More than ever, adults are switching careers and jobs with more frequency than ever before. While the thought of working for one company for 40 years and then retiring is gone, a whole new world of opportunities have opened up! One filled with possibilities and choice – a world where you can more fully live your life’s purpose and find fulfillment in your daily life.

But it can be scary and a little intimidating switching careers. Making a major switch in life at any age can seem like taking a large leap of faith with no certainty that anything will come from it.

So why not add the tool of numerology to your toolbox? 

When you know your numbers, you can gain a tremendous amount of insight into your over-all purpose in life and how you’re meant to go about achieving your mission.  Wouldn’t that be nice to know right about now?

We’re going to take a look at how to determine a career or field of study based on your Life Path number.  While it’s most useful to know your whole numerology chart in order to figure out the nuances you might experience as an individual, investigating how to decide on a basic direction can start with knowing your Life Path number.

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My personal “disclaimer:”

When mentioning “possible careers,” the emphasis is on possible.  Please don’t think these are the only options suitable for you.  These are suggestive of what might fit well with the over-all Life Path purpose.  Each person is incredibly unique and brings individual passions and talents to the table.  I don’t even talk about options like Culinary School or other alternatives to traditional career choices.  So please keep this in mind as you read these short descriptions.

Also note the whole chart will present an even richer view of your profile and can offer more specific information about how to optimize your education.  Just keep this piece of numerological wisdom in your back pocket:  If you know your Expression – also called the Destiny – number, this is an influence that can give you a direct view of a career with which you’d find happiness and success.  It offers you the way in which you’ll go about achieving your Life Path purpose.  Looking at these two numbers – the Life Path and the Expression/Destiny – gives an expanded view of a suitable career or field of study.  Yet let’s focus here on the Life Path number. 

CHOOSE YOUR CAREER . . . by Life Path number

1: The Leader

Your ultimate purpose is to develop creativity, confidence, independence, originality, and achievement. You’re here to learn how to individuate yourself from others, develop healthy independence, and get on the road to attainment and achievement in whatever field you choose.

Career Options:

  • You’re here to act upon your creative ideas and to be a leader. Any field that can give you knowledge and skills to fall back on in these arenas – that you have an interest or passion about – is perfect.
  • Some possibilities: Business, Fine Arts, Communications, Medicine, or Interdisciplinary Studies (if you’re already a focused and goal-oriented person).

The Key:  What are you totally passionate about?  With a 1, it’s not so much what you major in. Rather, it’s all about believing in yourself in terms of what you’re passionate about – not what other people think you should be doing. Then dive in with gusto and trust your creativity, innovation, and uniqueness. Your success resides in taking some risks and trusting your weirdness. You’re not meant to color inside the lines. Don’t shy away from being an entrepreneur, yet you need the foundational skills needed to have success. Get out there, take charge, and don’t be a slacker.

You’ll have failures and must learn to fail forward.  You’re an innovator and a pioneer.  If you’re thinking of switching careers, this will test you to be creative and innovative without succumbing to lack of focus.  You’re being called upon to balance your sense of self-confidence.

2: The Mediator

Your ultimate purpose is to develop love, harmony, balance, cooperation, and diplomacy. You thrive when serving the needs of a group and you make things happen behind the scenes. You can be detail-oriented and extremely emotionally sensitive.  You’re all about love, partnership, and service.

Career Options:

  • You’re here to act upon your diplomatic skills and to be the “power behind the throne.”
  • Some possibilities: Interior Design, Education, Nursing or Medicine, English, Marketing, Humanities, Paralegal Studies, Accounting.

The Key: How can you find a career where you work in a group that you feel in simpatico? With a 2, it’s all about feeling needed, loved, and that your contributions are respected. You have a giving nature and are innately intuitive. You blossom when you’re talents are being used to serve the greater good of a group or enterprise, so stray away from career choices where you’ll be working solo. You have a big heart, so you need a major that will lead you to a career where you can be of service to other people in some way, shape, or form. You can also thrive as a flight attendant or designer of any kind.

If you’re changing careers, this will test you to step into your sense of yourself without needing the outside approval of others.  You’ll also be challenged to actually focus on school and not get swept away with relationships.

Master 11/2: Spiritual Messenger & Inspired Artistic Creativity

As a Master number 11, your special mission—on top of the mission outlined by the number 2—is to recognize and use your creativity, intuition, and healing abilities for the benefit of humanity as a whole.  You can achieve this in a multitude of ways—eliciting an emotional response through dance, music, film, or art.  Working one-on-one or in groups with various healing modalities.  Or you can write, entertain, or teach—or any other activity, service, or interaction that engages you in endeavors where you touch the lives of people on a grand yet sometimes intangible or immeasurable scale. If there’s one message to really embrace about your Master Life Path mission is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  You’ll engage in some of your Master energies as you enter your new phase in life and yet overall the heightened elements related to the Master numbers mature and enrich over time.

3: The Communicator

Your ultimate purpose is to develop creative self-expression, emotional sensitivity, joy, and inspiring communication. You thrive in the spotlight with performance, entertainment, or any creative and communicative endeavor having to do with the spoken or written word.

Career Options:

  • You’re here to embrace your creative self-expression and communication skills.
  • Some possibilities: Theatre or Film, Music, Journalism, Communications, Broadcasting, Psychology, Sociology.

The Key:  Can you move through your self-doubt and commit yourself to developing your amazing creative talents? With a 3, you might feel that everyone can do what you do because you find it to be oh-so easy. Yet let me tell you: Not everyone can drink from the fountain of creativity as readily as you. The trick is to develop the verve to know that you can make a living at it. And side step the naysayers or those who wish you’d choose a more practical path. Realize that it’s beneficial to explore outside of your circle (if you are already in the arts, for instance), as you can gain perspective about your skills and talents in a way that gets muffled when you only engage with others in creative fields.

Spread your wings a bit. You can be scattered and lacking follow-through, so it’s up to you to not flit through and be a novice at everything you do. It’s your challenge to dig in and become an expert.  As you change careers, you will be tested to come to terms with your various talents and decide a focal point.  Understand also that “creativity” transfers to different majors in different ways.  You can be a creative problem-solver, artist, or actor – or depending on the other elements in your chart, you can be a creative business-minded person as well.  One of the keys for you is to tap into what really brings you joy and feels fun and engaging.

4: The Teacher

Your purpose is to develop process, security, stability, and hard work. You’re the “slow and steady wins the race” person who thrives when you know the rules, use your systems-building skills, and have a sense of routine in your life. You’re all about hard work and meeting goals.

Career Options:

  • You’re here to be a hard-working systems builder and to spread your knowledge to others.
  • Some possibilities: Education, Architecture, Engineering, Drafting, Photography, Fishery & Wildlife, Sports Medicine, Construction and Building, Veterinary, History.

The Key:  Can you decide upon a field in which you allow yourself the permission to pursue with passion? With a 4, you ultimately seek a sense of stability and security. You’re a “literal” thinker and thrive when you’re using your amazing process-oriented brain. You make a superlative teacher – whether you end up being a teacher or not. You’re apt to excel in management. Don’t count out engineering or device building. Work at thinking outside of your own box. Also know that following your true passion is all-important for you and yet this is also a challenge. Often you struggle with defaulting to the more mundane or practical path rather than doing what you truly love.

The 4 is the number of the architect and you excel in creative fields where technical skill is required (photography, calligraphy, web design, music).  You have a tendency to excel in athletics.  Anything having to do with animals is also favored. A change in careers will test you to devote yourself to what fascinates you while not getting totally lost in practicalities.  Often (not always!) a 4 Life Path finds themselves working their way through school.  If this describes you, it’s a challenge to see the ways to advance yourself on levels that don’t place you in this more practical and work-related role.  For instance, if you want to go abroad for a semester, find a way to do it! Don’t say you can’t because of limiting circumstances.  There is help and support for you if you seek it out.

Master 22/4:  Master Teacher & Inspired Practical Ideas

If you have a Master number 22 in your chart, on top of the basic characteristics of the number 4, you have added strengths and also more intense challenges.  Your special mission is to execute and build projects that will benefit a wide arena of humankind.  You’re a master teacher and a systems builder.  You might consider yourself a “practical idealist.”  This is a spiritual path—like all the master numbers—that prods you to step out of the slow, steady security of the number 4 and kick it up substantially.  This will be uncomfortable for you until you get the hang of it, because it’s contrary to the pull you have with the rule-following, more predictable energy of the 4.  If there’s one message to really embrace about your Master Life Path mission is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  You’ll engage in some of your Master energies as you enter your new phase of life and yet overall the heightened elements related to the Master numbers mature and enrich over time.

5: The Freedom Seeker

Your ultimate purpose is to develop fearlessness, adventurousness, resilience, and the constructive use of freedom. You’re an agent of change and the master of progressive thought and action. You’re here to experience all the material and sensual world has to offer – within healthy and focused perimeters. Your mantra: “Don’t fence me in!”

Career Options:

  • You’re here to develop a constructive and disciplined use of freedom and be an agent of change.
  • Some possibilities: Sales/Business, Metaphysics, Nutrition, Journalism, Hospitality, Travel Industry, the Arts, Computer Programming.

The Key: Can you embrace the fact that you’re meant for travel, adventure, and will experience a lot of changing circumstances in your life? With a 5, it’s all about experiencing the world in all of its glory. You’re at your best when you can tap into a fearless sense of adventure, use your versatility in a focused and dynamic way, and see the world as your big adventurous oyster. Usually being a bank teller or any 9-to-5er just won’t cut it for you – at least not for long Anything where you can act on your adventurous spirit is perfect. Just give yourself permission to experience a bit of the world before you settle down. That can come later. The key for you is the focused use of your amazing skills and talents.

As a 5, you’re all about progressive thought and action.  Any subject that can feed that part of you is wonderful.  Pursuing a career change is a great time and place to get to know yourself and give yourself permission to explore. Beware of going overboard in the party scene. I’m not suggesting being a wallflower.  Just make sure you rein it in or it’ll be a struggle to gain the success you want to have in your professional life when you overdo it in the party department.

6: The Nurturer

Your ultimate purpose is to develop nurturing, balanced responsibility, acceptance, service to others, and visionary pursuits. You’re the “home and family” person and often thrive when working with justice-related issues, in the creative arts, or anywhere a sense of beauty is required.

Career Options:

  • You’re here to balance your sense of responsibility and to do loving service with and for others.
  • Some possibilities: Business/Marketing, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Beauty School/Cosmetology, Counseling Psychology, Sociology, Medicine, Music, Art, Theatre, Political Science, Law.

The Key: Is there a way for you to key into your visionary capabilities? With a 6, you’re a “Big Picture” kind of person. Ultimately, you’re meant to be your own boss – meaning, you don’t like be told what to do! So pay close attention and learn how to build your own business in an effective way. You can be a natural entertainer – creativity is a forte. This can show up in the field of acting, directing, and music.  You’re a natural counselor, lover of beauty, and cultivator of loving service. Anything in the justice field is enticing. The medical field offers rich opportunities as well as anything in the holistic health field.  Home and family are important for you, so you might lean toward anything that enriches that aspect of your life.  Remember that Warren Buffet has a 6 Life Path.  Money can flow to you easily when you’re engaged with your vision while using a nurturing touch. Real Estate can be a good fit.

Pursuing a career change for you is a time to cultivate a healthy sense of responsibility.  The 6 Life Path is learning all about modulating a heightened sense of responsibility. At an earlier age, this can manifest as either irresponsibility or an overweening sense of responsibility.

Master 33/6:  Spiritual Messenger & Inspired Healer

With the Master Number 33, on top of the basic characteristics of the number 6, you have added strengths and also more intense challenges.  Your special mission is to be a masterful healer, an inspired visionary, and a conduit of a higher form of unconditional love. This is a spiritual path—like all Master numbers—that prods you toward tapping into your creativity, your emotions, and acting with a nurturing and healing presence.  So you might think of it like putting two 3’s and a 6 into a blender and seeing how it comes out!  How you use and embody this energy is unique and individual to you (and to the rest of your chart).  Yet this is a powerful blend of joyful, loving, creative, responsibility-driven tendencies.  If there’s one message to really embrace about your Master Life Path mission is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  You’ll engage in some of your Master energies as you enter your new phase of life and yet overall the heightened elements related to the Master numbers will mature and enrich over time.

7: The Seeker

Your ultimate purpose is to develop spirituality, data-driven analysis, intuition, trust, and openness. You’re on an “internal journey” seeking to know who you really are – deep down at your core. You’re here to master both the analytical and the spiritual and intuitive nature of life. You need “alone” time.  You thrive when you specialize in something.

Career Options:

  • You’re here as a truth seeker – your life is spent developing and acknowledging both the left/right brain continuum in yourself. When you tap in to both your analytical brain and your intuitive brain, you’re at your most powerful.
  • Some possibilities: Philosophy, the Sciences, Engineering, Computers, Religion, Nutrition, Healing Arts, Massage Therapy.

The Key:  Can you accept that you’re both an intellectual and a psychic? With a 7, you’re always seeking answers to life’s big (and small) questions. Overall, you’re the ultimate skeptic while simultaneously wrestling with the elements of the unknown.  You live mostly in your head and tend to over-intellectualize virtually everything. You’re learning how to manage and understand the emotional side of life. You’re actually quite a sensitive and emotional person, yet that part of you can feel foreign. Understand that you’re on a different wavelength than most people. You’re great with any career in which you can work alone for part of the time – research, science, data collecting, or computers. Yet you can also feel the pull of your more intuitive side and be drawn to the healing arts, metaphysical thought, and self-exploration.  You can excel in business, the arts, and health-related professions.

Ultimately you’re most satisfied when you find something in which to specialize, whether it’s a certain form of financial management, a certain subject for research, or quantum physics.  You might long for a career that takes you near water on a regular basis (marine biology anyone?).  You might find yourself drawn to yoga, holistic nutrition, energetic healing modalities, or any other spiritually based practice.  If you’re thinking about switching careers, remember that this is a time to explore various categories of study. This is also a self-reflective time where you can plunge into “superficiality” or begin on a “higher” path.

8: The Powerhouse

Your ultimate purpose is to develop your positive relationship with money, power, control, and authority. You’re here to experience the satisfaction that comes with financial abundance and material achievement.

Career Options:

  • You’re here to master the art of success in the material world.
  • Some possibilities: Business/Management, Engineering, Real Estate, TV/Film Production, Music, Law, Medicine, Political Science.

The Key: Can you embrace the fact that you’re meant to think big and be a financial success? With an 8, you’re destined to make a big splash in the world of money, power, and authority. Yet it won’t be an easy dash to get there. You need to key into your sense of personal power – and that will be tested from very early on in your life. Once you get a handle around that, then it’s off to the races. Yet know that you have authority issues that you need to balance. And also understand that it’s up, down and all around for you – not often a linear path to riches. You must be resilient.  You benefit when you focus on your goal and move toward it with good management, organization, fortitude, heart, and most of all, integrity and high ethical standards. You excel in an arena where there is already an established entity – as opposed to creating your own business, even though that’s not out of the question.

You’re best as the manager, the boss, the CEO.  The 8 is often thought of as the “real estate” number, so anything having to do with real estate development or buy/sell is favorable. If you’re pursuing a career change, this is a time to get serious about how to create a stable and prosperous life. If know that you’re an 8 Life Path allows you to step into your desire to make money, then it is certainly worth the price of admission!  Often it just takes coming to terms with all of the negative conditioning around making money to commit yourself to your life’s work.  And it’s a balance.  Your Life Path demands that you manifest abundance in the material world while not resorting to greed or avarice to get there.

9: The Humanitarian

Your ultimate purpose is to develop spirituality, humanitarianism, creativity, wisdom, and integrity. You feel fulfilled when serving a humanitarian service – large or small. You’re creative, compassionate, and giving.

Career Options:

  • You’re here to use your creativity and make a difference in the world.
  • Some possibilities: Business, Medicine, Music, the Humanities, Real Estate, Non-Profits, Physical Therapy.

The Key: How can you go with the flow of your creative and humanitarian impulses? With a 9, you’re versatile and unusual. You can be successful at virtually anything for which you feel passion. It’s through creativity and helping others that you find your groove. It’s only a lack of concentration that can keep you from enjoying the success of your projected goals. Understand that you’re challenged with asking for support or help, so the sooner you can learn to ask, the better. While at the same time you can have a mild obsession about getting your way, no matter what.  A lesson you’re learning is how to both give and receive. Know that you might have a propensity to devour information focused on spirituality or psychology. Business can call you as well as any career in the arts – from music or acting to architecture or painting.  Overall, you’re working on learning how to express and understand your own feelings. Tap into your creativity and into something that you feel gives back to others and you’ll be living your dream.

If you’re thinking of switching careers, know that this is a time to explore and come to terms with the unique way that you perceive the world.  Sometimes (not always!) a 9 Life Path can have a few issues with traditional education – whether it’s with some kind of learning “disorder” (ADHD, dyslexia as an example) or whether it’s simply a rebellious attitude about having to fit all the square pegs into all the square holes.

Numerology As Your Life’s Blueprint

Understand that Numerology gives you an amazingly accurate imprint of how your life is designed – what your purpose is, how you’ll go about fulfilling that purpose, and it also gives you a great map as to what you’re being presented with and learning during specific stages in your life.

If you’re thinking about switching careers or are going off to pursue higher education, know that life is a journey and we are all constantly growing. And what I find is that we’re really not meant to be doing just one thing all of our lives. We’ll shift, grow, evolve, and change as years and experience move through us.  And yet having your Life Path purpose as a “through line of action” for you – as your stake in the ground that you can align yourself with over and over again – can truly support you as you move into your new career.

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