In a Personal Year 22? Let’s Explain Personal Year Numerology…

In Numerology, time is perceived to move in nine-year cycles. This means that if you know which stage of the cycle you are currently moving through – which numerical vibration is momentarily most prominent – it’s possible to align your activities and intentions with the current overarching energy.

The numbers 1 – 9 all have a specific frequency, each one leading on from the last. And the Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 all have an added intensity abve and beyond their sums. Which means that as we move through the cycle, we are able to build upon the successes of the previous stage, learning from what came before.

One of the most prominent ways in which Numerologists guide individuals through this process is by calculating Personal Year Numbers. You can read more about this HERE.

We all feel a change in energy at the beginning of each year, don’t we? We start shifting our focus, delving into new feelings, and very often these thoughts, feelings and intentions for the coming year surprise us, because they’re so very different than what we’d been prioritizing during the previous year. Knowing your Personal Year Number explains this shift. And not only that: It can guide you through the particular energetic signature of the year, alert you to the inherent obstacles which are likely to show up and therefore help you to make the most informed choices.

If you know the “theme to your party” you can understand the energy you’ll be working with during the year, which ultimately means that you’ll know how to optimize your experience!

Personal Year Number Calculator

To calculate your Personal Year Number, simply reduce the month and day of your birth to a single digit. Then add this to the sum of year you want to examine. It could be the current year or the next year and so on.

Here’s an Example:

Your birthday is March 17 and you want to know your personal year number for 2019.

March = 3
17 =  1 + 7 = 8
2018 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11
Add together:   2 + 8 + 11 = 22

Once you’ve done your calculation, does your Personal Year Number add up to 22? If it does, then you’re in the right place!

If you’ve discovered you’re in a Personal Year 11 – the Master Number – follow this link to find out more.

What Does it Mean to Be in a Personal Year 22?

Sometimes we all experience the power of a Master number, as the guiding energy for our Personal Year. These years can be powerful, formative times but in order to understand the full range of experience you can expect during a Master 22/4 Personal Year, it’s useful to first look at the foundational energy of the number 4.

The Foundational Energy of the Number 4 (Personal Year)

A Personal Year 4 is earmarked for long-range goal setting.  It’s time to get serious about your future.  This number calls for hard work and sharpening your skillset. You will really benefit when you slow down, steady your pace, and become more methodical about getting your life in order. If there’s ever a time to get the files organized, take the time to create a detailed vision board, and get bold about your goals, this is it. 

Building Your Foundations with the Number 22/4

After the creativity of last year, chances are you have some projects in the works that need to be tended to and nurtured.  This year requires concerted effort to set the foundations for whatever you’re working on:  job, relationships, health, family—or all of the above. It’s a good idea to understand that a slow and steady pace will get you to the finish line with more of your sanity and good humor intact, than sprinting out of the starting gate in a mad frenzy to get it all done over a weekend!

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Domestic Life Takes Focus

Since the energy of the number 4 is all about foundations, often you’ll find yourself building a house or moving to a new home during this personal year.  Home and your sense of security take the front seat.  It’s a year where you might move geographically or simply move to a different home.  If you stay put, you’ll be pulled toward solidifying how you feel in your home.  Do you feel safe and secure?  Do you feel “at home?”  If not, you’ll make efforts to get these aspects of your life in line.

Constraints & Challenges of the Number 22/4

When you’re experiencing a 4 cycle you’ll also be working with limitation in various forms. This is a time where you’ll be tempted to either over-work or under-work.  While it may feel a bit thankless at times, you’ll reap the rewards when you DO accomplish your goals, step-by-step.

This is a year to pay special attention to your health. You’ll have to consciously take time for self-care and relaxation—plan it and prioritize it. 

A 4 cycle also tests you with old, buried family issues bubbling to the surface, needing to be resolved or dealt with differently.

All in all, you’ll glean the most satisfaction from your 4 Personal Year when you take the time to focus on goals and systematize your life in whatever ways will make it more effective and rooted, in the years to come; whether that’s by focusing on work, getting your house in order, reviving your health, or healing family issues.

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Added Intensity From The Personal Year 22

In addition to the core elements of the number 4, you have the added intensity related to the Master number 22. This is always going to provide additional challenges, yet the potential benefits are enormous.

Understand that the Master 22/4 is the most powerful number in numerology.

It serves as “The Master Builder” and requires significant vision, focus, and effort to bring its (and your) energy up to its full potential. This Personal Year is intense and prods you to up the ante with your work and career goals. It often goes hand-in-hand with expanding your enterprises and thinking big.

Pace Yourself

There are many challenges inherent in this energy, including the required devotion to your work efforts, often at the expense of your personal relationships. When you experience a 22/4 Personal Year understand that you’re working with the foundational energies related to the number 4 and then with the double 2. Which means that this is a year when you’ll be asked to work at mastering certain elements of your relationships (the double 2) while simultaneously working hard to get your life and career organized and operating like a well-oiled machine (the number 4).

You’ll need a lot of patience and ability to “play well with others” and share the sandbox, so to speak. Yet you’re being called upon to step up your enterprises and expand! Take a risk and think bigger than you ever have before.  Yet know that this is just the nuts-and-bolts phase.  The biggest piece of advice to capitalize on the powerful energy the 22/4 brings is to step out of your own way and stop doing everything yourself. This is a time to connect with others on a deep level and focus your efforts on making a difference in the world, no matter what that might mean to you right now. It’s a year earmarked for greater achievement when you connect and partner with others rather than go it all alone.

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Expect To “Just Say No” To Micromanaging

This year demands that you stop micromanaging and get people on board who can assist you in moving forward with your expanded enterprises.  One of the major challenges with the 22/4 Personal Year comes into play when you attempt to tackle big projects without asking for help or support.  It’s also a year where you would be best served to pay special attention to health matters, even though it will feel difficult given that you’ll be working overtime. 

The number 4 governs health and so take this to heart:  You must take time for yourself and for true stress-management and relaxation. Even though it will feel counter-intuitive, you must take impeccable care of yourself this year or you will pay the price.  You’ll be tempted to be the ultimate caretaker for others, yet remember what the flight attendant always says while discussing the safety features prior to departure on a flight: If the oxygen masks engages you must place it over your face prior to helping anyone else. The same holds true for you during your 22/4 Personal Year.

Expect To Manifest The Creative Ideas From Your 3 Personal Year

What were you working on last year, during your 3 Personal Year of creative self-expression and creativity?  Were there any projects you started then?  Did you make any headway in locating and speaking your truth?  What was the focal point of your year of self-improvement?  More than likely you’re bringing in some of these creative ideas or expanded sense of yourself into your 22/4 Personal Year.  If so, take the time to understand what you’re bringing into the year for development and give yourself permission to expand on that.  Did you start writing a book?  This can be the year to finish and get it published.  Did you come to terms with some old emotional “stuff” that was weighing you down and sabotaging your ability to move forward in life?  This is the year to take bold steps with that new sense of emotional freedom and personal power.   These are just examples of how you might be bringing in the projects from last year that are ripe for development in your hard-working 22/4 Personal Year.

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It’s All About You!

Understand that the energy of the 22/4 Personal Year is supporting you in taking you and your long-term goals seriously. It demands a heightened level of trust in yourself and the universe—with a healthy dose of good old fashioned elbow grease!

It can feel emotional in ways you really can’t explain (thank you to the emotionally sensitive and diplomatic number 2) and a bit overwhelming (thank you to the tenacious and foundation-setting number 4).  The year will offer opportunities to bring your highest and best to the game.

Relationships are a key element for the number 2 and this is a time that tests your ability to truly see how you love and how you want to be loved in return while also sometimes putting emotions aside and instead focusing on developing your long-term plan and sticking to that trajectory. 

Overall, the energy of the Master 22/4 Personal Year supports you in making radical progress  when your goals are altruistic and geared toward the benefit of others. When you choose to take your humanitarian enterprises to the next level you can expect a strong and profound impact. 

Just don’t expect to be an “overnight” success. 

Anything you create this year is meant to be in it for the long haul. 

Good luck!

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