulfillment and success strike a balance between being a compassionate soul to others and giving yourself your dues.

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In Conclusion…

What are you on earth for? It is crucial to know your path and higher mission in life to be empowered and to plan your days better. Your achievement number offers you a guide to dissolve the blocks that stand in your way so you can achieve the success you deserve.

What’s YOUR Achievement Number?
Let us know in the comments below what you’ve learned about yourself today.


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