NOT to be confused with the Life Path Number, the Destiny Number (also known as Expression Number) is one of the core components in your numerology chart.

This Number holds a powerful frequency, which reveals the way you “express” your gifts and talents in the world. So whilst the Life Path Number describes the direction of your journey through life (AKA your life purpose) the Destiny Number tells you what the journey is going to look like.

PinDestiny / Expression Number 9

This Destiny or Expression number  is where the spiritual meets the material. The energy of the number 9 often feels selfless and full of compassion. So whenever it appears in a Numerology chart, you can be sure that the person it describes has other people’s interest at heart.

People with a Destiny Number 9 are often skilled and experienced folk with many abilities. Or even if they’re not, they seem like they are! They hold an air of wisdom and maturity which makes other people trust them…. If there’s someone you always go to for advice, chances are they have a 9 Expression Number! They may be creative and artistic and are usually unconcerned with money and materiality (though we all know these are a necessity of life here on Earth, in this paradigm).

Because the Number 9 is the very last single digit in Numerology, 9 people can have issues, and work to do around endings and letting go. They may struggle to move on from situations and people in their lives, but ultimately this transcendence is what their skills are meant for.

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This Destiny Number also reveals someone who has strong humanitarian concerns.

They have the greater good at the core of everything they do. They are generous with their time and money (sometimes to a fault) and seem to know what is “best” for others. It’s as though they have a “birds-eye-view” of other people’s paths, seeing things that even they can’t.

Destiny Number 9s are idealistic. This Numerology simply doesn’t understand why others act selfishly or unkindly. They express themselves through unconditional love, and yet at times can resist receiving this for themselves.

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Destiny Number Nine Work and Lifestyle

9 Expression Numbers make great humanitarians – working in charities, fundraising, or for a non-profit, or even doing aid work would suit them down to the ground.

With their abilities to see into the personalities and life paths of other people, and many 9 Expression Numbers would also make good teachers of mentors.

Work in the creative industries may also make good use of their artistic skills and talents. Yet their selflessness means that proper boundaries and learning when to say no, are a must.

Shadow and Challenges.. Is there a “negative side” to the Destiny Number Nine?

When not expressing at its highest, the Destiny Number 9 can become too idealistic, which in turn feeds feelings of hopelessness and disappointment when the word just doesn’t match up to their high desires and expectations.

Their innate need to be helping out others means that unsolicited advice may be given out too freely. And whilst advice and guidance seems like a generous thing to offer, it can actually prevent people from walking their own path, and leaning their own lessons.

With the weight of all that has come before, the Number 9 (however it shows up in a Numerology Chart) can cause real problems with letting go. Whether this expresses as hoarding objects, of being unable to walk away from a relationship that is really not serving any longer, the 9 can find it impossible to sever ties.

Need to Calculate Your Expression / Destiny Number?

In Numerology, the Expression / Destiny Number is calculated using the corresponding numbers for each letter in your full birth name. Here at, we use the Pythagorean system.

These numbers are summed and reduced until a single digit (or master number) is revealed. Remember that this number can’t come from your nickname or your married name, but must be the name that’s written in full on your birth certificate.

Using the chart below, take the values assigned to each letter of your entire name and add them all together.
Add those numbers together, and reduce this to a single digit (or master number) Easy!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The Master Number Exception

11 and 22 (and sometimes 33) are Master Numbers, and they have unique meanings that require stand-alone readings. If you reach totals of 11 or 22, don’t continue reducing until you reach only one digit. So stop your calculation there.


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