A Personal Year 1 is the beginning of a new 9-Year cycle, and during this year you’ll be setting things in motion for the entire cycle, so you need to be careful about engaging in anything drastic, since what you do now will have long-term consequences.

Personal Year 1 is always about new beginnings. Although you may feel like everything needs to be done immediately, trying to multitask and become super-efficient will only drag you down into exhaustion and regret, which is an emotional place that isn’t good for you. Being rational is the name of the game this year.

This is a high-action year in which everything seems to move at a faster pace. That feeling is likely to be the result of your ambitions and drive being stimulated. This is a time for making sober judgments and moving forward carefully, but it isn’t a time for procrastination. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to do something new, or do things in a new way, the time is now.

This year’s increased activity and energy can build up stress reactions, even if you don’t notice them. Any type of breathing exercise or meditation will probably make you immune to this, but it’s important that you consult with experts in the field, because following a teaching that isn’t a good fit for you simply does not work.

Following your bliss without careful forethought and preparation might be a bit tricky now. You need to approach all your decisions by thinking, “What is the most practical way to do this?” Otherwise, you’ll find that you’ve been pulled away from the responsibilities and duties that should really be your top priorities.

This year brings you a good deal of positive, optimistic and forward-thinking energy to help you move away from old, unhealthy patterns, and move into a whole new Personal Year Cycle with confidence and courage.

Each Personal Year has a set vibrational frequency. To support and enhance the positive aspects of Personal Year #1, consider working with the following suggestions:

  • Personal Year #1 Color: Red
  • Personal Year #1 Jewel: Ruby
  • Personal Year #1 Word: Beginnings

Let us know in the comments below what you’ve learned about yourself today.


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