If there was ever a time to build alliances and extend your trust to those who can help you achieve your goals, that time is now! Your Personal Year number, 2, is all about teamwork, cooperation and mutual happiness. Be prepared to enjoy the experience of building connections with others and learning to accept what they have to give, because almost all the benefits this year come from collaboration, and the very act of working with others is an excellent remedy for the woes that your Achievement Number 7 is prone.

Trust issues from the past are likely to come up. Instead of considering what others are willing to give as a way to get something from you, try to give without considering motives. If you do this, you’ll discover the key to opening up the intense and powerful property of effortless abundance hidden in this vibrant number.

The plans and ideas you have for this year will probably be brought into manifestation through collaboration. You’ll find it easy to attract the advice and help from those who can help you achieve your goals. But be sure to keep your own agenda in mind and stand up for yourself.

By focusing on daily details and everyday affairs, chances are good that you’ll be rewarded by more satisfying experiences, especially in business matters. You’ll notice that negotiating skills will be a tremendous asset for you this year.

If you can maintain an attitude of being a self-starter and a team player at the same time, you won’t have time to sit around and mull over the intensified feelings that a Personal Year 2 can bring. If you approach opportunities that present themselves in a systematic and orderly way, instead of depending on your expectations of yourself or those of others, it’s almost certain that you’ll turn this year into a time of steady and solid progress. You’ll see good things happen in the financial realm, as long as you avoid speculation or dicey advisors.

Each Personal Year has a set vibrational frequency. To support and enhance the positive aspects of Personal Year #2, consider working with the following suggestions:

  • Personal Year #2 Color: White, Light Blue
  • Personal Year #2 Jewel: Moonstone, Pearl
  • Personal Year #2 Word: Partnership

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