The guiding vibration of this Personal Year almost always brings situations that favor study, planning, rest, recuperation, introspection and meditation. Aggressive strategies aimed at taking control of the flow of events simply won’t work, but if you’re willing to be creative and let your contagious enthusiasm for life flow, this can be a year when you experience positive personal growth on every level of your being. Since your intuitive insights and abilities to inspire others will be enhanced, your natural social instincts will help you thrive.

The best strategy for activating your inner power this year is to relax and take time to feel things out. Your intuition can guide you toward positive solutions and plans, but only if you have faith in your own inner guidance. Don’t feel frustrated if ideas don’t work out, because these feelings can turn into obstacles that sabotage your future progress toward your goals. Even though the annual vibration 4 favors introspection and meditation, don’t let life pass you by. One of the best things you can do during a 7 Personal Year is to engage in social activities, because they’re a natural vehicle for your spirited energy and will bring you into contact with people who can really help you. This year, you can trust that the guidance you need will come to you, because it will.

This isn’t a year when financial matters should be the main focus, but you may encounter some frustrations concerning money or employment, unless you focus on saving and managing your cash. The best way to handle the energy of the year is to be cooperative, not confrontational. If you let go of expectations and do your best to relax your doubts and suspicions of others, you’ll find that cooperation and commitment comes easily now. If you do things in a step-by step fashion, you’ll find that you’ll spontaneously organize yourself in a way that will build a strong foundation for Personal Year 8 in 2021 and will help you prosper now and in the future.

Each Personal Year has a set vibrational frequency.

To support and enhance the positive aspects of Personal Year #7, consider working with the following suggestions:

  • Personal Year #7 Color: Violet/Purple
  • Personal Year #7 Jewel: Amethyst
  • Personal Year #7 Word: Faith

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