The Queen of Swords embodies the transformation of life’s harshest lessons and deepest sorrow into profound wisdom and depth of insight. She is, on the one hand, an image of a sorrowful woman, such as a widow, yet she also represents the powers of intellect to liberate one from the bondage of grief and despair, through objective, honest reflection and penetrating insight into the meaning of what transpires. This card may also represent “straight talk” or “telling it like it is”, and the resemblance of this card to Justice further reinforces the suggestion of some one dealing out punishment or harsh truths.

Clarity, objectivity, understanding and mental discipline are nourishing in this case and bring emotional fulfillment. The Queen of Swords can also represent one who creates literary works of art such as poetry, novels, or spoken word performance, or some one gifted at weaving a beautiful story. She is articulate, not for the sake of impressing others with many syllabled words and impressive sounding banter, but for the sake of actually illuminating wisdom and fostering understanding in others. The Queen of Swords also represents the relief and comfort we can find in objective reasoning, as during a time of emotional upset or stress. We loosen the hold of our emotions by reminding ourselves of certain objective facts, and we can reinstate stability within us through logic, critical discipline and reasonable discernment.

Alternatively, it shows one who is capable of keeping a clear head in the middle of somber or stressful situations, or some one who accepts hardship, sorrow and sad facts of life with serenity, acceptance and grace. It may indicate some one who is suffering because of an ongoing attempt to always live by his or her highest principles, or one who is so hungry for a kind of “purity” of being that she chokes all the joy out of life with rules, restrictions, admonitions, fanaticism or idealism.

Astrological Association:

The Queen of Swords card is connected to the Sun in Aquarius as a symbol of independence, individuality and empirical wisdom.

Card meanings upright:

The Queen of Swords card may indicate that you are very smart and professional with an intelligent wit and humor. You are likely quite intellectual, and may rely on your intellect over your feelings most often. If you have been hurt in love, you are likely very good at covering up feelings of bitterness or hurt.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Queen of Swords is reversed, it may indicate that you are having issues with problem solving and communication. You may be feeling misunderstood due to false accusations or struggling to understand the people around you.


The Queen of Swords can indicate that you should not broadcast your impressions about how things should flow in your workplace. You may need to be careful not to overreact to things you perceive as disrespect. If you are looking for work, you are likely in a good position to present yourself well, and you may need to look for woman in your life who can help guide you in the right direction.


The Queen of Swords card can indicate that you may need to control your impulses or avoid being too forceful in your romantic life. Your mother or a motherly figure may try to interfere with your relationship, whether that is her intention or not. You may need to figure out what boundaries you would like in place with her, and let her know how you feel.


The Queen of Swords card can indicate that a strong woman is going to play an important role in your life. There may be much you can learn from her if you are open to the things she has to say.


The Queen of Swords card can represent the importance your emotions will be in opening up new understanding in your spiritual life. You may need to try to focus on your feelings rather than your thoughts to open yourself up to the messages from spirits in the everyday. You may find that keeping a dream journal is beneficial to your spiritual growth as well.


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