Probably not the psychic ability top of everyone’s list.

Of all the ‘clairs’, clairaudience pertains to psychic hearing. And yes, sometimes that does refer to tiny inner voices talking inside your head! BUT not always. In fact, a clairaudience is a potent tool for spiritual connection, and you could be closer to developing this ability than you think.

Sound is BIG right now.

Sound healing (think gong baths, crystal bowls, and tuning forks, not to mention the voice) is going through a renaissance. So it follows that clairaudience is also on the rise. Making it an easy psychic sense to tap into. And no, it’s not all buzzing ears and auditory weirdness!

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Here are 5 ways to develop your latent clairaudient abilities, and use sound and inner listening to tap into your psychic skills.

1. Become a Better Listener

It seems obvious enough. If you want to develop clairaudience, you need to be able to hear clearly. In daily life, as well as in the subtle psychic realms.

Practice active listening when you communicate with other people in your life. Truly engage with what’s being said you in conversations, and make clear hearing a whole-body experience. Use your intuition to read between the lines of meaning.

Becoming a “better” listener may also involve learning to tune into smaller, quieter sounds. Often, this modern world is so full of noise that it’s impossible to hone in on any one vibration.

Create a time in your day that’s quiet. No radio, no music, no one else’s voices. Breathe into this space, and listen deeply into it, engaging your ears but also your sixth sense. Allow whatever sound that wants to rise, rise.

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2 Change Your Expectations of Clairaudience!

Think you know what a clairaudient experience is? Clairaudience is actually one of the most misunderstood psychic senses, and because of that the most feared.

So how can clairaudient abilities show up?

  • whispers
  • buzzing or ringing
  • music or singing
  • channeling
  • overhearing conversations (that could be meant for you)
  • “hearing” specific words or songlines
  • Or any number of different auditory OR verbal ways.

A big part of developing this psychic superpower is actually letting is reveal itself to you. Because it may not fit into those preconceived ideas of whispering into your ear, or perpetual ringing.

Ask your spirit guides to show you how clairaudience wants to express through you. You may be surprised by what unfolds!

3. Raise Your Vibration

Sound is vibration. In order to align with psychic sound, you need to raise your own vibration to match that which you want to perceive. “Raising your vibration” is a pretty broad subject, but some basic ways to begin to do this include regular meditation, eating more fresh, unprocessed foods, and cultivating feelings of joy and love in your heart, mind, and body.

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Mindfulness to enhance clairaudiencePin4. Open Your Throat Chakra

No, the throat chakra isn’t only about the voice. The ears and your sense of hearing and perceiving through clairaudience are also governed by this upper chakra.

Signs it may be blocked include frequent sore throats or earaches, fear of being heard, and miscommunication issues. Yet when it’s open and healthy, it offers clear hearing and huge clairaudient potential.

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There are many methods to open and balance this chakra. Here are a few:

  • Practice meditation with crystals such as aquamarine or lapis lazuli.
  • Listen to healing tones
  • Drink plenty of freshwater
  • Sing.
  • Meditate with your spirit guides, asking them to heal and balance this chakra.

5 Ask Questions… and expect answers

A great way to develop clairaudience is by actually asking for guidance. 

Meditate with your spirit guides, and focus on specific questions. Ask for them to be answered via clairaudience.

Looping back around to the second point, these intuitive hits could come in any number of different ways. So be open to receiving your answer through the noise on the radio, an internal voice, or even a ringing noise to alert you to something going on externally.

Unlike sitting around, waiting for your clairaudient to show up unannounced, this is a way to really participate in your spiritual development.

Clairaudience is just one of the 4 “clairs” which make up the spectrum of psychic abilities. These are:

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Now, share with us YOUR experience of clairaudience. What are the signs of this psychic ability showing up in your life? And what’s your number 1 tip for those trying to uplevel their psychic connection? Drop a comment below!


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