Shhh - Finger in Front of Lips Signalling Quiet.PinIn Numerology, Which Numbers Are Karmic Numbers?

When you see a 13, 14, 16, or 19 in your numerology chart, these are called Karmic numbers. Also known as Testing Numbers, Warning Numbers, or Hidden Numbers, these indicate that you have some kind of energetic “debt” to pay in this lifetime, for the actions you performed in a former lifetime.

What do Karmic Numbers Mean?

People usually cringe when they receive a numerology reading and see one of these numbers in their chart. This is because Karmic Numbers reveal extra challenges, more rooted difficulties and embedded patterns that need to be overcome and cleared during this lifetime.

Karmic Numbers mean you have work to do.

Why do we Have Karmic Numbers?

Karmic Numbers are specific indicators that there have been infractions in past life manifestations. Basically, this means that in a past life, you made mistakes, you took some wrong turns and abused – or neglected – your power and these hurt people. These past experiences have been etched onto your soul’s path, as a kind of energetic debt, and you now have an opportunity now, to re-learn from them and “pay them back”.

But this requires work.

If you know what kind of infractions these were, this knowledge can be invaluable, and Karmic Numbers offer insight and guidance towards the lessons you are here to learn, without you needing to know the specifics. The numbers offer a theme, a general area of life to focus on. And they are a powerful way to understand why you might have intensified issues in certain key areas of your life, leading you through the right choices which need to be made this time around. Knowing the nature of the debt you’re paying is a real bonus and a hugely positive thing. When you’re able to identify and name it, you are also able to embrace it and do something about it and grow and evolve as a human. And THAT is what we’re all here to do, right?!



DO YOU have a Karmic Number Lurking in your Numerology Chart?

It’s possible to have a Karmic Number as the Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge, Personality or Birthday Number. Where it occurs in your chart will dictate the level and kind of impact it has on your life.

Remember, the four Karmic Numbers are 13, 14, 16, or 19. Some free Numerology Calculators don’t reveal these (instead showing only their sum) so if you’re unsure, it may be better to work out your own core numbers or ask a professional numerologist for a reading.

Is your Life Path Number a Karmic Number?

If you have a Karmic Number as your Life Path Number, it will directly relate to the nature of your challenges as you progress on your path, striving to become a more masterful version of yourself. It will closely guide the decisions, choices and level of trust required of your during pivotal moments in your personal evolution.

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Is your Expression Number a Karmic Number?

If you have a Karmic Number as your Expression Number, you will have work to do to access your skills, talents and gifts in this lifetime. A Karmic Number here is a sign that you must work with devotion and humility to be able to access your full potential.

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Is your Soul Urge (Heart’s Desire) Number a Karmic Number?

If you have a Karmic Number as your Soul Urge (Heart’s Desire) Number, you will face particular personal challenges which are likely to be revealed through your closest relationships. Radical honesty and vulnerability will be required of you, in order to work through the karma you carry in this lifetime.

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Is your Personality Number a Karmic Number?

If you have a Karmic Number as your Personality Number, it will affect the way you are received by others in this lifetime. You may meet significant challenges when it comes to being understood, yet the inner work required will fall on you, and not on those around you.

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Is your Birthday Number a Karmic Number?

If you have a Karmic Number as your Birthday Number, you are likely to face challenges in your career and work in the world. These may seem to have their origins in your childhood, but in truth, they are karmic wounds you have carried through lifetimes, and this is your opportunity to overcome them.

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Are Karmic Numbers as Bad as they Sound!?

But before you lose hope, think of it this way: In general, our entire numerology charts reveal a picture of personal karma.

Here’s an example:

You could assert that somebody on a 5 Life Path specifically opted into this lifetime in order to learn the valuable lessons of freedom, fearlessness, and tolerance. Their soul needed to choose this because they had previously lived through a past life in which they were intolerant, prejudice, and fearful. One lifetime was not necessarily easier or more valuable than the other – this person’s soul needs both in order to evolve. This is a pattern that could easily be observed for each of the Life Path numbers.

But remember, you will NEVER face more on your path than you are capable of holding. Every challenge is an opportunity from Spirit, and by rising to it, you are becoming a stronger human.


What does KARMIC NUMBER 13/4 Actually Mean for you?

Numerology 13PinThe number 3 in the 13/4 represents creative energy, expression, and joyfulness that turned into superficiality, irresponsibility and using words to hurt others during a previous lifetime.

Remember that the number 1 (in 13) always indicates selfishness. If you have a 13/4 as one of your core numbers, understand that you are now paying back for past abuses, when carrying your share of the workload and your share of responsibility was seriously abused. As a Karmic number, the 13 indicates that exerting some concerted effort and digging in with some hard work will be an ongoing requirement in this lifetime, particularly when it feels “unfair.”

The 13/4 is telling you that you’re being asked to monitor and master the art of positive expression. You must develop understanding around thinking before you speak, not being critical and judgmental and using your words to support and uplift others rather than to tear them down.

One of the main tasks indicated with the karmic number 13/4 has to do with the mastery of emotional self-expression and emotional sensitivity.

Having 13/4 as a Core Number

If you have the 13/4 as one of your core numbers, you’ll most likely act upon the more destructive tendencies of the number 4 until the lessons have been understood, acknowledged and mastered. It’s imperative that you understand that you’re being tested to really, truly, deeply master and embody the positive elements of the number 4. It’s like you’re being asked to become the “poster child” for the positive elements of the number 4, including working diligently to obtain goals, creating a systematic way of life, working with and around limitation to create a stable and secure existence for yourself and others.

The trouble is that it won’t be easy.

No, not at all. You’ll get a throw-down in the realm of the lessons of the number 4 and you’ll be called upon to really work with it in a conscious and consistent manner. The path of the number 4 is one of slow and steady process and progress. It’s tenacious and hardworking, loyal and steady. It’s being able to build something of lasting value using the systems and structures that the 4 is so gifted at producing. But add the 13 on top, and it might then become apparent why you might feel so exhausted, and that no matter how much effort you exert, others always seem to come out ahead of you.

What are the Challenges of Karmic Number 13/4?

If you have karmic number 13/4 in your core numerology chart, some of the key traits that you’ll be asked to grapple with are likely to include the following:


The number 4 is a very “literal” vibe. Often the 4 sees things and responds to life in a very black and white way—with zero room for grey. Because of this, one of the issues that can make an appearance in lives of the 13/4 is blame. The default way of dealing with the difficulties that the 13/4 experiences, can be blaming others (or indeed anything and everything – the government, your family, your employer, etc.) for the limitations you experience. This can express as very dogmatic viewpoints or obsessive levels of rigidity. The 4 is always challenged with having a rather “know-it-all” approach to life and when the 13/4 is present, this can be even more of an obstacle.

Distorted Expression

Remember that infractions from a prior lifetime are resulting in distorted expression. This means that this time around, you’ll be on a very short leash regarding your need to learn to express and communicate with the utmost clarity, fairness, and compassion. Therefore, there can be tendencies toward negative expression, like consistent complaining, gossip and sarcasm, which can end up hurting others. There may even be a certain level of rather obstinate behavior – digging your heels in and not moving or being open to new information or negotiation. Often the 13/4 can bring a level of close-mindedness that unfortunately guarantees frustration and feelings of limitation. SO you must try to overcome these.

The Anti-4

The oppositional pull presents itself with great strength when you’re working with the Karmic 13. Therefore you can be met with issues related to the opposite of your purpose. So rather than forging ahead towards clearly defined goals and meeting those goals with diligence and concerted effort, you can instead seem to ramble around without a rudder and never manage to devote yourself to taking charge of your life and building the security you would ultimately thrive on. Rather than becoming the foundation-builder and the systems person you are capable of, you somehow lack the drive or focus to actually do what needs to be done. Lacking clear direction, you find it baffling and frustrating that you aren’t feeling the sense of purpose and fulfillment you know is just beyond your grasp. Often this manifests as pushing off responsibility to others while feeling a strong sense of entitlement.

If you’re willing to meet your challenges, you CAN shift your perspective and look at your obstacles as challenges and opportunities. If you can see that your goal is actually to embody the most optimal and positive potential of the number 4, then you’re operating at your highest and best.

It’s important for those with the 19/1 in their core charts to realize as early on in life as possible, that they’ll have to work hard in life to reach a clean slate. You won’t think it’s fair. And it probably isn’t fair—yet if the Karmic 13 is present, remember that you have this debt to pay and part of the payment resides in a rockier and more difficult path.


Famous Karmic Number 13/4 Celebrities

Donald Trump has a 13/4 Life Path (June 14, 1946 = 6 + 5 + 2 = 13). Interestingly, the rest of his chart also contains Karmic debt numbers. One might see that he’s taken on some aspects of the 4 – this number is the ‘architect’ number after all. And it is also clear from the outside that he struggles with what might be considered the basic challenges inherent in the 13—superficiality, irresponsibility, and using words to hurt others, along with the innate selfishness indicated by the number 1 in 13.

Another celebrity with this Karmic Number in her chart is Oprah Winfrey (January 29, 1954 could be 1 + 11 + 1 = 13). Her chart contains Master numbers as well. We can see how Oprah has, in many ways embraced and manifested the “higher” qualities of the number 4 – she’s a certainly a master teacher and has built an empire of products and services that help people live better lives on a day-to-day basis. She’s also worked long and hard to perfect a certain level of communication, through many different methods including writing, broadcasting, hosting, interviewing, and acting. We can see that Oprah’s success wasn’t served up to her on a silver platter (read more about Oprah’s Life Path here). She has endured a rather arduous journey to achieve the things she’s accomplished in her life so far.

If This Doesn’t Sound Anything Like You…

If this description just doesn’t sound anything like you (or who you think you are), then it could be that you’re at a stage of development and maturity in your life – and have been working diligently on your own personal growth and evolution – where you’re more in alignment with the constructive elements of the number 4. If that describes you, then hats off! You’ve been doing your work. It never hurts to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Working with the Karmic Number 13 will intensify the issues that relate to the number 4. It’s not easy. It requires concerted effort and focused commitment. It’s testing you and requiring that you rewire the way you work with limitation, process, systems building, hard work, and setting foundations in life. It demands that you clarify and clean up the way you express yourself on every level.

The destructive path might feel more “comfortable” since you’ve been there, done that and know how it feels. But this time, you’re being asked to extract yourself from riding in that same rut in the road, you’re required to create a new way of working with these themes that have positive results for you and everyone around you.

It’s important not to feel any shame or guilt around your karmic debt.

You must not be a victim of it. Instead, take the mindset of responsibility. If you apply the energy and commitment to working in the positive realm of the number 4, then you’ll continue to reap the benefits of the lessons this debt has brought you in this lifetime. The Karmic Debt can cause you to feel like you’re the Phoenix! By going through an intense reconstruction or regeneration process, you’ll clear your Karmic slate.

What Karmic lessons do you hope to learn? Let us know in the comments below…