telephone-numbers-numerologyRead Below To Find Out If Your Phone Number Is Helping (or Hurting) Your Career

Your phone number represents a MAJOR gateway of communication between you and the people you love and work with. Every time you give it out, or someone calls it – it’s an energy exchange… and it’s influencing your life whether you like it or not.

Some phone numbers will carry an energy that is welcoming and complementary to your numerology profile…

Other phone numbers can be TOXIC to your life, especially when it comes to your career if the majority of your calls are work-related!

Calculating Your Numerological Phone Number

Earlier, we shared with you how to calculate your numerological phone number – or your phone number reduced to a single digit. Now that you have this number, find the corresponding reading below to discover how it’s affecting your life and career!

If you forgot, here’s a quick refresher on how to calculate your numerological phone number. Simply add up all the digits in your number (including the area code) and continue adding the digits till you arrive at a single number or a master number (11, 22, 33, 44).

Here’s an example:

2 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 26
2 + 6 = 8

Once you have your numerological phone number, just look below to find its energetic meaning.


1 is a very beneficial number for someone who is a manager, group leader, or who aspires to that role. Expect incoming phone calls from other managers and subordinates asking for information or advice. If your office or address yield 1, you can expect to host meetings, both formal and informal, in your office. You will be able to perform leadership functions efficiently and make decisions affecting you, your business and your employees.

Keywords: original, independent, aggressive, individualistic, creative, dominant; the first in a series, the start of any operation or activity, the leader, the pioneer, the boss who likes authority. “He who goes forth.”


2, being the complement to 1 (the yin to 1’s yang), provides a more passive energy. It is well suited for businesses and jobs that are in-between two other entities: like agents, diplomats, and brokers. 2 tries to bring unity through compromise, and achieving a meeting of the minds. In that context, it could be a good energy for a law office, or an administrator. Because of the receptive nature of 2, it is also a good energy for administrative assistants, secretaries and interns. If you are ambitious and desire advancement in your current job, and your phone or office number yield 2: work toward advancement by cooperation and achieving consensus among difficult coworkers. The 2 energy will help you on this path to a promotion, and relocation to a new office with a new (and hopefully more auspicious) phone number.

Keywords: adaptable, tactful, understanding, gentle, cautious; a follower rather than a leader.


3 combines the qualities of 1 and 2. The 3 energy is very enthusiastic and creative. It is ideal for someone who makes their living from their creativity: artists, graphic designers, musicians, writers, actors and other performers would do well with 3 for their number. The 3 energy is very sociable, extroverted and friendly.

Keywords: expansive, sociable, dramatic, communicative, diversified, creative


4 is stability, a 4-square consciousness, the symbol of law, systems and order. It is firmness, security, stability and conservatism. 4 is nature and relates to the earth. 4 develops a practical nature, and through self-discipline, binds itself to a conventional routine exercise of its energy. 4 is a wonderful energy for builders, contractors, and tradesmen (carpenters, plumbers and electricians), as well as for businesses that work directly with the earth, such as farms and landscape and lawn care businesses. Jobs that relate to law and order also fall under these energies, so lawyers, bureaucrats, law enforcement and judicial personnel would do well with 4 for their number. This is also an acceptable energy for bankers, stock brokers, and conservative politicians (although they would do better with 8 or 22).

Keywords: form, work, order, practicality, construction, stability, endurance, discipline


5 is freedom, change and adventure. Curiosity and constant activity produce a resourceful, adaptable and versatile energy always ready to take a chance. This is a good number for a creative professional, especially someone involved in advertising or promotion. Travel agents would also benefit from the 5 energy. For many other careers, the 5 energy tends to draw the party animals to you – either through distracting phone calls, or non-work socializing in your office. The exuberance of the 5 energy may become distracting in some job settings. If this happens to you, you will have to exhibit some self-control and start screening calls and closing your office door to visitors so you’ll be able to get your work done.

Keywords: versatility, resourcefulness, adaptability, change, activity, travel, adventure, promotion, speculation.


6 is conscientious; it desires to bring harmony, truth, justice and a sense of balance into its environment. Love and compassion are uppermost in its mind. Others are drawn to it because of the understanding which emanates from it. 6 is an ideal energy for teachers, body workers, medical offices, child care businesses, schools, social workers, counselors, and social services. 6 is a domestic and artistic vibration that adjusts to the needs of others. 6 is also gifted in the arts, and can be an auspicious number for fine artists in a number of fields. Architects that specialize in residential design would especially benefit from bringing the 6 energy into their practice.

Keywords: family and social responsibility, service, love, compassion, counselling, healing, creativity.


7 seeks answers. It tries to establish a philosophy by which to live and attempts to penetrate the mystery behind its existence which it had never questioned to this point. Because solitude is necessary for analysis, the 7 feels the need to spend time alone, away from the crowds, in touch with nature. It looks for friendship with those of an elevated consciousness that can match its own. This is not a fantastic energy for a high visibility business or practice, but it is suited to professions where discerning contact is desired. This phone will not be ringing off the hook with constant calls, and visits to the 7 office will be rare but meaningful. The person with the 7 phone will be contacted with questions, because the caller knows you have the answers they seek.

Keywords: quiet, introspective, intuitive, analytical, inspirational, reclusive, philosophical, mystical.


8 will assume power, for it now has achieved control and responsibility in its own chosen field. Recognition and financial rewards are bestowed, and expansion and growth in the business would take place. Under 8, karma is king, and you reap what you have sown. Power is the quality associated with 8. Ardor, zeal, steadfastness and the ability to see in broad terms give it the ambition and added qualities needed to achieve material goals. This number is perfect for the entrepreneur and the executive. Politicians work well with the 8 energy, as do people who work in finance: bankers, stock brokers, and so forth.

Keywords: power, responsibility, financial rewards, good judgement, recognition


9 is selflessness and compassion. 9 is ready to give back to the universe some measure of what it has learned through the eight previous steps of the cycle. The law of cyclicity allows for no waste, and demands input for output. When this is done willingly, the completion experienced under 9 brings only joy at the gift of life and the freedom with which to enter the next cycle unencumbered. The fact that the 9 energy encompasses endings makes it a problematical number in a work context. The 9 energy seems to attract pink slips and layoffs, especially if it’s associated with an office number. It would be best suited for non-profit work; work that promotes tolerance and compassion. Charities would benefit from this energy. The spiritual aspect of the 9 energy is also well suited to religious organizations, as well as work that involves death: life insurance, cemeteries and funeral homes.

Keywords: love, compassion, patience, universality, tolerance, selfless service, endings.


11 is the first Master Number, a higher vibration of 2. Its keywords are altruism and community. It is one of the most difficult vibrations because the demand for high standards is constant. 11 is an esoteric master number of spiritual import. It bestows courage, power and talent with strong feelings of leadership. This is a difficult energy to handle: sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with the amount and nature of issues that come to you over the phone, or through your office door. If you can remember that true mastery is service, and remain modest in the face of fame and recognition, you will be able to deal with whatever comes your way.

Keywords: altruism, community, spiritual revelation, idealism, emotionalism, future vision.


22 is the second Master Number, a higher vibration of 4. 22 gives the promise of success. 22 wants to accomplish big things in a big way, preferably with a lot of people, as in dealings with a big corporation. Great at taking ideas and putting them to practical use. This is a fantastic number for entrepreneurs, aspiring executives and politicians, and people who have to deal with large projects or groups. It is also auspicious for large construction companies, and civil engineers and architects: people who design and build skyscrapers, bridges, roads, and other large, public-works projects.

Keywords: Master extrovert, power on both planes, financial stability, complete control


33 is the third Master Number, a higher vibration n of 6. The need to serve and protect others is very strong. 33 is auspicious for people working with nature, including forestry, environmental advocacy, and large-scale agriculture; the arts – music, painting or literature; doctors and other healthcare professionals; or law and justice, including lawyers, policemen, judges, and lawmakers.

Keywords: Responsibility, self-sacrifice, courage, Master Teacher, worldly success, skill and fame, perfect relationships


44 is the fourth and final Master Number, a higher vibration of 8. As such, the 44 energy can bring you rewards for your efforts in any field of endeavor. If you have been productive, you can expect an increase in status and finances. If you have not been giving it your “best shot,” you may receive unwanted and restricting burdens instead. It may be time for a change in office location, phone number, or even your job or career.

Keywords: Karma, re-evaluation, opportunity

Does This Apply To Other Numbers?

Remember, these readings don’t just apply to your phone number. Use the same calculations to find the numerological number for your office address, employee number, or any other sequence of digits you see on a daily basis! Then refer back to these readings.

What To Do If Your Phone Number Is Toxic

change phone number toxic numbersYou may not be able to move your house or office location easily, but you may be able to
change your phone number without much effort. Or, if you have a numeric phone number that is not favorable for your business or career path, try to come up with an alphanumeric equivalent (using the Pythagorean calculations in Part 1) that would give you a more beneficial number.

If changing your phone number is just not an option, consciously try to bring more complementary numbers into your career environment! Maybe you can change your parking space number, or license plate, or focus on the positive numbers when they appear. Remember, attention goes where energy flows!

Many blessings,
The Numerologist Team

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