First of all, … What IS Leo Season?

Every year, Earth completes one rotation around the Sun (well almost… that’s what leap years are for) moving through the 12 astrological signs (also known as zodiac or sun signs) which are positioned around our orbit. The Sun spends about one calendar month of time in each zodiac sign, crossing the threshold between them on or around the 20th-23rd of each month.

What this means energetically, is that the solar energy that we receive here on Earth is contained by and infused with the energy of the zodiac sign it’s within. So each time the Sun changes sign, this also changes.

Why is this significant?

Because solar energy fuels us.

Astrologically, the Sun is the source. It’s the center, of our solar system and of ourselves (as Hermes famously stated, “As above so below, as within, so without, as the Universe, so the soul”). So the astrological lens that the Sun’s energy is moving through, is also the lens our own energy must move through. This greatly affects which areas of our lives receive our energetic focus for that time, and in turn offers powerful guidelines as to which areas of our lives are most receptive to change.

Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac. It’s ruled by the Sun which means that during Leo Season, these energies combine and complement one another. The Sun is at home here and its power is strengthened. And depending upon your own astrological chart, so is yours.

When is Leo Season?

Leo Season 2021 is from July 22 – August 22.

Is this your birthday month?

Happy Birthday! – check out this love letter to… you!

SO What Does Leo Season Mean?

As with all astrology, it pays to cross-reference any transits with your own chart, but there are overarching energetic themes during solar seasons which we all feel.

Leo is symbolized by the lion, and this encompasses its big, bold power. It’s open-hearted, generous and expressive. Leo sits at the center of the room, it laps up attention and is willing to take the leading performance. Its energy encourages this part inside us all. The piece which longs to be seen and heard, respected and adored.

It encourages self-expression and the creativity required to stand out in a crowd. Leo is also the most playful of the signs. Picture two lion cubs rolling around together and that’s Leo energy summed up. It holds a playful power which ultimately enables it to rule the pack!

Woman Holding Bright Smiley Face Balloons LeoPin

With this in mind, how can we best use the energy of Leo Season?

Through play! Leo encourages us all to loosen up and have more fun and enjoyment. But as adults, most of us have forgotten how to actually do this! So read on for our top 10 ways to play and have more fun in life…!

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1. Set an Intention to have more fun

Like most things in life, intention is everything! You can have all the time, games and accessories around you, but if your heart’s not in it, your attention will be on other things. Intentions are usually reserved for self-improvement and serious personal change-making. And whilst not necessarily serious, you ARE trying to implement change at this point, so commit! Set an intention, and even better, share it with somebody so you have witness AND accountability.

2. Figure out what IS fun for you

Fun and games mean different things to different people. Introverts and extroverts will have very different ideas about what makes a good time.

  • Do you enjoy being surrounded by a lot of people or do you prefer your own company?
  • Do you most love quiet play, focusing on table-top games, jigsaws or colouring in?
  • Or do you want to run around having races and competing with others?
  • Does your idea of play involve spontaneity and the risk of the unexpected?
  • Or do you need instructions to follow and a structure to hold you

Asking yourself these kinds of questions (and experimenting a little if you don’t know the answers) will really help you pin-point what YOUR idea of fun actually is. Alternatively, think back to when you were a child and what you most enjoyed doing.

3. Schedule in fun time

Fun won’t happen by itself. And if you’re serious about having more of it this Leo Season, at least in the beginning, you’ll need to make time for it. Just like work meetings, lunches with friends and other social events, scheduling dedicated time for purely fun-filled activity is the best way to ensure it will happen.

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4. Combine fun with other everyday activities

Another way to have more fun as an adult is to let it filter into the everyday. Think about the things you have to do every day, the basics of your daily or weekly to-do list. Then think about how you can play these up and inject them with a little fun.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Blast out your favorite tunes and dance as you’re cleaning the house.
  • Set yourself (and any helpers you can rope-in!) speed challenges as you tidy up/set the dinner table/hang out washing, etc. Use countdowns and buzzers for extra suspense!
  • Have picnics! Eating outdoors is always more fun!
  • Arrange food into patterns or funny faces before you serve it to guests!
  • Pretend the supermarket trolley is a go-cart.
  • Don’t step on the cracks in the pavement on your way to work!


5. Dress Up (keep it under wraps if you must!)

Women dressed up for Carnival embracing & taking photoPinSure, people might look at you strangely but more often than not they’ll crack a smile if they see you in a novelty costume, head-dress or face-paint! If you’re shy, why not wear animal print underwear or a monster-print vest underneath your usual attire? It’ll keep you smiling, especially if you agree with a friend or two that you’ll all dress up on the same day!

6. Play with Water

Children playing with water laughingPinWater play brings out the child in everyone! Go to the pool, not for the exercise of swimming in lanes but specifically with the intention of racing down the slides, playing with the foam noodles and floats and playing at being a mermaid for the afternoon.

Alternatively, have a water-fight! Stock up on buckets, water guns and balloons and invite the neighbors’ kids around for some serious battle action!

7. Play kid’s games

Kids games are designed to form connections between people, spark the imagination and allow creativity free-rein! What did you enjoy as a child? Board games? Card games? Lego? Playdough? If you still have any of these, pull them out of the attic and give them another try! Invite some friends around and have a games night, they’ll thank you for it!


8. Climb a tree

Get mucky, feel the dirt under your nails. Lay on a branch and hang upside down!
Remove yourself from the world as you know it for a moment in time and actually pretend you’re are a child again!

9. Play with the Weather

Don’t ignore what’s going on outside your window.

Is it raining? Go and dance in the rain! Get soaked, jump up and down in puddles… it’s only water!

Is it windy? Fly a kite. Feel yourself at one with the breeze as it picks up and drops and feel the exhilaration to be working in unison with the elements!

Is it sunny? Play shadow games: play shadow tag with your kids, make shadow puppets, see if you can make your way home ONLY jumping between shadows!

Be creative!


10. Be silly

Do things which make no sense and have no purpose…

  • Turn down the volume on the TV and lip sync made-up dialogues.
  • Talk in accents. For the whole day.
  • Tell jokes to strangers, or the person serving you coffee or the man driving the bus.
  • Eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast.
  • See how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth.
  • Have a balloon fight.
  • Spin around in circles until you’re so dizzy you fall over…!

There are NO limits when it comes to silliness, so keep going until you can’t stop giggling!

Play and fun are NOT only for children, and can dramatically improve mental health and wellbeing, so this is something we should ALL find more time for.

What makes you laugh? What’s your idea of fun? How will you be making the most of Leo Season? Please share below, and let’s brighten up each other’s worlds!