A Personal Year 8 can be challenging. It will be hard for you to manage your time properly, because you might put too much effort into seeking security, advancement and accomplishment. You may become more suspicious or skeptical because of a drive to control your situation, or at least to align it with what you think is right. If this doubt and mistrust turns inward, you can undermine your wellness by being too rigid in your thinking and not being open to alternative methods.

It can be a positive year, however, if you let go of your ideas and expectations about how things “should” be. By letting go of these old, heavy concepts, you’ll discover practical ways to apply your intuition, which is your best strategy for achieving prosperity this year. If you develop a balanced relationship with others, it will balance your relationship with expansion and open up all sorts of possibilities. Don’t try to force people to bend to your will, or force situations to go your way. Avoid trusting in luck at all costs; expecting miracles is like poison to you – it will move you into a habit of stubbornness and procrastination.

Eight is often called the number of “instant” Karma. This means your efforts and actions will bring immediate results, or to put it another way, you can expect the consequences of your actions to manifest quickly and powerfully. Plan carefully and thoughtfully unless you want to invite losses, obstacles and other unwanted results into your experience this year. Rely on your allies as they rely on you, because trying to do everything yourself will only cause problems. Focusing your attention on your loved ones and friends will build an emotional support system that can supercharge your success, your prosperity and your happiness.

If others have unrealistic expectations of you, or if you expect too much of yourself, you might be overestimating your abilities. You’re a naturally helpful person, but this year, volunteering to do favors could take up all your energy, so pick your opportunities with care. You have a talent for managing and organizing projects, people and situations, and you need to let that talent shine. Speak up for yourself and let your feelings into the light of day where they can be transformed into the dynamic, positive energy you need to succeed this year.

Each Personal Year has a set vibrational frequency.

To support and enhance the positive aspects of Personal Year #8, consider working with the following suggestions:

  • Personal Year #8 Color: Beige/Brown
  • Personal Year #8 Jewel: Diamond
  • Personal Year #8 Word: Achievement

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