What’s YOUR relationship with money? Really?

We’re guessing you want more of it (don’t we all?) but are you sure you’re not unconsciously resisting it?

A lot of people have beliefs around money and wealth that they’re not even aware of.

If you think rich people are greedy, for example, then on a deep level, you probably don’t want to become that greedy person (even though your conscious mind clearly thinks more money would be a great idea!)

Or if you grew up in a household where there were frequent arguments around the family finances, then it’s likely that your unconscious mind associates money with fighting. Again, it’s an unhelpful, untrue (and probably totally involuntary) association that’s, in all likelihood, blocking you from attracting more cash into your life.

Many of these kinds of unconscious beliefs around money are also tied into our Numerology. Whether conscious or not, and whether they stem from your childhood or early adulthood in this lifetime, or even further back, from past lives and ancestral patterns, money blocks will show up in the numbers in your chart.

Let’s start with the most basic, yet profound of calculations in Numerology, and the best-known number of them all: the Life Path Number.

Here it is: The Simplest of Numerology Hacks!

It’s calculated by adding together (and reducing to a single digit) the numbers in your full birth date.

So if you were born on the 17th January 1979, your calculation looks like this:

1 + 7 +1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 35, and 3 + 5 = 8

So your Life Path Number is an 8.

The Life Path describes your journey through life. Read more about the Life Path Number here.

Or… why simply use this free numerology calculator:

What’s Your Life Path Number… And What’s Your Money Block?

Now read on to see how your this part of your Numerology influences your ability to earn, receive, and also to be generous with money…

Life Path 1

If you’re on a Life Path 1, you definitely have a monetary advantage in life. However, because it’s also the number of new beginnings, you may find yourself repeatedly starting things, without being able to see them through.So you invest in programs, equipment, training, and resources… and most of it probably ends up, unopened and unused, as you swiftly move onto the next great ide

So one key money block for this Numerology is your overspending. Which leaves you broke.

As someone who’s been striving for success in all areas since birth, you may also have abundance blocks around your personal value (if you’re not in the treadmill, well what are you doing?!) So you measure your success in life according to the money you make (or appear to be making). Again, overspending is your downfall, Number 1!

But fear not! The 1 can be a total money magnet! Often the vibration of prosperity that this individual emits, is felt by the people that he or she leads or employs, so you CAN increase your earning pretty easily.


Life Path 2

Sorry, Life Path 2. Yours is one of the trickiest numbers to be financially. Because 2 is the number of partnerships and maintaining balance with other people, you likely have blocks around autonomy, financial independence and comparing yourself with others.

As someone who needs recognition from outside of yourself, your ideas around financial abundance are likely wrapped up in what others think of you.

Perhaps you feel people won’t like you if you have a lot of money (there’s that “rich people are greedy” belief again). Or that if you have a lot of cash, it’ll make you a bad person.

These deep blocks to abundance mean you’re very likely sabotaging your own chances of financial success, thinking you’re doing what others expect of you – so it’s really important for you, Life Path 2, to separate these issues out.


Life Path 3

Lucky number 3! Yes – the Life Path 3 IS a naturally fortuitous number that seems to make its coinage easily!

However, a characteristic that often comes alongside this, is that money is spent as soon as it’s made! …Making Life Path 3 not so great for the accumulation of funds.

Blocks around abundance for the Life Path 3 tend to fall into the “I can never be happy if I am poor” category, where happiness and recognition are intimately interwoven with finances.

So you work hard, yet you spend a lot too, probably on dinners, parties, experiences, and gifts – rather than investments which will add longer-term value to your financial portfolio. And whilst this, in itself, isn’t a bad thing, it becomes bad if you slip into spending more than you earn.

So for this Numerology, budgeting is your friend!


Life Path 4

It’s not quite a fact, but a very deeply held karmic frequency, that the Life Path 4 must work hard for every single cent he or she makes. This nuber will likely find it really difficult to step outside of the “pay per hour” paradigm, and struggle to break through subsequent income levels.

Therefore, your money blocks, Life Path 4, revolve around ideas that making a living is difficult, and it’s necessary to work hard for your paycheck.

It’s important to realize, that as the number of ancestral healing, many of your subconscious beliefs around wealth likely stem from ancestral memories and patterning. So digging deep into this, and working with ancestral clearing may be a positive way forward for you to actually live a more prosperous life.


Life Path 5

The Life Path 5 is known for its excitement, and the variety it brings to everything it touches! Buuuut, it also has a reputation for not having a great deal of sticking power.

For this reason, the 5 often holds abundance blocks that look suspiciously like subconscious resistance to money. That is, the less you have, the less you have to lose… right? So number 5s often put earning (and saving) their cash right at the very bottom of their lists of priorities. Because you, Life Path 5s, are the freedom seekers, you may hold the limiting beliefs that earning money will tie you down, or keep you locked into a cycle you won’t be able to escape from.

So working with money blocks for you, will likely involve unpacking beliefs around financial freedom, responsibility what “employment” actually means.


Life Path 6

This is a number that symbolizes abundance.

Yet that doesn’t always stretch to financial abundance.

Being family and community-oriented, you, Life Path 6 will often place service to other people at the top of your agenda. Which is great… so long as this doesn’t end up making you a martyr around money.

It can be all too easy for the Life Path 6 to hold beliefs that you can’ be a “good person” and be wealthy. Or that it’s not right to ask for payment when you’re caring for people who are suffering. So you have a habit of going above and beyond the call of duty, yet not receive adequate compensation for your work (sound familiar?)

Working with these kinds of money blocks, it’s important to spend time on your own self-worth as a (metaphorical) container for cash.


Life Path 7

Life Path 7s are deep, deep thinkers. As your interests tend to be rather esoteric, and you can be eccentric at times, your financial success is as unpredictable as you are!

These folks can be prone to financial challenges, yet you’re just as likely to be a very high earner.

Money blocks for this number can range from believing that you don’t “deserve” money, to believing that it’s your only key to finding happiness.

The only thing that IS for sure, with this Numerology, is that your money blocks will be deeply entrenched in your subconscious. For this reason, it’s important that you approach the work of clearing them with as open a mind as you possibly can – any assumptions that you don’t have blocks, or you know exactly what they are could result in a massive blind spot.


Life Path 8

You likely already know that this is the number that symbolizes the big bucks – 8 IS the number of prosperity. But its truer and more ancient meaning pertains to flow. For this reason, it can also bring huge losses and debt

Very often those on this Life Path need to “spend money to make money”, yet your subconscious money blocks may prevent you from doing this, as you instead hoard your wealth, and don’t “speculate to accumulate”. Working to gently remove these obstacles through calculated risk will serve you in the long term, Life Path 8.

Yet on the other hand, your love for a lavish lifestyle (and sharing it with others) means you struggle to save enough to invest (or even make ends meet). This may be born from blocks involving popularity, attention and friends – the belief that more money will give you access to all of these.


Life Path 9

The 9 is a number that attracts money easily and effortlessly. But does it want to?

People on this path often have priorities elsewhere – in creativity and humanitarian and social projects. But their generosity with their own time and energy can disguise limiting thoughts and beliefs which make them unconsciously reject wealth. Perhaps you believe, deep down, that it’s not “spiritual” to want money? Or that it’s not right to ask for money when your time is spent working for the greater good?

So beneath the mask of philanthropy, the Life Path 9 may actually be earning a lot less than they should. It’s important for these people to realize that money can be a force for good, and it’s can be in everybody’s benefit to have more of it!


Life Path 11

As a Master Number, the Life Path 11 has the potential to make a lot of money, yet will likely need to work through a whole lot of money blocks to get there.

As a highly spiritual person, you may unconsciously reject money, feeling it’s not “right” to pursue material gains, especially if you work in healing or service.

So just like the Life Path 9 (see above) it’s important for these people to understand the positive energy and freedom that money can bring to everyone’s life!

Similarly to the Life Path 2, the 11 can struggle with ideas about other people judging you for having too much money (yeah, sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?!) Which makes you unconsciously reject it, even if consciously, you need it.

So like the 2, These deep blocks to wealth mean you’re very likely sabotaging your own chances of financial success, thinking you’re doing what others expect of you. So it’s really important for people with this Numerology to separate out issues of what you need, and what others expect of you. These are likely informing your unconscious attitudes to money.


Life Path 22

Get the balance right, Life Path 22, and your number has enormous financial potential! But with double “2” energy, you will likely have to work hard to release blocks around the way you (think you) are perceived by others.

What are your attitudes towards people with more money than you? If they’re anything less than positive, then this is an unconscious rejection of wealth, so you’re ruining your chances of financial abundance. Working on a healthy mindset each day will really serve you, and help you remove those blocks, Life Path 22.

With numerological undertones of the number 4 (2 + 2 = 4) you’re a hard worker by nature. But do you believe you can earn a living in other ways? By delegating, or creating passive income streams? It’s all possible for you, Life Path 22!


Life Path 33

Another Master Number which has huge potential to make a financial mark on the world. Yet with a highly creative vibration, these people often hold unconscious beliefs that creativity and cash don’t always go together… but starving artists are a thing of the past, Life Path 33!

Like the Life Path 3, you may struggle to save your income, spending a lot on entertaining, eating out, and gifts. In this case, money blocks that cause you to believe you must impress others with your riches mean you end up quite the opposite.

Or on the other hand, with undertones of the 6 (3 + 3 = 6) you may have deep-set beliefs that you don’t deserve money, and struggle with self-worth. So like the 6, you must spend time honoring yourself and your needs (and yes, that includes financial needs!)

Now share with us your major money blocks (and your Life Path number!) And tell us how you’re working through them (and what successes you’ve had!)

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