During the time when a Personal Year of vibration 4 is active, you can feel somewhat overcommitted. Because of your Achievement Number, 9, you might feel limited or that things are unnecessarily complicated, which can be frustrating. Asking for and accepting help is truly a winning strategy this year, and will improve every aspect of your life now and in the future.

There’s a feeling of work surrounding almost everything that needs to be done this year, so be prepared to “take care of business”, but make sure you do so in an orderly and systematic way. Acting impulsively will actually slow things down. Pay attention to details to take advantage of this building and perfecting vibration, so it can help you create a stable and secure lifestyle.

A 4 Personal Year is always an excellent time to put extra energy into personal wellness. While it’s important to make healthy choices, be careful to avoid drastic or sudden changes. Try to avoid unnecessary travel this year. Do your best to stay on task, because if you do, you’ll find that this may be the most constructive year ever.

Pay attention to all matters concerning work and business, and don’t make any radical changes in your plans or lifestyle. If it’s not easy for you to bring order into your financial life, get some coaching, training or work with a real expert on these matters – your results are almost guaranteed to be superb.

It’s important for you to know that holding on to unrealistic expectations of yourself and others will only lead to disappointment this year. Do things in a step-by-step fashion and you’ll find that others will appreciate you and cooperate with you more often than they usually do.

Each Personal Year has a set vibrational frequency. To support and enhance the positive aspects of Personal Year #4, consider working with the following suggestions:

  • Personal Year #4 Color: Green
  • Personal Year #4 Jewel: Emerald/Jade
  • Personal Year #4 Word: Practical

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