We’re looking for talented and self-motivated individuals to join our world-class remote team!

Available Positions:

Web Build Director

Our web build director position is remote and part-time (as an independent contractor), but it could become full-time for the right candidate. It is a primarily a leadership role involving the “ownership” of our Git repo codebase of web-based sales / marketing assets, software products, and APIs in our fast-paced remote environment.

Primary responsibilities would include (but might not be limited to):

  • Working closely with our developers and QA team to ensure only quality and well-tested code makes it to production.
  • Working closely with DevOps to ensure smooth deployment and testing of code changes.
  • Daily communication in our project management platform on task progress.
  • Attending weekly team meetings and reporting regularly to the CTO with updates and feedback.
  • Re-organizing our Git repos and standardizing an efficient Gitflow-type software development process (from the start of the dev cycle to production) that is tailored to a very small dev team.
  • Ensuring proper documentation of all code changes (commits / references to project management tasks) and repository descriptions / instructions.
  • Maintaining mentioned documentation and enforcing Git processes with developer team members.


  • Self-starter with strong initiative and leadership skills. After a period of initial training, the candidate will be expected to work independently to learn our existing codebase, infrastructure, background, etc, and to eventually push tasks through as part of their role and on their own initiative as training completes.
  • Strong senior-level development background primarily in PHP (5+ years), but experience with Python, Node.js, and Rails is helpful.
  • Solid experience working with Git and development processes revolving around Git.
  • Acute level of detail bordering on OCD (e.g. spotting issues in code that no one else typically can).
  • Ability to work well in a team-oriented environment.
  • Ability to juggle project-level priorities and translate that into task-level delegation, which includes experience in handling evolving business needs and how they often influence development priorities.
  • Availability at least part-time daily during regular U.S. weekday business hours.

Not necessary, but helpful:

  • Experience with MongoDb, Internet Marketing technologies (email marketing platforms, Google Analytics, etc), Google Cloud infrastructure, DevOps.

Numerologist.com Blog Editor

Numerologist.com is the #1 most-trusted source for divination education and wisdom in everyone’s back pocket. We are an online platform dedicated to creating and curating high-quality content for our fast-growing community of over 2 million. We are looking for a Blog Editor to plan, coordinate, review, edit and publish all of our editorial content. The Blog Editor must be a people-person who is highly organized, web-savvy and detail oriented. They must also have a strong understanding of content curation, blogging, and design aesthetics (imagery and video), as well as a passion for personal development, spiritual modalities (Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, etc), and current events. From ideation to dissemination, the Blog Editor will juggle all moving parts of publication. The successful candidate will be fully responsible for our content schedule and work closely with our Marketing Director and team of writers and contributors to ensure timeliness, quality and accuracy of all published works. The end goal is to provide exceptional, informative and engaging content to share with our community through our blog, newsletters, YouTube videos, podcasts, and social profiles.


  • Actively recruit and manage relationships with a wide and diverse range of contributors, writers and experts.
  • On-boarding and training of new contributors.
  • Setting publication standards and establishing goals and expectations.
  • Providing editorial guidance to all in-house writers, contributors and media partners.
  • Suggesting content angels and headline ideas in alignment with our brand, SEO and marketing initiatives.
  • Evaluating submissions, editing content for grammar/accuracy/errors, and optimizing content based on SEO best practices.
  • Curating images and formatting/publishing final works in alignment with Numerologist brand.
  • Cooperate and provide creative direction to in-house designers, photographers, videographers, artists, etc. for final blog, video and newsletter assets
  • Consistent communication with in-house marketing and development team, including tech problem-solving, promotional planning and sending weekly newsletter broadcasts.
  • Ensuring timely delivery of content to marketing and social team for dissemination.
  • Identifying mutually beneficial areas of cross-promotion for Numerologist.com and liaising with possible media partners.


  • Very strong communication skills, verbal and written.
  • Native English speaker.
  • Online content management experience.
  • Great understanding and hands on experience with WordPress or other blogging platforms.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Extremely high-attention to detail and critical thinking abilities.
  • Basic understanding of SEO best practices.
  • Familiarity with YouTube, iTunes, Facebook and other social media/publishing tools.

  • Interested? Please email us at [email protected] with your resume and/or LinkedIn profile link, which position you’re interested in, and tell us why you think you would be the perfect fit for that position.