You’re scary.

Maybe you don’t quite believe it, but there’s some part of you that’s intimidating to others. Maybe it’s your live-out-loud personality (hello Leo!) or maybe it’s your cool, forward-focussed vision (that’ll be you, Aquarius!) We ALL have traits that make us stand out from the crowd, and instill just a little of the most useful kind of fear in the people around us.

Because intimidation isn’t always a bad thing.

Being intimidating stops you getting overlooked in a crowded room. It stops people walking all over you, an helps your voice to be heard. But tip it too far (that means milking the fear you instill) and you’ve got self-centered arrogance on display instead. But holding a little healthy intimidation can work wonders for your social standing, your success levels and your ability to get on in life.

So what makes you intimidating?

Look no further than your Zodiac sign…

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

PinAries, your bold, assertive aura is what intimidates people most.

You’re a go-getter, and you’re always streaking ahead of each other Zodiac sign when it comes to work, play, well… pretty much the whole of life!

You have a fearless quality that seeps out of your skin. It’s palpable to the people around you – your horoscope is the definition of confidence! And despite this being your natural state of being (do you even know how courageous you are?) it terrifies us! How will we ever match up?

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TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

PinTaurus. Strong, determined, committed Taurus, it’s your supernatural ability to get what you want in life that intimidates us most. Except it’s not actually supernatural, is it? You work hard, you aim for the prize, and you get what you deserve in return.

Standing alongside you, Taurus, every other sign in the zodiac looks like a shirker!

And when it comes to actually enjoying the fruits of your labors, you, Taurus are the queen (or King) of pleasure. We look at the way you relax into luxury, lapping up the pleasures of the world, and we’re intimidated by just how easy you find it to chill!

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GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

PinGemini, how do you do it?!

You’re everyone person’s friend, a conversational junkie, and networker extraordinaire! When you enter a busy room, you work it like a master. Maybe you think everyone knows how to chat and charm like you, but not so! What you do is a skill – it’s part of your personality to put people at ease, get on their best side and always say the right thing at the right time!

And the fact that it comes SO easily to you, whilst the rest of us feel SO unapproachable, is as intimidating as hell to the rest of us!

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CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

PinCancer, do you have a private line to the inside of our hearts?

You have an uncanny knack of always seeming to know what we’re thinking and feeling. And it’s really rather intimidating when we’re not expecting it! Your empathy may feel like a curse to you, but it’s truly a gift. We wonder about how this water sign does it – and wish we had half the sensitivity you do. Your deep understanding means other people don’t have to explain themselves – you save them the trouble!

But Cancer, we’re scared by how accurate you are!

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LEO (July 23 – August 22)

PinNeed we explain!? Leo, you’re a person who belongs at the center of the room.

Adored by so many, it’s your ease with attention that’s so damn intimidating to the rest of us! How can an inner power like yours not intimidate the rest of us mortals? Confident, powerful and popular, what’s not to love?

But it’s an impossible mountain for every other zodiac sign to climb – how do you do it, Leo? How do you believe in yourself SO much, that it leaves the rest of us for dust?!

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VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

PinVirgo, you’re a picture of perfection.

Whether it’s your job, your home, your family, the way you hold a conversation…. All of you is perfectly considered and not only intimidates the rest of us, but makes us feel like total half-wits!

You’re a multitasking magician. You have this way of juggling a hundred plates without dropping a single one, making every other zodiac sign look ridiculously inadequate.

Virgo, how could your astrology NOT intimidate us?

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LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

PinLibra, your moral compass is sharp as a pin.

You know what’s right (and what’s not) and you’ll fight for what you believe in. But you know what intimidates us the most? It’s the grace and charm that you fight with! How can someone as determined as you, seem SO gentle and kind? You have taste and, boy, does your zodiac sign have style!

So could your most unnerving quality, Libra, be keeping the delicate balance you so skilfully embody?

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SCORPIO (October 23 TO November 21)

PinScorpio, oh Scorpio, intimidation could be your middle name.

Whether it’s your brooding nature, your probing, possessive personality traits or your sexual allure, you intimidate even the fiercest of humans. Simply seeing you walk into the room makes the rest of us quake. We know that in 5 minutes flat you’ll have us rolling on our backs like a puppy, doing whatever you say.

Such is the power of your astrology, Scorpio!

And it’s not that your zodiac sign tries to be intense, it simply runs through your veins like blood.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

PinSagittarius, do you try to lead such an exciting life?

You’re always dashing off somewhere exotic, or returning from an equally far-flung destination (or that’s how it appears). So is it any wonder that every other zodiac sign is intimidated by your efforts? We’d love to keep up with your astrology, fire sign Sag, but we’re happy at home with a cuppa, so we’ll just sit back and listen to your stories…

But what threatens our comfort is how easy it looks for you to break, or is that bend the rules. We wish we had your nerve, Sagittarius. But for now, we’ll catch our breath.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 –  January 19)

PinCapricorn, you intimidate and inspire in equal measure.

Your astrology gives you the patience, the diligence and the sheer hard-working approach to get to the top – and we wish we had it in us too! But alas, you’re the sign of the zodiac destined to succeed and don’t we know it. But sea-goat Capricorn, you’re never boastful, self-centered or selfish (how can someone be so ahead of the game and still be so “normal”?!)

Maybe it’s that that intimidates us… we want what you want, but (unlike you) we can’t work out how to get it!

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AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

PinAquarius you don’t give a damn what other people think of you, and your quirky, cool confidence can really intimidate the rest of us! We wish we could be SO happy in our own skin!

But it’s your rebelliousness and your unexpected, futuristic ideas that leave us in awe, and feeling just a little insecure – how can you be so off-beat and SO adored by so many all at the same time?

You’re another person who seems to have more than a few irons in the fire, yet still manages to keep it together. And what intimidates us the most, Aquarius, is that you seem to do it all without needing anybody else around!

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PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

PinPisces, do the rest of us have a creative bone in our bodies? Do we have imaginations, or do we exist in a grey world that’s totally run-of-the-mill?

We’re intimidated by you, and the magical, surreal, outlandishly beautiful world you inhabit – can we come in?

You’re a water sign that may struggle to keep your two feet on the ground, but your ease with swimming off into more exciting worlds is exactly what we want!

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Now it’s your turn!

Which zodiac sign do you find most intimidating of all? Why?

Share with us in the comments below…