Have you ever entered a house or apartment and instantly thought to yourself, “Something doesn’t feel right” or “Wow, I feel completely at home”?

Now, not many people know this, but like your birth date and your name, your house number (or apartment number) can actually affect your happiness, mood, and general vibe of your home.

While your zip code, street address, and building address also hold their own Numerology and have an effect on the overall vibration of your life, it’s really your home number that is the most influential, because it is the most personal to you.

Plus, if it’s at odds with your personal Numerology, your address could actually be making life harder for you.

How To Calculate The Numerology of Your Home

Similar to finding out your Life Path Number, all you have to do is write down the full number of your house or apartment, then add up all the numbers together to find the sum. From there, you reduce the sum to a single digit.

Here’s an example:

Say your address is 486 Mousehair Avenue.

  • Add up the single digits 4 + 8 + 6 = 18.
  • Then sum together each of the double-digits 1 + 8 = 9.

So if your home address is 486, then the numerological value of your house is a 9.

What if I Live in an Apartment?

If you live in an apartment, you’ll focus on just your apartment number.

Here’s an example:

  • Say you live at 486 Mousehair Avenue, Apartment 45C. You would then calculate the numerology for 43C.
  • Add up 4 + 3 = 7.

So if your home address is apartment number 43, then the numerological value of your home is a 7.

Here’s a quick reference of the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding numbers:

1 = A, J, S
2 = B, K, T
3 = C, L, U
4 = D, M, V
5 = E, N, W
6 = F, O, X
7 = G, P, Y
8 = H, Q, Z
9 = I, R

Home Number & Address Numerology Readings

Number 1

A number 1 home is a great space to live in for those who are self-employed, work from their home, or live with others who value freedom and autonomy. The energy here promotes innovation, ambition, independence, drive, and leadership, and will strengthen your self-confidence and determination.


Number 1 Challenges:

If you’re someone who prefers to be around people more often than not, the number 1 Home can be tough.

*If your house number ends in a 19, it might be even harder since that number is known as a karmic debt number. (Head here for more on the Karmic Number 19). This means you may feel unsupported and lonely at times. If this is you, add another number inside your door to create an even number.

Number 2

A number 2 home is nothing but loving and cozy, where guests will always feel welcomed and nurtured. The energy here is sensitive and emotional, making it perfect for those who love having people over, are affectionate, and love having photos of their friends and family on the wall.

It’s also perfect for couples, close friends living together, and families.


Number 2 Challenges:

Because the 2 itself is very emotionally powerful, the personalities living within it may sometimes feel overly sensitive. You may find yourself taking things too personally, even needing constant affirmation, and affection. For those living with others, there may be an imbalance of give and take. In order to harmonize this vibration, keep healthy boundaries and express your feelings directly when they come up.

Number 3

A 3 home is a cheerful and upbeat place to be and perfect for lively social gatherings.

A home like this one promotes creativity, self-expression, cheerfulness, and high energy. Feelings are shared openly here and innovative ideas flow freely. Perfect for artists, creatives, and anyone who loves living life to the fullest and expressing themselves.


Number 3 Challenges:

A number 3 home can lend itself to being unfocused and scattered. It’s not uncommon for those living in a 3 home to spend too much money or suffer from self-doubt. To balance this energy keep yourself grounded, focused on practical things, and nurture your mind with positive thoughts and feelings.

Number 4

A number 4 home is solid, secure, and safe. As the most grounded vibration, a 4 home is deeply related to the Earth and physical structures. This makes it perfect for investments related to property, stocks, finances, or even your spiritual education.

Discipline, structure, and responsibility are promoted in a 4 home and is great for those who prefer stability (at least in the house).


Number 4 Challenges:

Of all the numbers, 4 is the most grounded, but also the slowest. So if you have a penchant for adventure, change, variety, and movement, you won’t find it with the numerology of a 4 home. You may also find it harder to get through your to-do list, especially if your house number as a 13, since it’s karmic debt number. (Check out this recent post about the Karmic Number 13)

It’s important you learn to balance work with play, and practicality with feeling. Since 4 is also linked to structure, you’ll want to ensure that the physical frame and foundation of your home are in tip-top shape. When repairs come around, invest in them and don’t skimp out.

Number 5

Love parties, gatherings, and socializing? Then a 5 house is definitely for you. 5 is the most sociable of all the numbers in numerology, so if you love having people over and entertaining guests, then it’s perfect for you. In fact, excitement and adventure likely seem to follow you home.

The numerology of this address is also perfect for those who love to travel, make new friends, try new experiences, and value freedom. If you need to break up your routine or get out of a rut, then this is the right home for you.


Number 5 Challenges:

Stability, calm, and quiet introspection aren’t normally associated with a 5. In fact, you might find this to be a temporary home instead of a permanent one.

Because 5 is one of variety and change, you also may find it harder to decide or focus on practical issues.

You may also find yourself giving into food, alcohol, sex a little too often, especially if your home adds up to a 14, another karmic debt number. (Find out more about the 14 HERE). If you have a history of addiction or know you have very little will power in some aspects of your life, stay away from a 5 house or change the number.

Personalities who live in one need to maintain their discipline and focus.

Number 6

A 6 house is great for families, couples, or creatives who love to be inspired by beauty, love, and harmony.

Your home really is your sanctuary. When guests walk in, they’ll immediately feel because of the balance in energy. If you live in a number 6 home, be sure to decorate it with pretty colors, comfy furniture, green plants and flowers, and an abundance of other art and beauty.

Since in numerology 6 is a number of care and nurturing, children and pets will thrive here. A 6 is a very lucky home and almost everyone can feel happy in one.


Number 6 Challenges:

Since 6 is linked to familial responsibility, you may find yourself spread too thin taking care of others instead of yourself. To counter this, pay attention to yourself and listen to your needs first before saying yes to everything. You may also find that because your home is so wonderful, you never want to leave! This is great, but it’s also important to get out and connect with others.

Number 7

Mystics, writers, creatives, researchers and spiritual seekers of all sorts will absolutely love a number 7 home! 7 is a very personal vibration, and can be a touch secretive, inspiring deep introspection and insight. For those who love to hang out at home, read quietly, reflect and re-energize, you will thrive here!

To nurture tranquility, you can add water to this home if you don’t already live near water. A 7 home is a space for spiritual and intellectual exploration, a place to promote shifts in your consciousness.


Number 7 Challenges:

If you love to party or socialize, you might find yourself getting cabin fever and going a little stir-crazy. According to numerology, a number 7 home can be too isolating for extroverts and people who love constant connection with others.

It’s also important that you get rid of any clutter in your environment in order to harmonize with the 7s energy. (of you struggle with attachment, you may find living at the address a struggle).

When it comes to repairs, make sure to take good care of your roof since 7 homes are prone to roof damage, especially if the address adds up to 16 (karmic debt number). 7s love to also escape, so avoid this address if you have a history of alcohol or drug addiction.

Number 8

The perfect space for entrepreneurs and those who are driven by their career.

If you’re running a business from home, then you’ll love living in an 8 house, since it’s the number of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Any financial endeavor will surely be promoted here. 8 is also linked to passion, so you may find yourself urged to connect with people and activities you love.

Training for a marathon?

Working on some tough asanas?

Then you’ll find a boost in an 8 home! If you are also working towards expanding your influence and status in the world, position in life, monetary wealth, or size of your family, then this is the perfect home for you.


Number 8 Challenges:

Because 8 is linked to money and abundance, you’ll have big gains as well as big losses. You’ll also find the desire to keep expanding and wanting more, be it furniture, space, people, upgrades, or just stuff. Make sure you don’t put too much money into your home, especially if this desire stems from the need to impress others. Otherwise your home can turn into a money pit.

It’s also important that you don’t focus so much on your career and money that you forget about your loved ones.

Number 9

Like a 6 home, everyone feels welcome in a number 9 home as it’s the number of universal love and compassion. Feelings of love and acceptance will surely be promoted here. Those living here will have a peak in intuition and find themselves receiving calls and guests seeking advice. People will naturally be attracted to your home because of all the loving energy here.

9 is also an international number, so you may feel the need to travel or bring in guests from other parts of the world. You’ll likely also find yourself thinking of memories and past emotions in order to promote healing and forgiveness.

A 9 house is also emotionally rewarding and ultimately, you’ll learn a great deal about yourself and others.


Number 9 Challenges:

A number 9 address is suited to people with an open heart and mind, though not as good for families. 9 holds an idealistic vibration and therefore can be difficult if you need to make more money or become more ambitious.

You may find yourself dwelling too much on the past and fear abandonment or rejection. But if you learn to love yourself without outside approval and listen to your strong intuition, you will thrive in a 9 home!

What If I don’t Vibe with the Numerology of my Home Number?

Don’t worry!

You don’t have to move homes or do anything so drastic!

Instead, just introduce another number in to your home. Say you live in a 5 house, but you’d rather be living in a 3 house. To change the vibration of your home, you can simply put the number 7 on the inside of your door. 5 + 7 = 1 2 . 1 + 2 = 3 !

Lots of love,


PS: Drop me a note below and let me know what the numerology for your house is! Does it vibe with you? Are you happy with it?

About Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Numerologist and Happiness Coach who helps people world-wide align with their soul’s purpose and reclaim their natural spiritual gifts. Through her radio shows, online courses, and inspiring YouTube videos, Kari has taught thousands of people how to interpret the letters of their name and numbers in their birth date to heal their past, tune into their present, and decipher their destiny. Check out more of her awesome stuff at KariSamuels.com, where you can receive her free Numerology Guide to a Happy Life.

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