Hello, Number 9!

According to Pythagorean Numerology (which is the system of numerology we live by here at Numerologist.com) May 2020 is a 9 Universal Month (5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 9).

… Which means this is no ordinary month!

Wondering what we mean? Well, You probably know how astrology affects the energy of the collective: Every time the Sun enters a new Zodiac sign – around once a month – the prevailing astrological energy shifts, and this affects how we feel, act and operate for that month.

The change in the Calendar does this too.

New numbers mean new energy! So when the 1st of the month comes around and the numbers line up afresh, we all feel it!

SO, here we are, and the energy of May 2020 is ripe with the energy and qualities of the number 9. (You can check out Nat’s full forecast for the month HERE.)

But if YOU are a Life Path 9, then you are one of the lucky ones. And if you have one as your best friend, then you should be feeling totally blessed!

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So if you DO have the 9 in your chart, here are 9 reasons we adore you, and why you’re lucky if you can count one as a good friend.

1. 9s are Old Souls

More than any other number, folks walking this path are old souls. They have this quality of having lived many lives and seen many things.

This gives most Life Path number 9s a sense of wisdom that you can’t get any other way. Yet more than worldly experience, this goes back lifetimes.

It makes total sense that the 9 holds all this humanitarian knowledge – the 9 literally contains every other number (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45, and 4 + 5 = 9). So it follows that the people on this spiritual Path become a kind of container for the energy of each other Life Paths too.

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It’s why your Life Path Number 9 friend seems to know a little bit about a lot of subjects, and has a word of advice to suit any occasion…

2. They’re Awesome Advice Givers

Most people will give you their opinions.

But your Life Path Number 9 bestie gives the kind of counsel that really counts. Are we right? This likely stems from their old soul wisdom (as above) yet it’s really more than that.

These people understand humanity. They understand what makes people tick, how relationships (and love lives) work, and what YOU need to heal and progress. Plus they’re honest and won’t sugarcoat the truth.

SO when a Life Path 9 is giving you advice, know they’re doing it for YOU, and not to make themselves feel better.

3. Number 9s are Compassionate

Your Life Path 9 friend will always see you in your best light.

They believe in people, and they believe in YOUR goodness!

As one of the most idealistic numbers in numerology, the idea that any of us do things for reasons that are less than pure, is unthinkable to the 9! You see, to your Life Path 9 friend, you always try your hardest.

This gaze that’s so full of compassion, and through which the 9 is always looking is the ultimate in kindness.

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4. They Are SUPER Generous

Why keep anything for yourself that someone else may need?

In case you hadn’t noticed, your Life Path 9 friend is generosity incarnate.

Whether it’s money, time, resources, the 9 won’t think twice about sending it your way if you’re in need.

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5. They’re Life’s Social Justice Warriors

If you thought the number 2 personality was the numerological equivalent of the fairness police, then you’ve clearly never met anyone with the 9 in their chart!

Life Path 9s are the humanitarians.

The campaigners. The people who fight for the rights of others. The community-minded folks with a vision for what’s right. They see the common interests, the connections, the potential for relationships, and not the divisions.

Time spent with a friend with this Life Path Number (especially when they’re in their stride!) can be an awe-inspiring thing. Their feeling and force for good are so full of goodness and  compassion, is it any wonder some call this the “Number of Mother Theresa?!”

6. Number 9s Believe the World Can Be a Better Place

It’s not only people that Number 9s believe in. This numerology also believes in the world! Your good friend the Life Path Number 9 will just as likely stand up for the person standing next to them, as nature, the environment, the plants, and the creatures…

Similarly to how they hold the energy of all the numbers that come before theirs (and know how the cycles all fit together) those with this Life Path Number have intrinsic understanding of how Earth’s systems all fit together.

Their belief in the World, and how it can (and will) become healed, isn’t just idealistic, it’s spiritual. It’s a part of who they are.

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7. They Put Creativity Before Money… Every Time

For people who seem to have very little interest in money, most Life Path 9s seem to do ok! Yet $$$ will never be a priority for your 9 best friend.

These folks are creatives at heart. They may not have paintbrushes in their hands, but their minds work in the most creative ways. They’re often looking for original ways to act, be, and make artistic things happen in the world. And when this Numerology’s in town, creativity will always take precedence!

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8. The Life Path Number 9 Will Never Give Up!

It seems a funny one, seeing as the 9 comes at the end of the numerological cycle, so it is all about endings. Yet if you’ve had friendships with any number 9 folk, then you’ll know how much they struggle with letting go.

This isn’t always a negative thing!

That pen-pal you’ve been exchanging letters with since you were 7 years old is most likely a 9 Life Path Number (ever wondered to check?)

That best friend who’s always there til the bitter end of any party, the last one standing in the kitchen when everyone else has slunk off to bed? Surely a number 9.

And that relentless neighbor who keeps on knocking on your door after you barricaded yourself in of the back of that horrible break up with your boyfriend? Yep, she’s got Life Path 9 all over her.

And as much as you wish they would give it a break once in a while… we rely on this numerology to keep us going!

9. They are Loyal to the Ends of the Earth

And as an add-on to the point above, these friends are loyal, beyond loyal. They will not give up on you. Meaning, a friendship with a Life Path 9 is a friendship for life…

No, scratch that. It’s a friendship for lifetimes.

In fact, you’ll probably be circling around in BFF harmony for eternity, reincarnating together forever. Lol.


So… are you a Life Path 9? Or do you have any 9s in your life?

Shout out in the comments below how much you love your Life Path 9 friendship, and share this blog post with them too!

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