The Sun has departed from fiery Aries, and begun to make its way through grounded, rootsy Taurus.

As the first of the Earth signs, Taurus offers stability and the chance to come back into our bodies, our home, our materiality.  Taurus encourages us to experience the world through our senses, and relish every last drop of pleasure we can find.

But how Taurus energy affects you personally depends on a whole heap of factors – from your own astrology and transiting planets, to the core numbers in your numerology chart.

If you know your Life Path number, this is a really good place to start – so here’s a run down of what Taurus Season means for each Life Path Number, and how you, personally, can make the very most of this stable, sensual, and oh-so-abundant season of Taurus.

PS: If you don’t know your life path number, head here to use our Life Path calculator.


Your path needs you to be a pioneering figure.

You’re somebody who looks ahead and forges a new route to get there, but this month, Taurus is asking you to slow. right. down.

Ask yourself: What’s the rush?

Does it matter if you reach that goal today, tomorrow or next week?

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus brings nature into play so this is a really good time to look at the world of animals, plants and minerals for inspiration and medicine.  Spend time outside.  Watch what unfolds around you, and how ends are achieved because you may have a few things to learn!

In these worlds, nature waits.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”


Your path needs you to tread softly, sensitively and with huge amounts of compassion.

You’re somebody who leads from intuition and what feels most right (not just for you, but for everybody else too.)

Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of love and as the guiding force that moves through your life, Taurus season will feel like a homecoming for you!

This is a great time for you to practice more embodiment of the strong emotions you feel.  Plenty of walks out in nature, exercise and dance will help bring you into the present, and right into your physical body.

This month, you are reminded that your senses are powerful tools of discernment and intuition.

Keep them sharp, by caring deeply for yourself.


Your path needs you to express yourself and make art out of whatever you touch.

You’re somebody who loves to play with ideas and try new things, but Taurus season encourages you to narrow your focus.

Whilst you’re somebody who normally loves to have multiple projects on the go, you will thrive this month if you stick to just one.

Go deeper, work longer, let your attention linger.

This doesn’t mean the fun also narrows: Taurus enhances our experience of pleasure, so release any notion of the suffering artist this month and make sure you delight in your creative gifts!


Your path needs you to be practical.

You’re a maker, somebody who’s rooted here in this world and is determined to build it into a better one!

Taurus season could have been made for you!

With a grounded, practical, tenacious energy, this sign creates the space for you to work hard for what you most want in life.  But this doesn’t need to feel like a punishment! Taurus brings pleasure to the slow, sensual burn of the effort required to make dreams come true, so be reminded to inhabit the moment this month, to soak up every single second of your experience.

And remember to relax.

You can sometimes leave out this vital part of the process, but what does it all mean, if you can’t sit back once in a while and survey your empire?!


Your path needs you to adapt and find adventure.

You’re somebody who needs variety and change to feel complete, so if life feels like it’s standing still for too long, you start looking for an escape!

Taurus season may feel like just one of those times.

It brings a slow, languorous energy, and it can feel like the whole pace of life has been turned down a few-too-many notches. But whilst you may find this new tempo frustrating at first, try to surrender. Taurus brings in the element of Earth in its fixed modality, which offers an incredible, healing stability which isn’t felt at other times of the year.

Drink it in.

Be still, enjoy the sensation of letting your mind and body settle: many gifts can come from the presence of this season.


Your path needs you to care and create a warm, safe sanctuary for those you love.

You’re a creative home-maker (in every sense) and the keeper of containers for love and witness.

Taurus offers these things to you. One of your most important tasks is to care for yourself as much as you care for others, and this season you are reminded that the world is your sanctuary and the Earth is your mother.  For you, this month can be a time of radical renewal if you are able to step away from your home life, into the wider reaches of nature.

Treat yourself to what you find pleasurable.

Be cooked for, wear some sensual fabric against your skin, or have a massage.

For you, Taurus season is about receiving.


Your path needs you to discover the innermost working of things.

You’re somebody who loves to experiment and enquire, and Taurus provides you with the devotional energy to make some real discoveries this month!

But you have a tendency to over-inhabit the higher chakras, concerning yourself almost exclusively with spiritual, metaphysical and intellectual pursuits.  This month, Taurus is encouraging you to get out of your head and into your body.  Play a little more. Experiment. Enjoy the materiality of your life!

7 Life Paths often have hidden talents working with their hands, have you discovered yours?


Your path needs you to push through challenges and succeed!

You’re somebody who loves to take the reins and forge your own route, and Taurus shares your determined, purposeful and resolute approach to life.

But Taurus season also encourages you to be present and to give gratitude for what you have!  Your path can sometimes result in powerful influence and domination (without you even realizing!) and Taurus reminds you to survey the land.

You have enough.

And your power enables you to be generous.

In fact, Taurus teaches us that the true secret of abundance is giving is away, because this will reveal your total trust in the limitless generosity of the Earth.


Your path needs you to express, teach and surrender all that you have learnt.

You’re somebody who has lived many lives and gained a lot of wisdom.

Taurus season invites you to integrate and be present.

As the path of the humanitarian, you have an innate desire to want to help other people (compulsively!) but this next month gives you time to rest, center and ground into your physicality. Many of the answers, and the ways you are seeking to improve the lives of many, will come from Earth Wisdom.  So use this month to connect to the natural world, to let our planet show you where to go next.

Don’t push too hard: let people, ideas, schemes and projects come to you.


Your path needs you to embrace your uniqueness.

You’re somebody who needs to trust your instincts and follow your heart, and Taurus season is a really great time to shift your internal guidance system from the purely energetic realms, to the physicality of your body.

Similarly to the 2, this is a great time for you to practice more embodiment of the strong emotions and intuitive awareness that you feel.  Make time and space for plenty of walks out in nature, exercise and dance, as these kinds of physical activities will help bring you into the present, and right into your physical body.  This month, you are reminded that your senses are powerful tools of discernment and intuition. Keep them sharp, by caring deeply for yourself.

You also have the opportunity to receive much healing from the Earth this month.  As a healing beacon yourself, you can easily become drained by others, so lap up as many harmonious vibrations from the natural world, as you can.


Your path needs you create and build from the heart!

You’re somebody who needs to feel both connected to the spirit world and rooted here in the physical, so during Taurus season, you can feel right at home!  This is because you have an innate understanding that the world of nature IS the world of Spirit, and in turn, your body is the home for your Spirit.

Care for it.

Care for them both.

Like the 1 Life Path, this is a really good time for you to look at the world of animals, plants and minerals for inspiration and medicine. Your path will (ultimately) ask you to become an architect of the new world, so what better place to look, than the world already created around us by the Goddess! So spend time with her, let the secrets and structures of nature seep into your bones, and your creations will always be firmly and safely rooted.

When Is Taurus Season 2018?

The Sun stays in Taurus from April 19th until May 20th when it enters Gemini, so you have a month of this slow, sensual and divinely grounded energy to enjoy.

We’d love to hear how you’re planning to navigate this solar season!

Are you feeling the roots of Taurus slowing your pace already? Will you join in?

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(Beautiful art by escume via deviantart)