NAME NUMEROLOGY DECODEDOne of the most common questions we get from people all over the world is “How does my nickname/married name/name change affect my numerology?

Chances are you’ve got a nickname, or maybe you married and changed your last name or hyphenated it. Or for some of you, you went the whole nine yards and changed your entire legal name. It happens, it’s common, and yes, this most definitely has an effect on your personal numerology.

Birth Name vs. Nickname vs. Name Change

When you do a Soul Urge or Expression calculation, you’ll still need your birth name (the name printed on your birth certificate). However, this doesn’t mean that your nick name or new name has no effect on you.

Whether you’ve got a cute nickname that’s stuck with you for years or you’ve changed your name for the stage and screen, there’s still an energy transfer that happens.

Think about it. Every time someone calls your name, you write it down, fill out a form, or send an email, you’re identifying with this name. In essence, you’re putting out a subtle impression of yourself and attracting similar energy through your chosen name.

Now you might be thinking, “Well, which name should I use to calculate my numerology?” And the answer is all of them!

By calculating all of your most familiar names, you can gain further clarity to your life’s purpose and how you express yourself. For example, your birth name will reveal your overall destiny and who you are, whereas your nick name will represent how you see yourself and how others see you. For the most part, your most common name or nick name is your first impression when meeting someone. Generally, when you say, “Hi, I’m …” you’re telling the person subconsciously who you are as a person.

What Your Nick Name Or Common Name Says About You

The name you use the most reveals a lot about you and what you’re communicating with others. For example, your common name may reveal:

  • how you want to present yourself
  • what you’re comfortable with expressing and sharing
  • how you connect, interact, and communicate with others
  • your general attitude and vibe in a social setting

What Your Formal Or Birth Name Says About You

Just because you go by a nick name or a more common name, that doesn’t mean your birth name is not important. Your birth name reveals:

  • your inner desires and true destiny
  • your more hidden and secretive side (a side you may not show many people unless you’re close with them)
  • what you really like and dislike
  • your innate talents and abilities

numerology behind your nameWhat Your Other Names Say About You

You might find that you have more than just a birth name and a common name. For many people, they might have a “business name”. Look at your emails and letters. What do you sign off with? Do you sign off with your full name? Your nick name? Or a different name? For added clarity, you can calculate the numerology behind this name to reveal what impression it gives to receivers.

How To Calculate The Numerology Behind Your Names

Now that you know the difference between your nickname, common name, and birth name it’s time to calculate the numerology for them. It’s simple. Just write out your name, and assign each letter a numerical value (we’re using the Pythagorean system here).

After you’ve figured out all the numerical values for each letter, add up all the digits. Continue adding the digits, until you’re left with one number (or a master number: 11, 22, 33…).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

For example, the name Gabrielle would look like this:

7 1 2 9 9 5 3 3  5

Add up all the digits: 7+1+2+9+9+5+3+3+5=44. Since this is a Master Number, we would leave it at 44.

Therefore, the numerology behind “Gabrielle” is 44.

After you’ve figured out the numerological meaning behind your name, consult the number dictionary to see what vibrational energy or impression it gives out.

Number Dictionary

Other Ways To Calculate The Numerology Behind Your Name

Another common way to analyze your name is to see what numbers are present in your name and which ones are lacking. For example, in our previous exercise Gabrielle has 2 Es and 2 Ls. This indicates a strong 5 presence and 3 presence, indicating a thirst for adventure, exploration, travel, and creative expression. The lack of 4, 6, and 8 may indicate a dislike or lack of stability, domestic affairs, and predictability.

For a full analysis of your name using this method, check out this blog post on interpreting your “special traits” numbers  and this blog post on interpreting the missing numbers in your name.

Should You Change Your Name?

There’s a lot of talk in numerology circles on whether one should change their name or not. Even something as simple as taking on your spouse’s last name can bring up a heated discussion.

The general consensus, however, is go with your gut feeling and make sure the name change happens “organically”. Whether you’re hyphenating your last name with your new spouse’s or taking on a pseudonym as a writer, make sure it feels right to you. Do it because it feels good, positive, and right. Not because you’re running away from something, because no name change can get rid of unresolved issues overnight.

Changing the numerology in your name from a 4 to an 8 isn’t going to make you rich all of a sudden. And remember, impressions are not always true representations of who you are.

So before you change your name, or give up your last name, or identify with a new nickname, ask yourself, “Does this feel right? Do I feel good about this?” The answers to those questions will tell you more about the decision than calculating the numerology behind the names.

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