NOT to be confused with the Life Path Number, the Destiny Number (also known as Expression Number) is one of the core components in your numerology chart.

This Number holds a powerful frequency, which reveals the way you “express” your gifts and talents in the world. So whilst the Life Path Number describes the direction of your journey through life (AKA your life purpose) the Destiny Number tells you what the journey is going to look like.

PinDestiny / Expression Number 11

In Numerology, the Destiny or Expression Number 11 is all about healing and higher frequency.

The energy of the number 11 is a little bit different from the rest of the 1-9 single-digit system in Numerology, as – as you may have guessed – it’s a double-digit Master Number. This means it contains qualities of the numbers 1 and 2.

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11 is a naturally inspiring and uplifting Expression Number. So whenever it appears in a Numerology chart, you can be sure that the person it describes is highly spiritual, truthful, and has the potential to make great changes in the world.

People with a Destiny Number 11 often have psychic and intuitive gifts.

They seem to be able to tap into what other people are thinking and feeling (very much like Number 2s) yet have a driving force of independence within (as Destiny Number 1s). They’re perceptive, and may be drawn to mysticism, the esoteric arts, and/or alternative healing modalities. In fact, even if number 11s don’t become official “healers” they often find people are attracted to them, as they seem to exude naturally healing qualities. It can feel good to simply be around them!


This Destiny Number also expresses through the challenges it faces.

Carriers of the 11 Master Number can sometimes find they face more challenges than other people do, especially when it comes to how they express themselves in the world. It can feel really unfair at times. But it’s important to realize that it’s through challenge and difficulty that they’re able to learn what their true gifts to the world are. And when this involves healing… well, they must face, and overcome their own personal healing crisis in order to inspire others.


Destiny Number Eleven Work and Lifestyle

11 Expression Numbers perform best when they are involved in missions that feel are in some way, life-changing for humanity.

There must be a deeper, spiritual intuitive element to all that they do, and if unaligned with this, their lives will feel totally lacking in purpose.

Work in Spiritual fields, mysticism or even other religious establishments could bring success and fulfillment. Otherwise, working in healing or therapy (both alternative and more allopathic modalities) could be ideal.

With the number 2 undertones, working with other people and communities will feel like home. Yet the double 1 vibration they also hold means leadership of some kind is likely on the cards too.

Whatever the 11 destiny number does in life, it needs to feel authentic and truthful. This is where their greatest strength lies, as it’s how they will ultimately inspire others to also live their best lives. So following their own intuition is the number 1 thing to lead them onto their highest path.

Shadow and Challenges… Is there a “negative side” to the Destiny Number Eleven?

When not expressing at their highest, the Destiny Number 11 can drop into victim mode, and struggle to grow into their personal power. Plus, because of the obstacles they always seem to face on their personal journey, it can feel like life is against them! SO it’s vital they see these as opportunities for growth.

Similarly to the Expression 2, this Master Number can struggle with energy leaks and exhaustion. Without proper personal boundaries, others may take advantage of their spiritual gifts, draining them energetically. Plus, as quite an ungrounded number, the 11 can sometimes find it hard to simply be in the material world. So consciously grounding and spending enough time in nature is a must.

With both the number 1 and the number 2 combined in their chart, the person with this numerology can struggle with serving their own ego, and also being of service to others. It’s a tricky line to walk, and there’s no “right way” to do it. Yet with practice, this person will find a way to express their gifts in the world in such a way that everyone is happy (here’s hoping!)

Need to Calculate Your Expression / Destiny Number?

In Numerology, the Expression / Destiny Number is calculated using the corresponding numbers for each letter in your full birth name. Here at, we use the Pythagorean system.

These numbers are summed and reduced until a single digit (or master number) is revealed. Remember that this number can’t come from your nickname or your married name, but must be the name that’s written in full on your birth certificate.

Using the chart below, take the values assigned to each letter of your entire name and add them all together.
Add those numbers together, and reduce this to a single digit (or master number) Easy!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The Master Number Exception

11 and 22 (and sometimes 33) are Master Numbers, and they have unique meanings that require stand-alone readings. If you reach totals of 11 or 22, don’t continue reducing until you reach only one digit. So stop your calculation there.


But… if the math is a little too much for you, there’s an easier way to find out your Destiny / Expression Number: using our free Numerology Calculator! Just click the button below, enter your info and we’ll do the decoding for you!


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