During a Personal Year 3, you’re likely to experience many opportunities to indulge in activities you really enjoy. Because of this, there might be times during the year when you experience the side-effects of having too much fun, or find yourself distracted from important matters. These social activities might be fun while they last, but they may not help improve your life in general. If you keep a tight schedule and approach your duties in a systematic and orderly manner, you may not see immediate results, but you’ll build a happier future. During Personal Year 3, by sticking to a plan, you can gain more time to enjoy yourself than you would by going about things in a random way.

It’s said to be a social year because new friendships can arise, and old ones can be renewed. Circumstances are generally pleasant, but the easygoing nature of this vibration can distract you from things that require your attention. You’ll probably be more conversational or expressive this year, and that’s okay, especially if you use the enthusiastic qualities of the Personal Year number to develop your relationships. New people you meet this year could become very important to you in the future.

It’s possible that your creativity will be at a high this year, and your popularity could increase. Manage your time carefully so that you don’t let the fun take too much time away from your tasks and duties, especially those playing a role in the creation of your future. And don’t let moodiness or emotionalism affect your financial strategies.

Business and work can be successful under this vibration, and if you missed setting something new in motion during your last Personal Year 1, which was two years ago, you can do so now.

Remember that scattering your energy in too many directions won’t make a difference, but focusing on one will get you to the finish line with a lot less effort.

Each Personal Year has a set vibrational frequency. To support and enhance the positive aspects of Personal Year #3, consider working with the following suggestions:

  • Personal Year #3 Color: Yellow
  • Personal Year #3 Jewel: Topaz
  • Personal Year #3 Word: Enjoyment

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