When a Personal Year of vibration 5 is active, you’ll experience many different opportunities for change, but with these opportunities come temptations that can pull you off course. Because your Achievement Number is 1, you might need to be a little more serious and guarded as well, because vibration 5 has the reputation of bringing the unexpected into play.

And be aware that resisting the changes that come can cause you to miss opportunities, but by adapting to the changes and being practical, you’ll find that during a 5 Personal Year, opportunities are hidden in the chaos of change.

Even if you’re good at following clues when the smell of success is in the air, you’ll have to be careful to remember that all that glitters is not gold. It’s possible that 2019 wasn’t very interesting and you’re ready for some excitement, but if you act impulsively, you’ll quickly learn that fortune does not always favor the bold.

Conditions around you might not be as stable as you’d like, and commitments, promises and contracts may not be as reliable. Dealing with these things can take time away from more pleasurable or profitable activities. This could cause you to react with anger or upset, but that’s not the way to go. You need to find out what these changes might offer by crunching the numbers – don’t guess. And don’t let a feeling of overconfidence send you on a side trip. Stay focused.

During the last few months of 2019, keep a close watch on everything concerning work and business. Lighten up a bit, because this will help you adapt to 2020’s vibration and the variety and freedom it will bring. You’ll need to approach 2020 in a businesslike and accepting way because there will be any number of new ideas and opportunities that will give you the edge in reaching your goals.

If you’ve been thinking about making visible changes in your life or lifestyle, a Personal Year 5 is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Many professional numerologists suggest that making major (but appropriate) changes in your wardrobe or hairstyle can have positive effects in every way during a cycle or year under the influence of vibration 5.

It’s also important that you moderate your behavior during this year, especially when it comes to enjoying your guilty pleasures. Much of the trouble you can encounter from vibration 5 is a side effect of having too much fun and missing an important bit of knowledge or key opportunity. In other words, moderation, responsibility and adaptability are your keys to success in a Personal Year 5.

To support and enhance the positive aspects of Personal Year #5, consider working with the following suggestions:

  • Personal Year #5 Color: Aqua
  • Personal Year #5 Jewel: Turquoise/Aquamarine
  • Personal Year #5 Word: Change

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